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Black maternity trouser hunt

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scampadoodle Fri 09-Jan-04 13:12:28

I need a pair of black bootleg trousers, preferably with a bit of lycra, & not with a 'pouch' but elasticated back with adjustable buttons or some such thing... has anyone seen anything like this in the shops? I am about to burst out of my normal trusty black trews but am too small as yet for my pouchy ones from last time. I'd rather not spend a fortune. I live in london, so access to shops not a problem. Thanks in advance

bundle Fri 09-Jan-04 13:29:43

I found Hennes best for this kind of thing and cheap too. or dorothy perkins. and I did have a pair of leggings which were black & bootleg from the Gap which lasted me throughout my pregnancy!

Lisa78 Fri 09-Jan-04 13:31:52

got mine from Dorothy Perkins of all places, exactly as you descibe - they're fab
Still wearing them 2 months after giving birth - not so fab

Rhubarb Fri 09-Jan-04 13:34:03

What size are you Scamp? Aloha kindly gave me her maternity trousers when I was pregnant and I still have them, if I get her permission I would happily pass them onto you. I have a black pair with elasticated waist and buttons, and a pair of jeans with the same.

AnnaK Fri 09-Jan-04 13:36:29

I have some from Mothercare which did me from early on till about 7 months. They do have a high waistband, though and may not be quite what you want.
I can't remember the website but the name was something beginning with Harry. A woman has set up a company selling a jersy lycra range which can be used for pregancy and after as the clothes wash back to their original size each time. Not cheap, though.
Not terribly helpful, I'm afraid...

Dadslib Fri 09-Jan-04 13:37:20

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Fri 09-Jan-04 13:37:49

scampadoodle I got mine from Hennes too, they were great and lasted my whole pregnancy. What size are you, I could let you have them as I'm in London too.

SpringChicken Fri 09-Jan-04 13:54:10

I only own 1 pair at the mo scampadoodle - and i scrounged those off my b/f.
They are from next and really confortable. they sit on your bump but aren't the pouch one's as i don't like those.
They have like an elesticated band that threads throught the back and you can select which button they go on depending how big you get.

No idea on cost i'm afraid.

P.S Just incase your interested, was looking on next website yesterday and they have some really nice mat clothes for the summer

emmatmg Fri 09-Jan-04 13:57:45

Got mine in Hennes....although last spring-time. Linen mix ones and they were lovely, they looked like proper trousers with just the elastic through the waist band to adjust as you grow.

madgirl Fri 09-Jan-04 14:23:18

spring chicken, have next on high st got a maternity section?

scampadoodle Fri 09-Jan-04 15:05:21

Thanks everyone! Will brave Hennes & DP, although I always seem to lose my brain whenever I go in there, & can't find anything. To those kind souls who offered me the trousers off their legs, I am a size 12-ish, but have big legs (leggings are out) which make trouser-buying a bit of a nightmare at the best of times.
Madgirl: I have a feeling that Next only do mailorder on maternity wear, but they may have changed this. & I found their sizes HUGE!!!

prufrock Fri 09-Jan-04 15:17:07

M&S have exactly what you are looking for in about 6 different styles. Jersey trousers with an elasticated waist which is quite stretchy (easily accomodates my -too big for 22 weeks- bump)

SpringChicken Fri 09-Jan-04 15:18:54

Madgirl - my local store doesn't in luton but the big store in Milton Keynes does. Would probably be worthwhile ringing to find out before you go.

popsycal Fri 09-Jan-04 17:46:30

blooming marvellous (mail order) and next

CountessDracula Fri 09-Jan-04 19:05:32

I was size 14 so mine may be too big, but may be ok I think they are just size Large so could be ok. May be a bit tatty after months of wear!

aloha Fri 09-Jan-04 19:08:32

Rhubarb - you have my permission. I like the idea of them becoming the Mumsnet trousers They are nice, arent't they Rhuby? Jeans are Hennes, trousers are Formes.

aloha Fri 09-Jan-04 19:09:21

Both my former trousers are a big 12 with stretch. They'll do you!

Rhubarb Sat 10-Jan-04 12:36:47

If you want them Scamp, use the contact another talker feature at the top of the page and let me know your addy, I'll pop them in the post to you.

How you doing Aloha?

scampadoodle Mon 12-Jan-04 17:10:21

Rhubarb/Aloha, thank you very much. Rhubarb, I've sent you a message with my address

Bozza Tue 13-Jan-04 15:19:00

Am currently 22 weeks and wearing a pair of black jersey trousers from H&M. They are size medium (not maternity) and cost £15. I bought them at about 14 weeks and think they still have some stretch in them. I'm normally a sz 10. Bought them because thought they would also do afterwards.

Have bought some trousers with the elastic/button waistband but I have to adjust them so far at the moment that they get uncomfortable after a whle.

Hulababy Tue 13-Jan-04 15:20:45

I got some smart ones that I wore for work from Next maternity range.

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