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Has anyone had to give birth whilst being really ill? 39+3 and a bit scared!

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MsBump Thu 27-Dec-12 11:09:37

Sorry long post!

Hello I am desperate to know if anyone has had to give birth whilst they were ill and how they survived. I am due in a few days and have already been in the hospital several times in the last few weeks. At 36+5 I was in hospital as started contracting every 3 mins and in agony I also had what I thought was a terrible chest infection that turned out to be pneumonia. After a load of drugs and antibiotics contractions stopped but was really ill and stayed in 5 days. I then got released but ended up back in twice as mine and baby heart rate up (still with infection). Then this week start having mild contractions. Really think this is the start. Am awake all through night then they die down next day so potter and bounce on ball even though feel off colour. Then by 6pm am feeling really bad sleep for an hour or so and then wake in agony in my back and contractions. I survive this for hours and call hospital who say wait for contractions to be closer apart. Then when pain gets unbearable and contractions every 3 mins I go into hospital thinking this is it. By the time I get there I can't even stand up in so much back pain. Waited 2 hours for painkillers and eventually get pethadine to ease pain. Turns out I now have a serious kidney infection! I lie in agony for the day on gas and air and several pethadine shots and contractions once again subside. After two false alarms I am only 1 cm dilated! Back on antibiotics and home again but now seem to have developed flu symptoms and feel terrible. My immune system seems shot to pieces. As much as I want this baby out am dreading labour starting and having to go through it feeling this ill. Argh.

Oomph Thu 27-Dec-12 11:20:30

I really feel for you, msbump, it sounds like you're having a rough time. I have no advice, other than to say that once in labour your body seems to develop superhuman strength. Best wishes to you. I'm sure medical staff will support and help you along the way.

MsBump Thu 27-Dec-12 15:32:08

Thanks Oomph. I def haven't recovered from the Pneumonia so am sure thats not helping my immune system. I am trying to stay in bed as much as possible. Difficult with DS and FIL who need constant attention! OH is being great though.

beckie90 Thu 27-Dec-12 16:41:12

Yes me I had some kind if infection that was growing in my blood didn't know just felt absolutely horrible and had chest infection too cudnt speak my mother and partner had to do it for me, I was in labour for 5 days n the last day when I was ready to push went totally out of it, temperature went through roof and I had no energy to push at all, they decided best way was to help with suction, they took my blood n tested it and thats when they discovered something was growing in my blood cultures, I had to stay in for a few days after and have I.V antibiotics to clear it away, then went home with oral ones. Get plenty of rest and plenty if fluids so your not too worn out when it comes to it. Good luck xxx

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