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private maternity London - anyone tried Kingston?

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babymooner Fri 07-Dec-12 10:41:04

So I'm having my fourth (gulp) and for various reasons I'm very high risk, placenta always detaches during labour and I need constant consultant care, so we're going private, as we did with numbers 2+3. But Kensington Wing prices have gone up £2k in two years - it's just insane. And money is tight. So I've done some research and alighted on Kingston, which is nearby. But whereas Kensington Wing is c.£6k for birth (excluding consultant), Kingston is under £2k. Why?! Am I missing something? They only have one consultant, Nick Anim, which seems a bit odd - no back up? But any other thoughts/experiences would be very gratefully received. Ultimately I don't need bells and whistles - my last birth lasted an hour and 15 mins and I just wanted to get home afterwards... All the matters to me is constant consultant care by someone who really knows what they're doing, and safe delivery of the baby.
Can anyone help? Thank you so much...

betsybo Tue 22-Jan-13 12:57:23

hello! I'm in the same boat considering a private birth at Kingston. Babymooner, did you manage to find any more information out, and if so did you make a decision? I too am trying to find other ladies with experience of these facilities but can't seem to find anything online. This is my second pregnancy, I had my first at Kingston and although I couldn't fault the staff, I found a very painful back to back labour ending in a tricky forceps procedure and a distressed baby all very traumatic. I also ended up with a damaged coccyx which still gives me pain today so I'm nervous of the natural route again. Despite reassurances from midwives that my second should ping out and there is no reason I should experience any of the above again, I feel a more planned approach, possibly an elective c section, with a consultant on hand might make me feel better about it all. Or am I being a wimp? I should add that I also have had bleeding in this pregnancy with a low placenta so I'm generally nervous about everything!

teddybeargrylls Mon 04-Jul-16 11:35:23

Hello babymooner and betsybo, if either of you are still about and used Nick Anim at Kingston I would really appreciate any feedback as am considering going with him for my second. Thanks

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