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C section experiences

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Nicky1306 Sat 08-Dec-12 10:23:39


Just wondered for those of you that had a c section what was it like? Did you manage to bf? How was it when you got home? What was your recovery time like?

I'm 30 weeks and bump has been breach since 24 weeks, I know there is still time for him/her to move but I've never considered a section before so know nothing about them, DD was in my arms after a speedy 2 hour labour x x

BuntysFestiveCollocks Sat 08-Dec-12 11:17:56

I had an emcs due to foetal distress and malposition whilst crowning after 36 hours of labour. The section itself was fine, I breastfed until my son was over a year with some issues, but those were due to tongue tie rather than the section.

Fine when I got home, just take your painkillers. I was out and about after a week pushing the pram (overdone it, though), and back driving at 4 weeks, but could have been sooner. Honestly, nothing to worry about. I had a really easy experience and recovery of/from it, and planned sections are easier to recover from than an emergency.

BuntysFestiveCollocks Sat 08-Dec-12 11:18:30

PS: this baby was breech from 24 weeks to 31 - I bet it turns for you!

Minnieheehee Sat 08-Dec-12 12:23:00

I had an emcs after 3 nights of labour. It was frankly a relief! I was pushing the baby around in his pram by day 5.
The horrible bit was the post op crappy care from the NHS. No one checked me for 24 hours. Really shoddy. Good luck and fingers crossed baby turns!

LisaMWill Sat 08-Dec-12 12:40:25

I could've written buntys post! Not half as bad as i expected a c section to be, and def keep up with painkillers! Try and be a little active afterwards to stop stiffening up was the best advice i received!

StrawberriesTasteLikeLipsDo Sat 08-Dec-12 12:43:30

I had an EMCS after babys heart rate dropped during induced labour. It was a relief to be honest! Didn't breast feed DS was tongue tied (not diagnosed at birth) and I didn't want to TBH! I lost blood so we were in a few days but I was up and about by day 5, and generally had a good recovery.
Im 36W today with DC2 and am having an ELCS this time, hoping for the same recovery

AndFanjoWasHisNameO Sat 08-Dec-12 12:53:20

smile Plenty of time for turning yet, but if it comes down to it, honestly try not to worry. I'm having my 3rd. ELCS in April. Positives included for me-knowing exactly when your baby will arrive so you can plan childcare for other DCs.

I went down mid morning for both, back on ward by lunchtime. Skin to skin in recovery, help onto the breast in recovery. Pain control and urinary catheter in until midnight then out. I was up for a shower the next morning and home the following day. Everyone is different. Don't be afraid to ask for help, the midwives prefer it.

Try and get up and about as soon as possible and straighten up. I had a 14 month old too so that helped with the running around wink the worst part is forgetting not to lift heavy toddlers things as that can be uncomfortable.

I know it's all individual but really, my experiences were both positive. Good luck!

Smallgreenone Sat 08-Dec-12 13:01:29

I had emcs due to failed induction and fetal distress although had only been on the drip for three hours when consultant decided he'd prefer to operate hmm. Consultant did the op and baby was out and on my chest in seconds, also closed with cosmetics stitches so scar is hardly visible even after only 3 months grin. Wonderful.
Breast fed him immediately with no problems.
Pushing pram after a week but slowly!
It's fine. Takes a while to get your tummy muscles back but there are worse things in life!

Signet2012 Sat 08-Dec-12 13:10:22

I had An emcs in September due to baby reacting badly to induction pessary.

The operation itself was fine, I didn't feel the epidural going in, I had a catheter in which was a bit uncomfortable but not painful. It took longer to cut me and get her out than I expected it too, I didn't get shown her over the screen like I expected and she came back a few minutes later dressed. I was a bit disappointed about that but it didn't even register at the time. (they gave me a suppository of pain killer at some point according to my notes but I didn't see, feel or even know they had done that blush)

I had to stay laid down for 12 hours with catheter still in (even though i had full feeling back within two hours) but could sit up if I pulled myself up on the bed. Without pain.

About 11 hours later they removed my catheter and let me shower!! I went on my own dp stayed with the baby and I managed fine. I was conscious of straightening up properly as it was instinctive to keep bent over but it didn't hurt it was more a weakness in my middle it felt odd but no pain.

Managed to breast feed fine although I didn't get much out for first two days and baby wasn't interested so ended up getting ten ml of formula via cup but it didn't harm and was bf without issue on day 3. Came home on day 3 (would of been day 2 but Pead didn't check baby as too busy)

Was sent home with injections to give myself for one week to prevent DVT. Paracetemol for four times a day, dickofenic twice a day, lactulose, iron for a week.

I kept taking the pain killers for a week but to be honest I don't know If I needed them because I was never in pain. I was wary of not taking them incase I made it hurt. I stopped all meds within a week except two Paracetemol on a night as I would ache a bit.

Movement wise - I did nothing other then go from bed - couch- loo- bed for two days. Mainly because I was trying to get breast feeding sorted. After that I was doing all normal day to day stuff except hoovering as dp insisted I shouldn't. Managed baby through the night etc fine.

Was out walking with pram on day 7. Driving by day 14 could jump up and down etc.

Scar healed really quickly with badidas baths on a night.

It was a great experience, three months on the only thing is my tummy is flabby with a bit of a overhang. (that could be preg fat anyway grin) my scar just looks like a brown line right on my knickers line. I'm aware I'm not as physically strong as I was so need to rework my core muscles to fix that.

Still bf.
Really positive experience

greenj1 Sat 08-Dec-12 15:24:38

All my c sections were different! They were all elective as docs felt the baby was too big, he was nearly 10lb so happy in a way lol! Anyway my first one, the op itself was great! no pain went quickly and was back in the main ward by midday, I had him at 10am smile The hospital I went to were very lax with painkillers so I was in a lot of pain for about 4 days sad For about 6 months afterwards I kept getting infections on my scar and was on antibiotics for ages.

My second c section was the best one by far! I choose a different hospital and the support was great. The op went very well and I felt very reasurred. I had NO pain this time round as the drugs were given on time and not just paracetomal...I mean come on paracetomel for a big whooping cut on your abdomen! They also tidyed up my scar so I had no more infections yay smile

My third c section started of ok but I was in theatre(awake) for over an hr, Baby came out in 10 minutes which was longer than usual, It turned out he was breech and stuck. Then they spent ages fixing me back up, after a while the epidural wore of slightly and i started to feel things but they quickly topped me up. When I got back to the ward I started hemmoraging and needed a transfusion sad Felt much better the following day and went home the day after. However three weeks later I was rushed back into hospital with unbelievable pain and blood...turns out most if my placenta was left in there and was starting to rotsad Decided no more babies for me

Now six years later Pregnant with forth! A little bit worried but hoping it all turns out like my second section smile

ISawMummyAbroadKissingSanta Sat 08-Dec-12 15:43:04

I had a vb with DS1 and planned section with DS2. Like you I was really nervous about it as I "liked" the VB experience and was daunted by the idea of a section. As it turned out physically everything was fine, no pain, good recovery and breastfeeding was fine (even though I hadnt been able to with DS1). Emotionally however, I didnt really like the experience, I felt too passive and not in control, very vulnerable, and because I want distracted by labour pains I just felt scared and nervous all the way through. I think I might have been able to mitigate these feelings if I had prepared for them, perhaps taken in some music/more treats etc and talked about my worries with people before hand.

Good luck with your birth, however it turns out, try and make it special. The memories stay with you for a long time. xxx

miniandfloss Sat 08-Dec-12 16:32:31


I had an elective c section 12 days ago due to a breech baby. it's my first pregnancy and I was disappointed to have to have a c section but Dr's advised it was the safest way for my little man to get here as he was awkwardly positioned and breech birth would have been more of a risk.

the c section was fine and recovery has been good I'm off painkillers now and have established breast feeding (even though it was a little tricky at first). Scar is healing nicely. I think as long as you keep on top of the pain relief that's the way forward.

paddyclamp Sat 08-Dec-12 16:38:56

Loved mine - def preferred it to the natural way! Didn't give me a days pain and i was driving in less than 2 weeks (doc said it was fine to do so as long as i could do an emergency stop) smile

lateSeptember1964 Sat 08-Dec-12 16:46:11

Same as paddyclamp I loved mine and ended up having 3. As an ex midwife I would say that the experience is different if it is elective. Going into a c. section after labouring for excessive number of hours means you are starting recovery from a disadvantage point. The key is to get up and about quickly.

Amnewtoallthis Sat 08-Dec-12 18:22:19

Had emergency in Jan 09 after induction - not good as epidural went wrong so I got fairly sick and couldn't b/feed - only managed six days and they threatened to send me back to hospital - but that was because I wasn't eating properly (because of spinal fluid leakage from epidural). This time round I'm having to have a CS because I had the EMCS at second stage labour with ventouse and forceps attempts at delivery first. My DD is nearly 4 and very healthy and fine! I'd do it 10000 times and more! No regrets! x

newby2 Sat 08-Dec-12 18:30:42

Brilliant thread- booked for elec sec tues week. Very helpful!!

McPheastOfStephen Sat 08-Dec-12 20:42:39

I had one after spending a week trying to be induced. At the time, it was terrifying, but only because it had become an emergency. Dd was getting distressed with the frequency and strength of my contractions, yet the exit door stayed firmly shut hmm

But it was quick, painfree, and the surgical staff were simply amazing. I was given a spinal block, then wheeled in to the theatre. Where I was welcomed by the sound of Radio 1 grin They spent some time doing a few checks, just to make sure I was totally numb. And within minutes, Dd was lifted over the screen, at which point I started screaming that 'It's a girl'. That's what was nice actually. That we were allowed to discover the sex for ourselves. Oh, getting rather emotional here blush.

I was sewn up, then wheeled out in to recovery with Dd. My DP kept hold of her the whole time, and then I breastfed her smile Simply amazing. I had no pain, everyone was very calm. We were brought coffee and toast while we waited to go back to our room. It was a lovely bonding time for the three of us. A few checks were done on me every now and then. Just BP and stuff. I bled quite a lot down below afterwards, which I have to say I was really surprised at. I'm not sure why I thought I wouldn't hmm

Recovery at home was hard for me. Mainly because I had suffered with SPD and Polyhydramnios. But I was exeptional, because I was confined to a wheelchair. It's going to be sore for a good few weeks, but you have lovely drugs to bring home. The downside for me was having to inject myself with blood thinners for about a week afterwards. That, I could have done without.

Oh dear, I seem to have prattled on blush

Yama Sat 08-Dec-12 20:46:22

I've had 2 elective sections.

Calm, emotional experiences.

Recovered quickly. Avoided stairs (too many friends had had infections in their wound).

B/f for 9 months and then 12 months.

Nicky1306 Sun 09-Dec-12 08:59:51

Wow.......thanks so much for all your replies! Still hoping this one turns but not quite as terrified as I was! smile thanks x x

Minnieheehee Sun 09-Dec-12 11:31:42

Good luck. There's a lot of value judgements about c sections but hopefully you can see from all these posts it's really not the end of the world! Thought this link maybe of interest
I'm intending to ask for one of these if I am lucky enough to get pregnant with number 2!

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