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So sick of feeling like a dramatic neurotic princess hypochondriac whinge bag.

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nananaps Thu 27-Dec-12 19:17:48

Its just not me.

But im so fucking uncomfortable and feel so unwell.
35 weeks down, 4 weeks left to go and i have (warning...whinging coming up)

Huge swollen feet, i can feel fluid sloshing around my feet when i try to walk.
Horrendous back pain, no matter what i do
Cruching hips when i stand
Tightenings across my bump that take my breath away, these come on if i need a wee, stand up too soon, walk anywhere, lie in bed relaxed...anything brings them on really
Shattered, absolutely tired out
Cant sleep (Due to back/hip pain)
High BP
Irritable...twinkling Christmas lights are getting on my nerves now
Heartburn/nausea/starving hungry
Dare not sneeze, cough or laugh too much because i actually wet myself.

Normally a busy, full time, hard working, person, i feel completely useless and helpless. Relying on DH to do everythng.
Of course the house is a mess, and its normally spotless, the washing is piling up, huge mountain of ironing staring at me.

sigh sad i feel fed up today. Just got back from maternity day case as they are monitoring my high BP ( is that all about??) with no plan. I NEED a plan!!!


CailinDana Tue 01-Jan-13 16:53:43

May I join the whinge fest?

I'm 32 weeks and I am so sick of being so feeble. I feel really guilty that my very hardworking DH has spent almost the entirety of his Christmas holidays dealing with 2 year old DS as I am just not able to run around after him or get down on the floor and play. He hasn't uttered one word of complaint, bless him, but I know he's tired and worn out from DS's constant demands to play. I took DS out to the park for 40 mins or so this afternoon and that's about the longest DH has had away from him in the last two weeks. I would have stayed longer but I was just so breathless and woozy I had to come back, at which point DH thanked me (sincerely) for the tiny bit of time off. Poor bugger.

Last night was just awful - every time I lay down my heart raced and I couldn't catch my breath. I had this with DS too and I know from now on sleep is going to be so difficult until the baby arrives. That's what gets to me the most - I wouldn't mind a tough day of being tired if I could go to bed, settle down and be comfortable but to know I'll feel just a shit on and off all night is so bloody miserable. I almost feel like not bothering going to bed at all it's just so frustrating. Plus my pelvis hurts like hell when I'm lying down.

I don't put pressure on myself to do a lot - I just want to do the basics like keeping the house relatively tidy and looking after DS.

I remember with DS that even though looking after a newborn was hard, the elation I felt at not being pregnant any more made up for a lot of it. Even when he was 6 months old I was still commenting to DH on how nice it was to be able to turn over in the bed easily and actually get some sleep now and again. I just do not handle the physical effects of pregnancy well at all.

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