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Breathing the baby out Vs pushing

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abigboydidit Sun 16-Dec-12 22:07:31

Hi -

Been having a conversation about breathing the baby out Vs pushing and wondered if anyone had any experiences of this they would be happy to share? Am hoping for a VBAC after a traumatic ECS last time and tentatively heading down the hypnobirthing route. However, all discussions with MW have talked about pushing so am wondering if the reality is that I will end up just doing as am told in the heat of the moment confused.

Thanks in advance!

marylou123 Wed 19-Dec-12 13:55:27

I did hypnobirthing with two babies. My advice is: make sure you don't need a wee when the baby is on its way out! I was desperate but I didn't realise because of all the other strange feelings in that area. After two hours of pushing and an episiotomy, he finally came out, cord around neck and with a head circumference on the top line of the graph. Not the easiest baby to get out. I can honestly say it wasn't painful though. The worst bit was the local anaesthetic injection.

With baby 2, I made sure I didn't need the toilet! The pushing stage was 7 minutes with no tears and I only did one push once her head was out. Her hand was up by her face and I think the midwives were scared of her shoulders getting stuck. Other than that, my body pushed her out by itself. Like reverse vomiting as someone's said before, it was completely uncontrollable.

I really recommend hypnobirthing. It can help you stay calm and comfortable. Even if your baby is in the wrong position or something is in the way, it will still help you. Just be aware that you might not always be able to breathe out the baby.

Bumpsadaisie Wed 19-Dec-12 15:31:20

Had an epidural with DD so didnt feel the pushing, just did it with each contraction.

With DS I was expecting to get an urge to push and then "decide" to push mentally, and then push. I also thought that there would be a clear "pushing stage".

Actually it didn't work like that at all. I was getting towards full dilation and I noticed the contractions started to make my body convulse at the same time (I know now this was transition).

Gradually the contractions became less contraction-y and more convulsion-y until it felt like I was throwing up, though rather than it just being my tummy convulsing it was literally my whole body. There was no "pushing" as such and I absolutely had no control over it. DS shot out in 6 minutes (9lb 4) smile

Gilberte Wed 19-Dec-12 20:42:22

"If the baby is back to back I think you have to push, ime... "

Not necessarily but I realise I was lucky. Both of mine were back to back. First one required considerable effort, epidural and synotocin.
My second was a stargazer and just came out by herself.

mummysmellsofsick Wed 19-Dec-12 20:44:37

I asked my midwife about this. She said 'yes you can breathe your baby out but only in the same way that you would breathe a truck up a hill. You are going to have to push!'

chocolateicecream Wed 19-Dec-12 20:56:05

I never had to push.

HipHopOpotomus Thu 20-Dec-12 09:19:48

I love this thread. Lovely to hear of other women also didn't push their babies out. I always thought no pushing was a bit strange perhaps - people give me strange looks and nods if I mention it. Yet after 2 DC's I still have no idea what all this pushing is about. Lots of powerful contractions, yes, but no pushing at all for both babies. Just a few "surges" - my body took care of it. The hypnobirthing helped me to be relaxed and fearless which was very useful.

DD1 simply flew out, eyes open and smiling, DD2 was a little more rumpled and shy.

Tgger Thu 20-Dec-12 22:39:03

I have no idea either, although I have to say that DS was not budging and got hauled out by ventouse. He was very big and in a difficult position. For 2 hours I had midwives and husband and then doctors urging me to "push" with all sorts of descriptions of what I was supposed to be doing. I couldn't feel where he was at all, complete waste of their energy. Then DD was complete opposite, just flew out like your first, and I certainly wasn't pushing there either..... so I have two ends of the spectrum!

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