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My friend has whooping cough...

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weeblueberry Mon 17-Dec-12 21:18:20

My friend (who was over for dinner yesterday) was told today the doctor is fairly confident she's getting over whooping cough. Because she's considered past a 'contagious' stage they can't do a blood test or whatever to confirm it but she was fairly sure. Now she's no longer contagious but is there anything I need to do? I'm only 19+5 so won't get my whooping cough vaccine for a good 10 weeks or so...

I doubt there's a chance of me catching it but do I need to inform my midwife if I don't get sick etc?

sundaesundae Mon 17-Dec-12 21:30:52

The protection is for your baby, it is very dangerous for babies to get whooping cough, but whilst it would be unpleasant for you it isn't a risk for pregnant women, or at least this is what my MW said! If you got it close to birth they'd worry a bit that you would be infectious and the baby could catch it, but you are far enough away for it to be ok.

If you are worried call your midwife tomorrow maybe and have a chat.

CailinDana Tue 18-Dec-12 08:35:35

Yeah sundae is right, it wouldn't be fun for you if you did get it but you shouldn't be at any risk as long as you're generally healthy and there wouldn't be any need for the vaccine as you'd pass on your immunity to baby while you were ill.

If you do start coughing tell your doctor about your friend so they can test you quickly and be sure that that's what you have - it'll ease your mind.

Do mention it to your MW if you want but I doubt she'll make much of it. You come in contact with illnesses every day and it's only a problem if you actually get them.

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