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16 weeks, few episodes of blood when wiping over last couple of weeks, anyone else had this?

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looneytune Sat 29-Dec-12 09:02:44

Hi all

I'm sure this is nothing to worry about as it's not like I'm bleeding as such but I've now had 5 occasions where I've had blood on the tissue when I've wiped.

1st time (2 weeks ago tomorrow) - after going for number 2 so put down as straining although did have period pains which lasted a couple of days (had a stressful day that day, when to GP next day who said threatened mc)

2nd time (3 days later) - had overdone it a little, pains again but not as bad. Went to GP next day (different one) who made me feel better as could hear baby's heartbeat (heard this a week ago yesterday)

3rd time (6 days ago) - overdid it in the kitchen, no pains though.

4th time (yesterday morning) - after DTD (we'd not for a while but I felt like it was ok to now)

5th time (just now) - after going for number 2 (slight period pains, nothing major but have niggles)

Each time it's just when I wipe, once a mark on my knickers but nothing much at all. As I said, I'm sure this is fine but as this is 3rd DC and the only time I've ever had any sort of bleeding led to mc (early on), I'm just starting to get a little paranoid again.

Is this quite normal do you think and maybe I've just been lucky before? Or do you think I should get checked by my midwife? I was due my 16 week check next week (I'm 16 weeks tomorrow) but as it's New Year then I'm back to work on Wednesday with 6 children to look after (I'm a childminder), I originally booked this check for the following Tuesday (I'll be 17+1). I'm thinking that there is probably nothing that can be done unless I have a 'proper' bleed but any advice would be appreciated.

By the way, I'm RHneg in case that makes any difference (I know I need anti d at some point but can't remember when and it seems to change each time - my others are 4 and 9).

looneytune Wed 02-Jan-13 18:20:41

Thanks. Just called and spoke to a lovely lady who said it was right to call as my anti d would usually only cover me for 72 hours and as I had it on Sunday, I'm sort of at that point that if I have any more bleeding tonight onwards, I need to call up. She also said she couldn't tell me the problem but that I could possibly have a weak cervix so they might have to investigate.

I've now been told to avoid intercourse for a while but i know that wasn't what started it to begin with so I guess I need to avoid other stuff too. Bit hard in my job though, had 6 kiddies today and am shattered now!

Hope everything is ok with yours now, I guess I haven't been investigated yet as could be many reasons although would be nice to get a scan and rule out things they can see on there!

Hopingforno2 Wed 02-Jan-13 19:10:37

Mines plays up from time to time always a worry tho touch wood been ok so far, its worth getting it investigated even if they find nothing at least ul know anything bad has been ruled out. I was told no sex for at least 2 weeks after the one at 14 weeks too, must be hard to take it easy in your job its hard enough with my just my 4.5 year old ds

Just be sure to go in any worries at all

looneytune Wed 02-Jan-13 20:08:01

Cheers, I was told the same about no sex for 2 weeks (although at the weekend when I asked they said no need to stop?!). Anyway, makes sense to.

Yes, it's hard work with the childminding, I was fine last time and worked right til the end pretty much but I didn't have any bleeding or anything. I've told dh that he needs to help when I finish work i.e. help tidying/hoovering (as everything has to be perfect again for the next day!) so at least that's some help. I just need to get through tomorrow then I have 3 days of just our 2 boys, then get through Monday then they all go back to school and I'm on a much reduced workload - can't wait now! smile

looneytune Tue 08-Jan-13 20:39:51

Well after 3 hours last night and 4 hours this afternoon (long story but related to a 7th bit of bleeding), I've now been transferred to consultant care and have had a load of blood taken today to send off for a special test to see what the baby's blood group is. There seems to be some concern about the fact that I had a 13 day gap between my first bleed and my first anti-d and this has been raised since the blood test last night??? I'm still learning about all this so I think I understand most of what they've told me but I'm going to try and get my head round it. All I can say is that my 2 GPs messed up not thinking about the RHNeg thing as this special test costs a LOT of money and they said they only request it if they really have to!

Anyway, if it wasn't for MN I'd be non the wiser and no doubt have still not been seen by the maternity ward so thanks again for highlighting the fact I DID indeed need seeing. Fingers crossed this baby is a negative blood group! (one of my boys is + and the other - so could go either way!)

crunchingicicles Tue 08-Jan-13 21:26:01

Aww, so sorry to hear this but glad you're getting the tests you need. Hopefully the consultant can also advise you about the low BP too. Thinking of you looneytune x

crunchingicicles Tue 08-Jan-13 21:43:29

Oops, sorry, just seen the low BP updates on the other thread. Glad things are improving with that at least & good to hear your iron levels are good smile

looneytune Wed 09-Jan-13 12:41:28

Hi and thanks. It's low again today but I'm sure my body is just fed up with the amount of blood being taken wink Must get DH to grab me some salt n vinegar crisps as salt does help smile

I've spent a long time on the internet researching about this problem I'm having and I've learnt quite a lot but one thing is confusing me and I'm trying to find out how soon after a mix of blood between me and baby could my body start producing antibodies - can I find the answer anywhere?!!!

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