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Veggie but craving meat :(

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Fluffeh Fri 28-Dec-12 07:46:37

I've been a veggie for around 7 years. It was an ethical decision but I haven't found it difficult in the slightest. I never crave meat (ha I never craved meat before getting pregnant) But it's horribly intense and driving me crazy!
Usually raw meat makes me want to be sick but yesterday in the supermarket I very nearly bought a big joint of ham!
I'm 22+5 and just wondering if these cravings are going to wane? Please don't say they're going to get more intense.
When not pregnant the thought of meat, any kind, makes me feel sick but right now I could devour a bacon sandwich sad.
Please share your experiences with me smile.

Jakeyblueblue Fri 28-Dec-12 23:00:53

I hadn't eaten meat for 15 years when I fell pregnant with ds. Originally an ethical decision but over the years the thought of it made made my stomach turn. Much to my surprise I craved it very early on. Had terrible morning sickness and I had to eat stuff I felt like else it would all come back. I'm a nurse, so know all about nutrition and stuff and so figured I wouldn't be craving it so badly if I didn't need it and I started eating it again. Once ds was born I carried on too as was breastfeeding and felt I should have the healthiest diet possible to give him the best start.
Yes I felt bad about going back on my morals but at the end of the day, producing a healthy ds was more important. smile

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