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Pregnant after a miscarriage, as the bumps get bigger we get braver, 1st,2nd or 3rd trimester and even graduates cuddling there babies!!, reasurance and hand holding aplenty!

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StateofConfusion Sat 08-Dec-12 22:32:33

New thread before the other fills and locks!

gemdrop84 Sat 29-Dec-12 17:25:56

Mockingbird I can't say the worry ever goes but you do get better at coping with it. Wishing you all the best for your scan. I hope everyone's had a nice christmas and is doing well, so happy for you and your families state&wl Glad little ones are settling and everything's ok. I had midwife appt on thurs. My bp is raised slightly, midwife says she's not overly concerned but as it's high for me I'm going back on Mon to check it again. She told me to go in to hosp if I develop headaches/blurred vision or start getting heartburn, bit concerned as to why it's up but I suppose it's one of those things. Been nesting lately, strange as never had it with dd! Been sorting out Seth's room, made up his crib and been sorting his clothes out. Hospital bag is packed- just need to buy some nappies and I'm all ready for him!! grin

gemdrop84 Sat 29-Dec-12 17:27:21

congratulations mockingbird glad it went ok, oooh a little girl, how exciting!! smile

MrsReiver Sat 29-Dec-12 19:57:25

Mockingbird I'm so glad everything went well, another little pink bundle.

Gem, take it as easy as you can and try not to worry.

We've ordered a cot - it feels very, very real.

StateofConfusion Sat 29-Dec-12 21:36:07

Congratulations mocking grin the worrying never stopped for me I'm afraid, even as she was being delivered I was freaking out!

Hope the bp drops soon gem mine was raised at the end with all 3, not high but high for me and all was ok, how much longer now?

Lilys doing great, although she's slept nearly all day and is wide awake now so I'm expecting a tough night <yawns>

001001 Sat 29-Dec-12 22:30:39

Yay mocking, getting very jealous now of everyone who knows what sex they are having, seems to make it very real.

Gem hope bp is back to normal Monday

What are people doing about visitors after the birth? Both sets of parents 200 miles away, last time they all came when I was in labour and were there when I got home from hospital 12 hours later, was lovely to show off ds but am convinced that it contributed to failing to bf, having to disappear to do so. This time as my dad is no longer with us, my mum is coming to stay to look after ds but I love my inlaws and don't want them to feel left out but at the same time they are in their 80s and so cannot just pop over for half an hour. Am starting to really worry, how do I not exclude them but also make sure I can be half naked bfing and not worry about bleeding etc with an audience? It is not just because they are inlaws, if my dad was around I would not be comfortable in front of him either!

Baby really wriggling now, have to keep reminding myself that the pain and discomfort is worth it!

AlphaBeta2012 Sun 30-Dec-12 07:05:14

Good morning all, hope everyone had a nice christmas!
Congrats on good news stories!
Mockingbird you and I must be due very close to one another. I'm 18wks and 1 day now. Baby moving loads! Scan on 14th, hopefully we'll find out what it is, though i am absolutely convinced it will be another boy to join ds1. I am desperately waiting for the 'blooming' stage to begin! I am still being sick every morning, chest is swollen to resemble the himalayers and can't be touched, and still constantly tired!! Not moaning though as just so grateful little one doing this well. I personally love having my doppler as everytime I get a silly worry I can just tune on in to the HB (though this isn't replacing movement monitoring etc!)

gemdrop84 Sun 30-Dec-12 10:45:29

Thanks ladies, dp has been amazing and I haven't done much other than play with dd with her new toys so hopefully it won't be too high towards the end! state I'm 37+3 so not long at all!! I keep having a push of Seth's pram everytime I go past it, can't wait to meet him!! 001 not sure what we are planning to do about visitors, we had a few friends/relatives turn up nearly everyday for a week after dd was born. It was nice to show her off. I'd prefer to be left alone just us 4 this time for a couple of days, but it depends how labour goes and how I feel after. Hope your scan goes well alpha smile

MrsReiver Sun 30-Dec-12 23:59:09

Just seen a trailer for One Born Every Minute, I'm so pleased I can watch it again without crying from envy and grief.

HOWEVER, one of the midwives makes a comment about Fifty Shades. Would I be unreasonable to put a note at the start of my birth plan stating "this is NOT a Fifty Shades of Shite baby" grin grin grin

backwardpossom Mon 31-Dec-12 00:13:02

Haha, MrsR I've had a few comments from friends about that!! hmm

MrsReiver Mon 31-Dec-12 00:15:10

Anyone who knows me, knows better than to mention that. My opinion on the books is pretty well known smile

Beckett3 Mon 31-Dec-12 10:48:30

Would it be ok to join? I need to get this out even though I'm not sure what it will/what i hope it will accomplish.

I'm 8w6d pregnant, this is my 8th pregnancy, I have 3 children. My last 2 pregnancies ended in mc, one being March this year.

I've been bleeding mostly brown blood since I was 7w3d, sometimes a streak of red, Christmas eve a bit more than a streak. I thought that was it.

Went for a scan 3 days ago and after a lot of prodding there was a heartbeat, I really couldn't believe it, still not sure I do. Doctor suggested plenty of rest, which I have been mostly managing to do. However this morning I woke up to quite a bit of bright red blood.

I just don't know what to think anymore, nothing like this has happened in any of my other pregnancies.

Has anything like this happened to anyone else?

001001 Mon 31-Dec-12 23:01:18

Beckett no advice I'm afraid, hopefully someone on this thread will be able to reassure you. Sorry to hear about your mcs, what did the doctor say to do if you started bleeding? Have you got a 12 week scan date yet? Will keep fx for you x

Here's to a happier new year with lots of good news for us all!

gemdrop84 Tue 01-Jan-13 13:33:25

Sorry to hear about the previous mc's beckett welcome to the thread, haven't had that experience myself re bleeding previously but sure one of the ladies may be able to offer some advice. Best wishes for a healthy happy pg to you. Midwife appt went well, bp's down, no more protein in urine, bloods ok but iron still bit low so increasing my tablets and Seth is now 4/5 engaged. Thought he had as been getting back pain and can't stop weeing. He's a wriggler so I'm sure he won't stay there!! grin Happy new year to you all, wish you all the best and hope 2013 brings good news for you xx

MrsReiver Tue 01-Jan-13 19:40:42

Beckett I'm so sorry to hear about your mcs, how are you doing today? I have everything crossed for you.

Gem - sounds like things are getting ready, so exciting. DH just said to me earlier "we're having a baby next month" and I needed a lie down. It's so close!

bonzo77 Tue 01-Jan-13 19:56:00

becket so sorry for your losses. Your current situation must be very worrying, as if pregnancy after mc wasn't hard enough. You know the doctor was wrong don't you? By all means rest. It won't hurt. But if you have a sticky one it will stick anyway. And if not...... Advice like you were given is damaging. If the worse happens it adds to the guilt "if only I had done X...." When I went in with bleeding I have always asked what I could do, I have always been told nothing. Carry on as normal as best you can.

There is one thing you can do, sort of. Studies show that after a previous mc, regular scans from an early stage in subsequent pregnancies give a better outcome. So push for those scans, or pay to go privately. I probably averaged one scan every 3 weeks during my last pregnancy, maybe more.

Beckett3 Thu 03-Jan-13 08:09:58

Thank you for all your replies.

The reason I've been been able to rest is because I've been ill too, yesterday was my first day in 5 days that I had energy enough to be up and about, in fact I probably over did it a bit and late afternoon I had a bit more red blood on wiping.

I have my first appointment with the midwife today so I'm hoping to discuss it all with them.

001001 Thu 03-Jan-13 19:13:08

How did the mw appt go Beckett?

Gem very exciting, and after you there seem to be a few in quick succession, looking positive!

grainmum Fri 04-Jan-13 12:02:22

Back again - been lurking for a while and taking great comfort in the new births! Beckett I hope your midwife appointment went well and you've been able to get some reassurance that all is OK.

18 weeks here - started to get some movements earlier in the week which was lovely - however it's only a source of more worry isn't it? Is baby moving as much today, does it feel the same etc etc etc. I can feel where baby is in my uterus at times and the position of that changes - and then I get this image of a floating sleeping baby sad. Anyway, I must try to be positive and hopefully the midwife will have good news with the doppler on Monday... silly part of my head is trying to come up with contingency plans of how I would sort out my afternoon's work if there's bad news.

I have some nice plans for the weekend so hopefully that will be a distraction - other suggestions welcome!

Beckett3 Sat 05-Jan-13 07:23:01

Midwife went ok, she couldn't tell me any reason for the bleeding but did ask a bit about my cervix?

I also am dehydrated and have protein in my urine, she's sent a sample off to the hospital.

I know the reason for the dehydration, I haven't been at all well and just when I was starting to get better my dad was taken into hospital, he's had a minor heart attack, on top of that he's the main carer for my disabled mum, so obviously I've taken over all of that.

So my newest question is, could being ill, or under lots of stress cause the protein, or should I be worried about that too?

Thanks again for listening to me.

leeloo1 Sat 05-Jan-13 19:04:50

I've spent the last 2 days reading through the thread (congratulations to those who have babies now and fingers crossed for everyone still waiting) and am hoping to join for a bit of hand holding and to ask how on earth you get through the days?!

I've been trying ttc for 2 years and this year I've had 1 v early mc (period a week late and no more + tests) and 1 mmc - found out by a scan after slight spotting at almost 8 wks (literally 3 spots, if I hadn't noticed them I'm sure I'd have gone on til my 12 wk scan without realising anything was wrong) - at the scan the baby measured 6wks and there was no heartbeat. Then I had the worst weeks of my life, living on tenterhooks to see what happened in the next 10 days before the follow up scan... I had all day-sickness, so 'felt' pregnant, but next scan showed the placenta had grown but not the baby, so I had medical management, with the actual miscarriage on my birthday! What a fab way to celebrate.

So, I found out on Thursday I'm pregnant again (only 4 wks) and am already driving myself insane worrying! Half of me is thrilled and ecstatic, the other half is miserable and paranoid and convinced it'll all go wrong again! I did a cheapy test and it took a couple of minutes to come up, so I did another one today (why am I doing this to myself?!?) to see if it came up quicker/darker and I don't think it was really. sad I'm still having cramps, although they're not as bad as they were and I'm having nausea on and off, but not too bad.

Realistically I know I just have to wait and see what happens and all this testing and symptom spotting won't mean/change anything, but any advice on how I can try and focus on something else or keep sane during this wait would really be appreciated!

Many thanks and sorry for the dull essay!

backwardpossom Sat 05-Jan-13 19:41:55

Welcome to the thread leeloo, we'll be here with you every step of the way! The early weeks are so so difficult as it is really just a case of wait and see how things go. Try and rest as much as possible and vent away here as we've all been through it xx

MrsReiver Sat 05-Jan-13 20:07:12

Hi leeloo and congratulations on your BFP. We've all been in your shoes, and those early weeks are just excruciating. We'll all be here holding your hand and hoping for good news with you. I have everything crossed for you.

I've just realised you'll be due your 12 weeks scan around the time I'm due to have the baby - and really, that's no time, as people keep reminding me grin

All the best xxxx

leeloo1 Sat 05-Jan-13 20:20:59

Thanks so much both of you. Finding a place to vent with people who know what I'm going through is worth its weight in gold! Last time I had a bfp I told all my close friends and family blush and whilst their support was great I'm hesitant to tell them all again just yet in case it doesn't go well.

Wow MrsReiver - thats a great thought! Its so exciting to think that the 12wk scan - and your due date - are right round the corner. There's 2 fab things to look forward to there. grin

001001 Sun 06-Jan-13 17:43:11

gem can't believe that you are so close, am bvery jealous but love seeing the graduates of this thread, each one makes things seem as if they will be ok

grain Movements are lovely but sporadic at first and I think can make you worry more! In a few weeks hopefully it will be kicking you regularly! Will you find out what you are having?

alpha can't wait to hear what you are having, didn't want to find out myself but love hearing from other people, can't decide whether I want to know or not so opted for not but maybe regretting it now... Anyway, will find out soon enough, just over 5 weeks left now!

beckett can't help with the protein thing, but I think you just have to trust that the mw will let you know if there is anything you need to worry about and let everything else slide. I know that it is a totally different thing to say it than to heed it, but it is true. I hope you can soon start to really enjoy being pregnant.

leeloo no advice about getting through the first few months, denial worked for me! I found that absolutely nothing put my mind at rest, not even the 20 week scan. Now I am almost 35 weeks and can feel baby most of the time I am more relaxed, but still panic if I have not felt movement for a few hours. I never felt like this with DS so am guessing it is because I am aware now of what can go wrong. But statistics are on our side so am trying to stay positive. I can't imagine how badly you must want this after 2 years of ttc so will be keeping fx for you.

Really have to get on with dinner so can't name check any more but am thinking of you all, one day at a time x

gemdrop84 Sun 06-Jan-13 20:54:09

I wouldn't feel too jealous there 001 every day feels like a week, been having strong braxton hicks for last couple of days and I think Seth has engaged a little bit more as now I'm having stabby pains down there blush whenever I walk....ouch! I'm also feeling very grouchy and an emotional wreck! Getting ridiculously excited but the worry is always never seems to leave me sad welcome leeloo, from experience I've just had to take one day/hour at a time as it can be overwhelming- congratulations on your bfp and best wishes to you for a health happy pg.

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