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Getting highlights at 28 weeks pregnant

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clairekemp Mon 17-Dec-12 19:34:18


Is it ok to get you hair highlighted at 28 weeks pregnant?

I have my brothers wedding after Christmas and don't want to have massive routes.

If the dye does not touch the scalp is it ok?

Doinmummy Mon 17-Dec-12 19:36:11

Colouring your hair is fine , even if it does touch the scalp! It's the same as getting a bit of bleach on your hands.

Being pregnant doesn't make any difference.

clairekemp Mon 17-Dec-12 19:37:14

Thank you. Was not really sure as my midwife said no but have read that's its ok.

itsmyfirsteek Mon 17-Dec-12 19:40:24

Its fine, I coloured mine at 10 and 20 weeks. Only thing I would say is that at 10 weeks it felt like it was burning 3tall over tint) 20 weeks was fine though. People say your hair might react differently because of your hormones but I've dyed mine red once and brown once and I haven't ended up with pink hair! Enjoy the wedding. Xxx

hopeful92 Mon 17-Dec-12 22:17:08

I had my roots bleached at 7 weeks pregnant then my hair dyed back to brown at 13 weeks, and my midwife said this was fine. She said if you cant dye your hair then you cant clean your bathroom either, as bleach fumes are only as strong as putting bleach down toilet. My sister in law dyed her hair through both her pregnancies and both her children are perfectly healthy.

Doinmummy Mon 17-Dec-12 22:24:54

It's an old wives tale about not dying/ bleaching hair when pregnant. Your midwife should know better really. I'm not sure how she thought the bleach would harm the baby.

Doinmummy Mon 17-Dec-12 22:26:09

In fact I think it's important to feel and look nice when pregnant .

slippyshoes Tue 18-Dec-12 17:47:56

Your midwife needs a science lesson.

PiccadillyCervix Tue 18-Dec-12 18:16:01

It would have made me vomit , but I find it peculiar that you asked your midwife decided she couldn't know what she was talking about and then accepted the first post of a stranger of the internet.

itsmyfirsteek Tue 18-Dec-12 18:39:33

Wow Piccadilly, that was a helpful comment!

PiccadillyCervix Tue 18-Dec-12 18:42:39

Actually I think listen to you rmidwife before you listen to strangers off the internet is a very helpful comment.

Doinmummy Tue 18-Dec-12 18:43:40

Not really picadiily the midwife is incorrect.

dishwashervodkaanddietirnbru Tue 18-Dec-12 19:16:58

nhs says it is ok

Doinmummy Tue 18-Dec-12 19:27:58

The bleach/dye does not travel down the hair ,into the scalp and into the blood stream . I don't know why people think its unsafe !

ChicaT Wed 19-Dec-12 01:31:47

Being pregnant is hard enough without having to live with dark roots too! I'm planning on carrying on with highlights throughout - I've looked into it and everything sensible I've read indicates it's fine.

hopeful92 Wed 19-Dec-12 09:33:57

Bleach doesn't get avsorbed through your scalp. And Picadilly if I thought my midwife had given me incorrect information I would be seeking advice too!

massagegirl Wed 19-Dec-12 09:39:03

I'm getting my highlights done this week, am 16 weeks. Hairdressers said it was absolutely fine and have been great at fitting appointment around my morning sickness. Enjoy your new do and ignore silly unhelpful comments that people post on here! X

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