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Pregnant type 1 diabetics, step over here...

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RueDeWakening Tue 18-Dec-12 11:41:54

I seem to have filled up the old thread and thought I better start a new one! grin Still got ages to go, don't leave me now...

Am currently sat waiting for my 16 week antenatal appt, been here an hour so far and just had BP done and that's it.

Hopingforno2 Sat 22-Dec-12 14:25:28

lol on no puds dont say that i plan on having some on xmas day its one of my favourites smile i cant wait to have a pudding lol not gonna be happy with me on 31st out for dinner on xmas eve too hmm

Mylittlepuds Sat 22-Dec-12 19:05:44

Oh ladies. I've had a disaster today and feel really depressed as it seems in my head at least to happen about once a week. For some weird reason I managed to totally miscalculate lunch and ended up at 15 for an hour or so and three hours after have come back into range. Is it just me who stuffs up so spectacularly? Every one on here seems to avoid big cock ups like this and it really leaves me panicking.

The last three weeks have been really quite bad. At my 20 week scan all
Measurements were fine, hba1c 5.8, but I just know in my heart (and from my meter!) that I've had frequent cock ups for the last three weeks. I suppose what i'm really nervous about is going for our 26 week scan and the baby's growth having spiralled out of control. Looking at my CGM I'd estimate my HBA1c for the last three weeks is around 7 :-(

newbie6 Sat 22-Dec-12 20:11:33

Mylittlepuds, please don't be so hard on yourself as I was the same as you at your stage, my hba1c went up in 2nd trimester then came back down again but even if yours has gone up, you are still doing really well. Everyone has highs and I honestly don't think they will cause your baby any harm as you are checking and not letting your sugars stay at 15 for days, only a few hours and even then you are correcting so please try not to worry, I know that's easier said than done but you're doing great.


GilbyChunks Sat 22-Dec-12 20:12:39

puds you are definitely not the only one! I woke up this morning extremely low, didn't even test, just remember DH forcing lucozade down my throat. I was out of it and confused for quite a while and when I did eventually test I was just 4, but this was about 10 mins after the lucozade. Cut to 6 hours later, an hour or so after lunch and I was 14 as I also miscalculated (had a nandos so guess work).

I guess this is why we are constantly testing so we can correct as quickly as possible. I know it's hard but try not to worry, I often look at my average readings on my monitor and find it is completely different to my hba1c. How are your night time readings? A few weeks of the odd up and down reading will probably have no effect on the growth (it's just 3 weeks out of 38ish).


Hopingforno2 Sat 22-Dec-12 20:14:45

Puds it happens to the best of us (not that im anywhere near the best lol) a month or so back and right at the start ive had nights where ive had to be up during the night as i was sitting at 12.4 took 2 units 30 mins later rose to 13 took another 2u an hour later still only down to 12 i was like wtf!! Eventually i came down then obv crashed mid morning but my god what a night anf ive had a cpl of those. Only this week i spiked at 11.4 around 12pm corrected as i knew lunch would b late and then hit the floor by 2pm

Im a bit worried about next scan too just hope babys ok

Mylittlepuds Sat 22-Dec-12 20:25:12

Thank you soooooooooooo much for answering me! I feel a bit teary! You have all really helped reassure me, and I know out of our bunch I need a lot. And I'm a second timer!

My family are so lovely. Today they were all concerned as I went in a grump/stress but them telling me "it's fine" doesn't do the trick! I can't stress how important this thread is for me as I know you all know what I'm going through.

I think perfectionism has no place in this and that's what I find hard. When I'm 'trying hard' - like today when I had something low carb off the menu, not what I fancied, and still stuffed up! It's infuriating as you all know.

Thanks again ladies :-) you have really made my night. You're all lovely.

Hopingforno2 Sat 22-Dec-12 21:03:54

Puds you all helped me when i was freaking out about my eyes(still am a bit)

No1 is perfect its impossible to be, we cant possibly fo as good a job as a fully functioning pancreas as hard as we might try and though not as us obv every1s bg varies depending on if they are hungry/have just eaten (i was told this is why ppl get the shakes with a hangover low bg and why high sugar foods and fizzy juice are a 'curer') and remember ur hba1c is in a 'normal' person range smile

Mylittlepuds Sat 22-Dec-12 21:16:39

Thanks Hoping smile

Did you speak with your nurse about your worries with your eyes?

Hopingforno2 Sat 22-Dec-12 21:40:31

I spoke to one of the ppl that do the scanning who said i had 1 micro(tiny) bleed on both eyes and 1 spot which is a bit bigger on my left none anywhere near a place that would affect my vision so 3 in total the bigger spot looks to be healing and the other 2 may get bigger n do same sad or may get more small ones before anything improves, i told her my hba1c and she said not to worry as my control was good (myb she should see my diary lol) and it may be because of rapid improvment and/or pregnancy. So i asked if it would regress and obv she cant say but there is that possibility so fingers crossed.

Still a niggling worry that i push to the back of my mind or at least i try to. Do u notice that white backgrounds look a bit off when ur bg is low? I ask as im writing this mines is 2.7 tho only had 15u for a chicken tikka kebeab with salad and sauce plus a cheeky small bit of shortbread at 19.45 Being a bit sick of jelly babied i just had a choc sponge thing my ds had sitting around

newbie6 Sat 22-Dec-12 22:24:46

Hi hopingforno2

I have mild retinopathy also, if it reassures you at all, I had my eyes checked every trimester and they have pretty much stayed the same, some new micro aneurysms but my consultant assures me not to worry. I know exactly how you feel as you can't help but worry but when my eyes first started misbehaving I took total control of my diabetes as it gave me the kick up the bum I needed, that was about 8 yrs ago and my eyes took about 3 mths to get better but they got better themselves. I get them checked every 6 mths usually but my consultant says yearly would be fine, I just do 6 mths for my own reassurance. Sometimes when I go they have improved further and sometimes there is a tiny micro aneurysm but I guess what I'm saying is that as long as you keep up your good work, your eyes will be fine. Whilst I've been pregnant my consultant has told me even if they get worse due to the birth etc, it is highly likely they will settle again within a few weeks. I see a top eye consultant in Scotland so take reassurance that he knows his stuff. Best advice is to do what you're doing as your BS control will really help.


Hopingforno2 Sat 22-Dec-12 22:42:48

Thanks newbie

Im doing my best not to worry but its the 1st time ive ever had any changes so scares me stupid. Im trying really hard with me control but finding it tricky at the moment more lows than highs right now. I keep wondering if 3 is alot?

Im in scotland too smile how do u get them to check every 6 months can you request it? Im due another in feb for my 3rd trimester but would like it done more after birth just to see what happens and esp if the feb one is worse. I know they can treat it before it gets this far but i still have nightmares about waking up blind sad

newbie6 Sat 22-Dec-12 23:22:06

3 is not a lot, promise! I go private, 80 quid a time but I feel so reassured by it as like you when I first got changes to my eyes I was terrified. I see a Dr Wykes at Ross Hall, he is fantastic! Try and remember that non diabetics can get changes to the back of their eyes due to labour etc so it's not just us, I know it's scary but I really do think you will find with your control being so good, at your next appt they will have settled and even if they haven't that will be down to pregnancy as opposed to you. My eyes took a while to sort themselves as your blood vessels can change especially when your control suddenly tightens, even though its for the better, I couldn't understand that as I always thought if my sugars were good my eyes would be fine but initially any change to your control (good or bad) can affect your vessels until you settle and it's at that point that if you keep your control good, like you are that you tend to find any aneurysms will disappear. Best of luck, you are doing everything right! X

Hopingforno2 Sun 23-Dec-12 07:53:30

Thanks again newbie smile

Ross hall is glasgow isnt it? Not sure about how dp would feel about me spending £80 but if my next screen is worse and/or its a year after it before i get another it may be worth it just to stop me going round the bend!

Im not far from glasgow, lanarkshire in fact. Is it glasgow ur from?

newbie6 Sun 23-Dec-12 22:47:34

Yep, Glasgow....I'm in Ayrshire.

Good luck either way but sure you'll be fine smile


Hopingforno2 Mon 24-Dec-12 02:52:29

Thanks newbie

Right ladies im posting at stupid o'clock in the morning as this is the 2nd night in a row ive woken up around this time with high bg after going to bed with a reasonable reading sad last night i was like 5.5 woke up around 8.8 took 2units woke up at 9.9!! Tonight bg was 5.1 now 10 sad so taken 4u and waiting to see what that does just dont want to wake up high again. Admittedly dinner has been 8pm but by 2.30am surely it isnt that? Going to have to phone dsn for some ideas including poss increasing night levemir as im thinking should be holding me steady not having me rise??

RueDeWakening Mon 24-Dec-12 08:37:33

Are you eating things higher in fat than normal? Cos I find that sometimes after eating eg pizza it can be up to 8 hours before the rise stops. And it is Christmas... smile

Hopingforno2 Mon 24-Dec-12 08:55:57

Hi rue

Myb thats it, ive been working hence dinner being late and takeaways blush starting work at 9.30 so while lunch will be normalish dinner aint gonna be for a cpl days lol

BonaDea Mon 24-Dec-12 11:20:02

puds - please don't be worried. Not sure about everyone else, but I fairly regularly get readings in the teens. It is not every day, and of course I try to avoid it, but it does happen to all of us. Just make sure you are writing your diary, and making those adjustments as you need to. Sometimes I still struggle to get my head around the insane increases I am having to make to my basal and bolus regime, but if you need it, you need it. Just take it.

Also - I definitely think that testing more makes me see more of the less good readings I get. Before PG I might only test 4 or 5 times a day. Now it is more like 7-10 times per day. So some of those post-meal highs that I might not have seen otherwise, I am now picking up on. I am sure the same is true for you. The good thing is that by seeing them you can actually do something about them. Please don't worry - you are doing a great job!

Everyone else: I just popped in this morning to say MERRY CHRISTMAS and that I hope you all have a lovely, guilt free time of it! I picked my mum up this morning, and MIL arrives first thing tomorrow - let the feasting begin! smile

Hopingforno2 Mon 24-Dec-12 14:24:06

Have a great xmas bona smile xx

Mylittlepuds Mon 24-Dec-12 14:38:54

Thanks Bona :-) you're so lovely. Think you're totally right about the awareness thing. The increase in insulin is scary! Have a fantastic Christmas! X

Hoping - the exact thing was happening to me a few weeks ago. I was so frustrated! It was a combination of late tea (8ish) and high fat. So say a pasta with cheesy sauce. Does that sound right to you?

Gingerbreadpixie Mon 24-Dec-12 16:25:12

Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself

I'm 34 and been T1 for 3 years. Got my diagnosis rather late for T1. I'm also hypothyroid.

I'm 4 weeks pregnant and feeling rather scared of it all at the moment, you may have seen my other thread. But I'm trying to relax and enjoy Christmas. Just finished work for the day so I feel like Christmas has started now!

I've been doing rather well with my blood sugars. Pretty consistently under 7 at the moment. I've had the odd high reading of around 12-14 but because I'm testing so frequently I've managed to bring them down pretty quickly when I catch them.

Anyway, that's how I'm getting on at the moment. I'm glad this thread was pointed out to me. It would be nice to have some other diabetic mums to chat to smile

Hopingforno2 Mon 24-Dec-12 16:39:04

puds yes it prob is! Have been working since sat and due to not getting home till after 7pm have been having take aways blush tonight will be no different coz im working then out for dinner with friends how u doing?

Hi gingerbreadpixie glad uve joined the ladies here are great and know lots so ask anything i do lol im on my 2nd baby and my mum had an underactive thyroid. how are u feeling? Any sickness? Ur doing very well with ur bg! The 1st trimester was mad for me!! Up n down all the time bloomin hormones!

Mylittlepuds Mon 24-Dec-12 19:19:41

Hello Ginger!! I'm so glad you've joined us. I would have loved something like this in my first pregnancy as being a pregnant T1 diabetic - particularly quite recently diagnosed - is very daunting. But we'll hold your hand, promise!

I was 28 when diagnosed - so also rather late for a T1. I had a hard time accepting it wasn't me who'd caused it! How have you been getting to grips with the lifestyle change? I was so free and light and now sometimes feel I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. Would love to go get pissed, have a massive pizza on the way home and sleep in until 1pm but those days are firmly behind me now! I suppose with DCs life changes anyway and so I don't feel too badly done to in that I had my responsibility-free years and now it's come to to settle down smile

You sound like you're doing very well with your sugars. My first pregnancy was a lot better blood sugar wise than I've found this one - I was told by my consultant that the first pregnancy "probably finished my pancreas off," - so that's nice:ha! Us lot know loads more than the experts though I reckon - so ask lots if questions if you need to!

Hi Hoping smile. Depending on what I get takeaways will do that to me too. I remember once I got chips from the Chinese with this weird gravy. Was fine for hours after and then in the night my levels went insane. Had eaten it late too. Enjoy your night tonight! P.S. are you kick counting? I keep freaking myself out thinking 'ooh the baby's been very quiet!'.

Right off to wrap DCs presents with glass of prosecco (disorganised mother!)

Hopingforno2 Mon 24-Dec-12 19:31:52

Hey puds

Yeah it was a chinese last night n i figure its coz i had chips and rice fatty that i am lol tonight n tommorow will be a right off i think any1 else intendending to eat whatever they feel like?

Not really kick counting as my anterior placenta means i feel baby at top n bottom of bump but not really middle tho i know what u mean i worry if i havent felt anything in a while, i have a doppler tho n usually wen i use it baby moves lol my mw said if worried to lie on left side for an hour and have a very cold drink smile

GilbyChunks Mon 24-Dec-12 19:52:55

Hi Gingerbread, I've recently joined this forum too (bit further on them you though, 29+2). Everyone is lovely, very knowledgeable and (most importantly) understanding!

I've actually had a good day today, feels great as the last week has been very up and down, kept going high in the evening and then dropping low in the night from the correction dose. I've just increased my levemir and my evening meal ratio and that seems to be working so far. I also feel smug as have basically eaten rubbish today (it is Christmas Eve). Had a Burger King on motorway driving up to my mum's and an Indian takeaway for tea, which seems to be a Xmas Eve tradition in my family. I will obviously keep an eye on my levels though as I've had to play insulin roulette!

How many more times can I tell my mum I can't have any chocolate? Believe me, it's not that I don't want it!

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