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any ladies pregnant and have a baby less than a year?

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sambrads Tue 18-Dec-12 15:47:38

I really dont know were i should list this.
I have 3DC

DS is 6 DD is 4 and DD is 5 months old I am seriously considering having another baby now as I want 4 DC and feel ready to go again but I want to know if this is safe to do after only giving birth 5 months ago?

any experiences are welcome smile

Calmisthemantra Tue 18-Dec-12 16:01:35

My dd is 10 months and I'm currently 10+5 with baby 2. I guess if you feel ready then that's the indicator. I've been broody since dd was about 3 months old - had really bad spd that never really got better so figured we may as well crack on with it. The docs think my pelvis can only be fixed by having it wired so kinda need to be done with our family by then

sambrads Tue 18-Dec-12 16:38:19

Calm i have been told after DS not to have anyore children due to a back injury and severe SPD but i felt like i wanted to keep going. My last pregnancy nearly killed me and I know if i dont go again soon i will never be able to so really want this now. My DD is 4 and i have been getting injections into my pelvis since I have had her so im afraid to tell you that ur pregnancies will get harder. How have you been feeling? any sickness?

Calmisthemantra Tue 18-Dec-12 19:55:48

sam my nausea has been a lot better this time round - still have the extreme tiredness though. My pelvis started to feel worse and that's why I took a pregnancy testsmile been going to a new physio and been having acupuncture for it which seems to be keeping it at bay. Fingers crossed it lasts. I also think I have got very good at managing it and not pushing my limits

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