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Discovery about pregnancy bladder issues!

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MrsT1206 Thu 13-Dec-12 11:23:49

I might be stating the obvious here but I made a discovery that might help even one person!

I have always had an overactive bladder. People were ALWAYS saying 'you wait till you're pregnant....'

However, at 30 weeks, I've not suffered terribly at all with my bladder. I don't think I'm much worse than I was before I was pregnant.

Yesterday however, I switched from my usual, realllllly comfy, stretchy over-bump leggings to a pair of under-bump maternity jeans.

The result was a million trips to the restrooms. I literally walked from toilet to toilet instead of getting any Christmas shopping done. At times it was really urgent too!

I realised it was the under-bump jeans sitting right on my bladder (with baby squashing it from the other side).

Never ever again, back to my unglamorous old leggings that come up to my bra.

Sorry if everyone already knew this, but I thought it might maybe help someone?

clarelou13 Thu 13-Dec-12 11:34:27

I am too 30 weeks pregnant and also suffer an overactive bladder, especially at night. Really struggling at moment to go for longer than an hours sleep at a time without a visit to the loo.
I know what you mean about underbump trousers, I can't bear any pressure down there, but in this weather, I dont mind climbing into my belly warmers grin

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