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Pregnant type 1 diabetics, step over here...

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RueDeWakening Tue 18-Dec-12 11:41:54

I seem to have filled up the old thread and thought I better start a new one! grin Still got ages to go, don't leave me now...

Am currently sat waiting for my 16 week antenatal appt, been here an hour so far and just had BP done and that's it.

SpottyTeacakes Wed 19-Dec-12 00:45:09

No Hoping I don't mind. My insulin requirements started to rapidly drop which is apparently a sign of a failing placenta also I was apparently nearing full blown pre eclampsia. I had the same problems with dd. I expressed exclusively for the first week and a half until I could start feeding ds.

Newbie you need some 1ml syringes from your hospital if you want to express colostrum smile I intended to but didn't get a chance so ds had formula to start with

Hopingforno2 Wed 19-Dec-12 11:52:40

Spotty poor you having to go through that but at least u and baby are fine, im guessing the placenta is part of the reason that im to get scans after 26 weeks.

I think i may be an elective section this time as i heard them talking about me( im strep b positive too) tho they havent discussed this with me yet bit early for that right enough. I must be a nightmare for them type 1 diabetic, rh neg, strep b positive, and intermittent blood streaks sad

BonaDea Wed 19-Dec-12 12:10:20

Oooooh - a shiny new thread!! grin

I was at clinic yesterday too. 2.5 hours I waited in total. Is that not appalling? The trouble is it is a Tuesday clinic, and so next Tuesday is Christmas and the following one New Year's Day, so I guess they were trying to fit a LOT of people in! Still enormously frustrating when in total I was seen for about 15 minutes total by the 3 people I had to see!

HbA1c has come down to 5.2% which is the lowest I've ever ever been. I was a bit surprised as the week or so before my bloods had been a disaster, but I guess it is a 12 week test, so overall feeling pleased that all the bloody hard work is paying off.

Have to say I feel like I don't get much 'regular' MW time. It is mainly consultant based and so far I'm not discussing much about the birth, or BF or anything like that. Do you think that is quite standard at this point? I'm 25 weeks today. Growth scans starting every two weeks from my next appointment - that's nice, something to look forward to every time I go!

Rue - glad your 16 week appt went well. Also glad that they are sending you to the fetal echo cardiogram. Mine was fine (ok, I admit, it was slightly boring because once you've seen a valve, you've seen a valve) and very reassuring! After that day I felt "ah, I haven't totally cocked this baby up and neither has my diabetes!" Are you feeling movement yet?

dieciocho Wed 19-Dec-12 12:38:33

Bona, yes, my care's been the same - very diabetes-focussed for about 30 weeks. Suddenly now it's all about the birth (34 weeks tomorrow).

Saw the same dr. who accused me of having erratic control two appointments ago - today he said things looked pretty good. They're the bloody same! Silly man.
Apart from a 1.9 at 2am this morning...

Still breech though sad.

BonaDea Wed 19-Dec-12 13:10:15

diec - I really feel for you. These flippant comments they make - they have no idea how bloody hard it is. Even if your control WAS erratic, which I'm sure it isn't, what exactly does he expect to achieve by telling you that?!

Glad that eventually it turns more into birth and away from diabetes. Although given two tales of 31 week babies I just hope they don't leave it too late!!!

Bummer about being breech - have they said what the chances are that baby will move?

RueDeWakening Wed 19-Dec-12 14:28:41

Bona no movement to report yet, but a history of anterior placenta so I'm not surprised really.

Hoping you are me and I claim my £5! grin. I'm group b strep positive too, and rh neg...

dieciocho Wed 19-Dec-12 15:00:04

Bona, saw two drs. (1st one sent me to be monitored as I casually mentioned I hadn't been woken by the customary 6am kicking today) and neither dr. seemed concerned re: breech. I'm having acupuncture next week with DP's dad, which both drs. are supportive of.
They told me I could have an ECV, which I'm happy to try.
They both said vaginal delivery is possible, but dangerous.
And unfortunately both said C-S was the most likely outcome. I'm NOT keen on that, and I think think you said the same on the old thread...

Hopingforno2 Wed 19-Dec-12 15:32:00

Bona my clinic is a mon but im not due back unless i have problems till 31st but i imangine thats going to be a busy one! I find with mine the earlier ur appt the less time u wait but its a bit like a conveyor belt 4 ppl at a time in a 4 bed room, each has a mw but not always the same 1 who takes bp checks urine has a feel and listens to babys hb then a dsn and/or doctor then consultant. I do feel like the care is more diabetes focused than anything but i guess it has to be. How often do they check ur hba1c? Mines is done every 4 weeks. U me and puds r within a month of each other smile they let me try a normal delivery last time, i got to 10cm pushed for an hour n ended up with an emcs so not keen on a cs but if consultant thinks its best il go with it.

Rue we r very similar, its a pain being rh neg, ive had blood streaks from time to time since around 7 weeks and had my 1st anti d at 14 weeks also had a big scare but thats a looong story now each time it happens i check baby with doppler but have to go to triage for blood test and more anti d. I have been told i have an anterior placenta this time round too lol even now i feel baby but sometimes very quiet for a while tho told its normal as when baby is behind placenta i wont feel much.
Im having a bit of an erratic day so spiked just before lunch then hit the floor hmm

Mylittlepuds Wed 19-Dec-12 17:47:19

Oh God - I've had a bloody awful day and need cheering up! I work on a Wed from 8.30am. Anyway it's an hour's drive away and there's always traffic so rather than run the risk of breakfast and going hypo in the car on the way to work I take a rising blood sugar on the chin and then have a low carb brekkie when I get into work.

Anyhow today I got in and I'd been sitting at 11 for about an hour which is weirdly what happens to me if I don't have breakfast (not toooooooo bad considering) and I had a cooked breakfast at my desk. Then despite having what I thought would be enough to cover NO CARBS I was still high two hours three hours spent at around 11. And then the thirst hit...

Oh God I really panicked. I was thirsty like before I was diagnosed. I was drinking litres and it just wasn't quenching. So in a rising panic I ran to three different Boots trying to find ketone sticks as left my machine at home. None of them stocked them.

Sooo...went back into to work feeling quite frankly weird and very panicked at the unrelenting thirst. Ended up breaking down in front of several collegues and boss...had to get MY MUM to come and get me. So embarrassing.

Had a sandwich, levels still high but thirst eventually stopped and by the time I got home trace Ketones. But a disaster of a day all the same. And my anxiety has been simply awful as a result...

Just needed some friendly diabetic ears smile

BonaDea Wed 19-Dec-12 18:46:14

puds - what a horrible day! They happen from time to time TO ALL OF US. You just have to chalk it up to a bad day, do NOT beat yourself up, know that nothing bad will happen to your baby in one day and then start again tomorrow. I always inject for breakfast, even if zero carbs - it is just a weird time of day. And I'm sure I read somewhere anyway that a protein based meal does require some insulin for most people (can't remember why).

RIGHT LADIES. We now have ANOTHER anterior placenta person. Surely surely surely this is more than just coincidence? All diabetic, all anterior placentas? I'm thinking of writing to the Lancet!

diec - hope hope hope that baby moves. Are you bouncing on a ball? There are some yoga moves which are supposed to get baby moving. Should I just shut up now and stop making pointless suggestions? wink Also, although I am a super-sceptic about most things non-conventional, I had a great accupuncture experience last year, when pills, traditional physio and sports massage had failed. Non pg related obviously, but I think you're right to give it a go. Also potentially reflexology? I'm definitely with you in not wanting a cs (but so many people have said to me recently how a) it is actually very 'easy' on the mother and b) they had no probs with establishing BF, so am at least getting to the point where I accept it's not the end of the world!).

Hopingforno2 Wed 19-Dec-12 20:00:14

Puds poor thing u! If it helps not having the best day either was 5.8 at breakfast had myb a lil more ceral than normal took the same insulin as had been hitting lows but no hit 11.2 by 12pm what?! Luckily no ketones but felt crap i knew lunch would be late so took a correction and hit 2.1 by lunch sad thats why i like my glucomen meter it does both glu and kets obv diff strips but u can carry both in pouch. Does anyone else use these kind of meters? I find that i cant skip meals either my bg still rises if i do even if ive eaten nothing very strange!

Bona im not sure obv but think myb my placenta location is due to prev section tho its does seem a very big coincedence!

StoneBaby Wed 19-Dec-12 20:52:48

puds don't beat yourself please. I too had high morning while pg and my DS is a very heathly evil lovely monster grin We all have those panic attacks thinking that because of our diabetes the baby will have a problem. Just relax (I know, easier said than done).

Bona no anterior placenta here.

I was diagnosed at 9yo so I've type 1 for 24 years. I did go to hospital for a week to start up the treatment tho.

newbie6 Wed 19-Dec-12 23:03:17

Hi hopingforno2, I have the glucomen meter too and really like it. Like you, I only test for ketones if I feel unwell or have highs for long periods but so far so good, no bad results so far but I like it for the reassurance that you can test for both.

How many weeks are you as my sugars and insulin requirements changed quite a bit from about 16 weeks, I needed a lot more novo rapid compared to the first 16 weeks where if anything I found my sugars and insulin doses stayed pretty low. I'm now 35 weeks and finding my sugars seem more normal again in terms of how they react to food and insulin I've taken?

You sound like you are doing well, it's so hard though sometimes isn't it when ur pregnant body affects ur diabetic control so strangely sometimes!


RueDeWakening Wed 19-Dec-12 23:13:41

Right I've just programmed in a temporary basal rate 80% of my normal one, I've had a day of utter bastard hypos and that tin of condensed milk I started yesterday evening is now empty shock

Fingers crossed it works...

dieciocho Thu 20-Dec-12 07:33:20

newbie as I'm only 1 week behind you, I'm curious about your ratios/reactions returning to normal. When did that happen?

In other news, Maternity Leave starts today!!!!! My lovely students (adults) in my last class yesterday gave me a baby monitor as my leaving present. How generous of them!

Hopingforno2 Thu 20-Dec-12 11:45:34

Hi newbie I'm 23 weeks today, after 20 weeks my insulin did go up but after being told I have some small diabetic changes to my eyes I got scared n cut down a lot on having sweet things so thinking that's why I've had to take my doses back down. My hba1c last time was 5.7% tho so now not sure if my diet was harming my eyes or not and I really miss choc sad

The meter is great I've had 0.1 - 0.2 from time to time but managed to rid myself with a correction and pint of water. Aw you haven't got long to go!!

Rue I feel for you, I had 2 lows yesterday 1 was probs my own fault for overreacting to a spike the other was 3am so sick of jelly babies!!

Mylittlepuds Thu 20-Dec-12 12:07:57

Thanks for being lovely everyone :-)

I'm off work today as so, so exhausted. It's bizarre. Don't know if it's the after effects of yesterday or not. Physically I've felt fantastic up until now and then wham! My mum has DS until 1pm and so I'm in bed! Anyone else start getting tired at that point?

Ooh Bona what did you have accu for?

BonaDea Thu 20-Dec-12 12:51:57

Hi puds - had accu for a painful shoulder which just would not shift... It was really effective where nothing else worked!

Mylittlepuds Thu 20-Dec-12 13:05:51

I had a session for my anxiety and loved it but then couldn't afford it as was on mat leave. Would love to give it another go. I used to ge very skeptical but a few things have changed my mind.

dieciocho Thu 20-Dec-12 14:13:42

Yes, I'd never be able to afford it normally, but luckily DP's dad treats us both for free - and always jumps at the chance!

GilbyChunks Thu 20-Dec-12 21:53:09

Hello all. Very late joining this thread (28+5) but very pleased to have found you all! I feel like the only pregnant type 1 in the world sometimes (mw said she'd only met one other in last 5 years).

I take it there was another thread, which I won't read, but I hope you're all ok. This is my 2nd DC and I'm finding it much harder this time round (DH also keeps saying I seem to be up and down a lot more, thanks dear). Had a pretty good 1st half of day but then had about 3 mouthfuls of DD's pasta (was 5.4 and had 1.5u of humalog). 1 hour later I was 11.1, 2 more units and I'm now 12.4 - arghhhhhh! I really want something to eat but every time I open the fridge carbs keep shouting at me, no cheese left either.

Did anyone else's insulin requirements go up dramatically around now? They did at around 20 weeks but have only crept up slightly since then. Will no doubt have a massive low later!

Mylittlepuds Thu 20-Dec-12 22:05:58

Hello Gilby! Lovely that you've joined us!

I'm 22 weeks and on DC2. I'm finding control much harder this time too - perhaps due to running around after DS1 and perhaps also due to my pancreas now being completely dead! I thin first time round I was a lot more trigger happy with the insulin but this time I'm really frightened of going too low as need to consider DS. How old is your DD? DS is 19 months.

Boy did my requirements jump at 20 weeks - I'm still playing catch up. I seem t have a few nightmare days every time my ratios change trying to get a handle on things. Then things settle down nicely - and I goes wrong...again! Never get too comfortable as a pregnant diabetic! I'll 'look foward' to seeing if mine go up again at 28 weeks smile

I had a bit of a tantrum at DH the other day saying I need lots of meats, nuts and cheeses etc in the fridge as it's just awful when you're so hungry but don't fancy injecting again. Make sure he gets you stocked up!

newbie6 Thu 20-Dec-12 22:13:20


From about 32 weeks I've found that I'm not as insulin resistant? I'm on novo rapid and lantus so tend to be back to 6 to 8 units pre breakfast, BS tends to be 5 pre breakfast and that dosage covers me for toast, tend to be about 5 after brekkie and still at that level pre lunch. I take anything from 10 to 14 pre lunch depending what I'm having but typically need this for a sandwich and a choccie biscuit and/or yoghurt or piece of fruit. I test about 60 to 90 mins after eating and I'm usually around 6. For tea, I take about 16 to 20 dep on what I'm eating but typically I eat meat with potatoes and veg or pizza or quiche and veg etc plus yoghurt and fruit. Pre pregnancy my doses were normally 4 pre brekkie or nothing as I am bad and don't tend to eat brekkie but since being pregnant esp now in later stages I'm hungry, 8 units for lunch and 10 to 12 for tea so I'm still on a higher dose for those meals. I test my sugars after tea and am usually between 4 and 5 so take a packet of crisps or a satsuma, I take 22 units of lantus which is lower than it was pre pregnancy bizarrely when I was on 26. I test during the night about 2 and 4am and they are usually 3 to 5.

As I said, I definitely felt my insulin prior to 32 weeks needed more adjusting as my sugars weren't always so predictable so not sure if its just stages of pregnancy but cos I'm always testing, I managed to correct if needed.

Hope that helps! I guess we are all individual which is why it is so frustrating but I think we're all trying our best.


Hopingforno2 Thu 20-Dec-12 22:32:49

Hi gilby

Im 23 weeks with 2nd dc, my ds 4.5 im finding it pretty hard too right now eg yesterday and today i had the same breakfast but spiked yesterday before lunch at 11.2 today fell to 3.0 at same time on same dose?! Also tested at 9pm tonight was 5.1 one hour later 6.6 hmm ivr eaten not a thing in that time.

Gilby and puds im finding this time around harder too and im def more up n down finding i need to set an alarm to fo bg at 3am sometimes i need a cpl units of rapid others a small biscuit to see me thro to 8am im beggining to wonder if baby has growth spurts that affect our bg?

Puds u feeling better day?

Hopingforno2 Thu 20-Dec-12 22:34:34

Newbie u seem very sorted!! I hope i can get to that stage too.

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