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advice please, not really pregnantly related

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SammyFirstBaby Thu 13-Dec-12 21:27:24

Ok I know its not really pregnancy related, but iv posted this on here and other sites with no reply and I'm starting to get stressed. If you know ANYTHING about budgeting loans and benifits please read on

First thing, I sent of my budgeting loan acceptance form back yesterday (12.12.12), how long till they put it in the bank? If anyone knows?

And secondly, I was on income support and cancelled the claim yesterday due to me having to leave college as I can only sit down for 10mins if that, before rushing to the toilet to be sick, iv been signed of from 21.11.12 but tried to stick it out.
I called job centre today to get my claim form sent out, but how long till they pay me some sort of money?
I would have been due an income support payment this coming monday, oviously I won't get it now, so do I apply for a crisis loan? How long will they cover me for? Over christmas?
I'm in such a pickle with money as the last income support payment was spent on a new fridge freezer, couldn't leave it long enough for the budgetting loan to come through to use that and I applied the day after and even gave them a refrence code, and got refused!! So iv been eating pasta and cheese witch has now run out!!

greenj1 Thu 13-Dec-12 21:33:57

I really dont know as it differs from person to person, The best thing is to contact your local job centre and get a crisis loan, these are usually available with 1 or 2 days. My jobcentre are useless hopefully Yours will be a bit more helpful!

Fluffeh Fri 14-Dec-12 07:36:45

Budgeting loans are usually paid 5-7 days after they receive your signed acceptance back.
I'm not sure about when your income support will restart sorry.
Crisis loans are only paid in cases where you immedietley need money for food, gas, electric etc. you have to pay them back in a larger chunk too but are usually issued the same or next working day.
Hth smile

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