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Pregnancy with DC2 Career panic - how did you manage with 2?

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Amnewtoallthis Thu 13-Dec-12 15:38:43

Because of my morning sickness the freelance career I was trying to re-establish after being made redundant I'm wondering if I'll ever get my career back after DC2 is born next May. I was freelance before having DD1 in early 2009 and could have had enough work for seven days a week if I'd wanted to, but went back to working as staff after she was born, was then made redundant last year. HAve struggled to get full time freelance work but there have been months and weeks where I've made a good living, however that has all tailed off now. I want to be able to work freelance after DC is born as we will need the money and I love my job; but how have other mothers managed it. I'm doing a bit of CPD and re-training in Jan to keep myself going! But at 42 I'm aslo seeing less employers willing to take on women my age (I'm not old!)

ZuleikaD Thu 13-Dec-12 16:00:47

I retrained as a childminder! I'm also 42 and plan to requalify as a teacher when the children go to school fulltime.

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