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Vague symptoms but nothing definite...should I be concerned?

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RooneyMara Sun 09-Dec-12 12:53:05

Answer is probably not, I know smile but I thought I'd ask on here as I don't really know.

I'm 36 weeks tomorrow.
forthe last couple of weeks I've been putting on a lot of weight - seems to be water retention, like my legs are swollen - there's a big dent there when I take off my socks at night, and trousers aren't fitting any more though my weight was stable from around 20 weeks till about 3 weeks ago, then suddenly went up loads at once.

My BP is always low - 80/40 at booking in, then around 90/60 till last week when it went up to 107/70. I know that's not a massive hike, and probably normal - just mentioning everything though.

Then a couple of nights ago I started getting pain under my right rib when I was in bed, I wake up with it, it's sore but not shocking iykwim, and seems to ease off a bit when I put a cushion under my side.

Then this morning I was measuring something with a tape measure and found the numbers crashing into each other, I thought it was like a holographic tape measure for about 30 seconds before realising it was my eyes.

I know these all sound rather pathetic but I'm just hoping for reassurance that I don't need to do anything, or call anyone - I've been faffing around having extra scans already due to possible leaking and low fluid, so don't want to be a bloody nuisance to them with this blush

Next MW is on Thursday, and scan booked for the following Tuesday (18th) but the last one showed the baby was a proper size, that was a couple of weeks back.

Thanks if you made it this far!

Droflove Sun 09-Dec-12 17:38:21

I would call your midwife and let her know your vision has been distorted and you have been getting a lot of swelling. To be honest the vision one is the one I would be most concerned about. Have you been having headaches? Just give them a call and see what they say, another bp check might be no harm.

sundaesundae Sun 09-Dec-12 17:40:42

Speak to someone, better to be checked and be ok than carry on and ignore it and be not ok.

Hope you get some answers, I know we all hate being potential time wasters, but I think preggo and with those type of symptoms no-one will think you a time waster.

VivaLeBeaver Sun 09-Dec-12 17:42:10

I'm a midwife. If you rang in with these symptoms I'd want you to come into the hospital now to be checked over. Please ring this evening.

FoofFighter Sun 09-Dec-12 17:46:33

I'd be calling them with those symptoms in case of pre-eclampsia. If it turns out to be that then soonest picked up the better, if it turns out to be nothing then nobody will mind you asking to be checked smile

SledsImOn Sun 09-Dec-12 20:00:07

Thankyou very much guys (sorry, Christmas name! but it's me) I thought this thread had died, so I'm grateful for the responses.

I did ring the ward, which is what they tell you to do for advice any old time - the MW I spoke to didn't sound at all concerned, and told me to keep an eye on things till my check up on Thursday.

I've had no headaches, thankfully, and the vision thing seems to have been a one off - not sure what that was about. I plan to see how bad the pain is tonight, and if it is very sore, I will ring tomorrow and ask to be seen.

She did say though that if it were to do with the liver (like in Pre-eclampsia) it wouldn't just hurt at night but would be constant and pretty bad, like unbearable, is what I have read elsewhere - so if it does get any worse I will deffo go in and get my BP checked.
It doesn't feel like the baby's feet or whatever (third pregnancy) and that was what she reckoned it is, not entirely convinced but could just be the old spreading of ribs thing you get...! Such fun being pg.

Thankyou again - I really appreciate it and will post back if anything interesting happens.

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