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Anyone else under 12 weeks pregnant and not told work/ friends etc yet?

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LoveYouForeverMyBaby Mon 10-Dec-12 21:39:30

Found out we were expecting #2 on Saturday, my guess is I'm 4/5 appointment is a week away on Monday.

Anyone else nervous but excited and under 12 weeks?

jenrendo Wed 19-Dec-12 19:02:03

So lovely to hear all the good news. So sorry oven sad

Well, I had a 6 week scan yesterday, heard the heartbeat and saw it flicker. Brought a few tears to my eyes as we had been trying for a while for DC2. I'm in a different country and was treated with a fertility drug so that's why I had an early scan. Saw the nurse today and had everything confirmed and she made sure I was doing all the right things. I will now see a doctor every 4 weeks until 30 weeks, then every 2 until 36 weeks, then every week. So different from the UK. So happy to go back to Scotland tonight and tell my family. They will be over the moon with their wee Christmas present smile Just a shame I have to get an overnight flight with a 2 year old out of the way first, by myself. Hope he's good! Merry Christmas everybody smile

littlejosh Wed 19-Dec-12 11:21:00

We will see a midwife after 8 weeks, don't even see my gp.
Seems to be managed centrally where we are by the local hospital.

Lucy411 Wed 19-Dec-12 11:02:15

In my experience anyway not sure if its the same everywhere! X

Lucy411 Wed 19-Dec-12 11:01:38

Yeah don't get seen straight away and don't get scanned until as close to 12 weeks as poss I haven't even been allocated an appointment yet x

littlejosh Wed 19-Dec-12 11:00:26

Congratulations all.
Have too just discovered I’m pregnant (with #2).
Due August 2013.
Like others Christmas and NYE will be interesting, might suddenly be on antibiotics!
I have to tell parents this week (as we have a family holiday planned for next summer...abroad), but other than that will wait to tell family at 12 weeks.

I had another question I hope others might be able to help with...after first baby (4 years ago) I fully intended to lose baby weight but didn't (technically I’m obese). Would it be ok for me to decide to start excising more regularly than I previously have (power walking)?

I’m not trying to avoid putting weight on, I just want to make sure I have a healthy, fit and manageable pregnancy.

I planned to start taking a circuit class in the NYE before finding out, might have to swap it for swimming or cycling (any ideas ;)!)

All the best to everyone xxx

Jaclyneyre84 Wed 19-Dec-12 10:47:41

hello! i am currently 6 wks with my first, haven't told work yet as i really dont need to so holding off for 12wk scan. telling the parents on christmas as a surprise! but if anyone could help me......when i called the doc, i was told i had to wait until i was between 8-9 wks to see a midwife. is this normal?
thank you

Lucy411 Wed 19-Dec-12 10:01:42

Hi I'm around 7 weeks I think, found out Saturday told my partner, sister in law as she was trying to pile me with drinks and kept buying alcohol for me and told my mum this morning now they are out of the way don't have the urge to let everyone else know!

And luckily at home already with 11month old so no work to inform this time round thank god!

Congratulations everyone smile

Boosiehs Mon 17-Dec-12 18:20:18

I've had my first day back at work and I can't concentrate at all. Just want to tell everyone - even though I know that is an incredibly stupid idea.

How do women cope for so long not telling anyone>??!?!?!?

LoveYouForeverMyBaby Mon 17-Dec-12 13:48:33

hi hannah congratulations! why do you feel nervous telling your family? re: your xmas party you could say you are hungover from the night before or you're on antibiotics?

Hannahlouise4026 Mon 17-Dec-12 11:35:06

Forgot to mention I have my work Xmas party this coming Friday, I am worried people will start to suspect something as i am usually one to have quite a few too many drinks and so I think people may question why I am avoiding alcohol! Anyone got any tips?! Xxx

Hannahlouise4026 Mon 17-Dec-12 11:31:30

Congratulations guys!
Newbie here. Just found out yesterday I'm pregnant, 3w6d. Complete surprise and still hasn't really sunk in! So exciting though. This is our first. We haven't sold anyone yet and going to wait until after the 12 weeks to tell work and colleagues. I will be 5 weeks pregnant on Xmas day and considering telling my mum and sister then as we are spending Xmas with them. I am so nervous about telling them and oh's parents! I keep thinking they will be disappointed in us for some reason. Although we are both 24 and have been together for 6 1/2 years, living together for the past 3 years. Is it normal to be this nervous?! And do you think it's too soon to tell parents? We don't want to tell friends/colleagues until my h later on but I don't think I can keep it in when I'm around my mum and sis!
I guess I'm just petrified of something going wrong like a miscarriage sad
Do u think we should tell them at Xmas?
Hope your all well and i am excited start my pregnancy journey with you all smile xxx

LoveYouForeverMyBaby Sun 16-Dec-12 18:49:26

oven I am truely so sorry to hear this. I really hope you feel better soon, rest up and enjoy your ds over xmas. Once you're ready to ttc again I wish you all the best of luck.

OvenReady Sun 16-Dec-12 14:43:46

Hi LoveYou...

It's certainly over. Bleeding continued last night and I passed the indicative matter (sorry ladies if tmi). So at least I know now. Will cancel the scan that is booked.

At least I know I can have a drink, eat brie and pate over Christmas without doing any harm. I'll get New year out of the way, and then think about trying again. I'm boosted by the over 40's thread I found on here - lots of old ladies giving it a go, so I might give it some thought.

Good luck to all of you ladies pg - exciting times ahead. I have a son, aged 2, and he is my world. When it does happen it's like a gift from God, truly.

Take care ladies.

LoveYouForeverMyBaby Sat 15-Dec-12 23:52:58

Congratulations boosiehs!

LoveYouForeverMyBaby Sat 15-Dec-12 23:51:44

How have you been oven?

Boosiehs Sat 15-Dec-12 23:12:11

I've just got a positive test today for first pg. scary and exciting. Told a friend who knew I was late and trying. Will tell mum tomorrow but not anyone else until after Christmas. However i am going on holiday over NY with friends who are big drinkers so it's going to be pretty obvious when I don't drink!

LoveYouForeverMyBaby Fri 14-Dec-12 13:37:12

I am so sorry tpo hear you are going through this oven. I think it's probably best to prepare yourself for the worst mentally, but also it's very important not to lose hope completely. There are many people who have bleeds, even very heavy bleeds that go on to have perfect healthy babies.

Are you cramping with the bleeding? is the blood bright red or dark? good luck and we're here for you.

VisualiseAHorse Fri 14-Dec-12 13:06:02

Congrats to everyone here smile

I didn't tell most people until I was 20 weeks, as I was waiting for test results. Family I told within a few days of finding out.

OvenReady Fri 14-Dec-12 12:08:24

Sorry to sabotage a lovely thread.

Bleeding is heavier today. Went to see my doc and insisted on HCG bloods being done - I cannot face Christmas with this misery hanging over me. Have another blood test booked for Monday to see what HCG levels are doing.

It would be foolish to get my hopes up, so I'm trying to let it go for now. But the bleeding is more than during my periods, I can't believe I am NOT miscarrying.

A long weekend ahead...

Clca Fri 14-Dec-12 11:32:57

Really hope you're ok oven. X

MulledWineAndScully Fri 14-Dec-12 10:18:33

Hope you are ok Oven

LoveYouForeverMyBaby Fri 14-Dec-12 06:14:12

oven how are you today? Has the bleeding stopped? I know its impossible to do but try not to panic it might not be a mc, there are lots of explanations for bleeds in pregnancy. Good luck!

OvenReady Thu 13-Dec-12 22:12:59

I might be out, after all this.

Five weeks pg and started bleeding today. Had a missed mc in July - terrified now. My doc would not authorise HCG bloods (why why why???) and told me to wait till week 7 then I "might" get a scan.

I'm in hell right now.

Have told my headteacher - she knows about July mc - and I'm staying home from school to rest tomorrow. My DH is going to tell my parents tomorrow - I just don't know how I can go on with my daily life when I might be losing this pregnancy.

I have a private scan booked for end of week 7 but might call them tomorrow and see what they can advise. Stupid NHS, they don't want to help - despite the new NICE guidelines.

I can kiss a nice Christmas good riddance.

LoveYouForeverMyBaby Thu 13-Dec-12 21:58:48

I'm in 2 minds about getting an early pg scan....what's everyone's thoughts? Shall I just wait til 12 weeks?

MySonIsMyWorld Thu 13-Dec-12 21:07:34

Congrats all who are expecting!!

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