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I'm new on here and desperate for some advice please?

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NAR4 Wed 12-Dec-12 10:21:03

It could be that you had twins but one has not grown properly. I had this with my 3rd pregnancy. Didn't know it was twins until I bled at about 12 weeks on holiday. Hospital was rubbish and simply told me that if I was bleeding it was a miscarrage and to go away. When I got home my midwfe booked me a scan at my local hospital where they saw 2 sacks. 1 normal and 1 abnormal. This is when I was told it had been twins but 1 was miscarrying. I never bled very heavily but the bleeding did continue for a while. The other baby was not effected at all and was born perfectly well at full term.

Aparently this is fairly common and it is only due to the early scans now that so many of us know, rather than have bleeding for unknown reason.

Hope everything is alright. smile

kittenskittenskittens Tue 11-Dec-12 22:08:59

I would just add that tests won't really tell you much as it took 2 weeks after I miscarried to get a negative although I did do a digital one which droped in weeks so it was a sigh for me all was not well but on the whole they cause more stress then good

kittenskittenskittens Tue 11-Dec-12 22:07:28

Hi cats and dogs, sorry you are going through such a stressful time, I've not been in your situation identically but have had bleeding in pregnancys where it's turned out ok and badly, unfortunatly as your first scan was so early it hasn't told you much so it really is a waiting game till Friday, from the 2 sacs though it sounds like you may have got pregnant with twins and that if one is abnormal that may miscarry? I have heard from alot of people who have had twins though that bleeding in early pregnancy is totally normal and is how alot get diagnosed so it may be that, I have had a full af in pregnancy and it still continue so the fact that you are still bleeding doesn't necessarily mean a bad outcome particullaly if it's not heavy or painful, fx its implantation and that you get a little heart beat on Friday

ilovecatsanddogs Tue 11-Dec-12 21:46:17

Hi there, wondering if any of you can offer some advice, help, been there before, anything really.
I had 2 positive pregnancy tests about 3 weeks ago - mixed feelings at first as I do have 2 young ones, but after talking it all through, became very happy and excited about the new future member of the family.
On Friday last week, noticed some brown blood, not much at all, then by the evening it had turned red, again not much at all. I was not soaking pads, and a thin towel was enough. Called up the hospital, who were really rude, infact, so rude it made me cry, who said that there was nothing they could do on a Friday night and that I was to wait til Monday, go to my GP, be referred, and she told me that I probably wouldnt be seen until the end of the week anyway!!!
So, me being me, panicking and due to my son being born very early due to placenta praevia, I booked a private scan for the following morning.
Saturday morning, had the scan, he had to do an internal one, but I was about 5 weeks, 2 sacs, one abnormal, one normal, closed cervix, no visiable baby inside either of them, but he said there wouldnt be anyway.
He said I should be rescanned in a week, but that I had to go to the GP on Monday. Came away, very confused, upset, etc.
I went to the GP on Monday morning, and she said that because I am still bleeding it is most probably a miscarrige, but I dont understand why the scan shows a normal sac?????
I am still bleeding, but have no pain, have had no clots, and the bleeding is really light. The scan is booked for Friday, but I am just so anxious, scared, confued, I thiught I would see if anyone had been through this?
Sorry its an essay, but its been a long and very confusing week. Am I still pregnant? I did do another preg test this afternoon, and its still a positive, but I guess thats the hormones? Help xxx

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