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when to buy stuff for baby.

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MyLittleAprilSunshine Thu 06-Dec-12 21:22:47

I was just on a topic on this section and realised that a lot of people have bought stuff for their babies. I am 22 weeks and have bought absolutely nothing. Am I really behind if so/if not when is the best time to start buying for my baby?

I'm a bit worried I am behind or something. When did you or are you planning to start buying for your little one?

neontetra Thu 06-Dec-12 21:26:07

I started getting a little after 20 wk scan, and gradually built up. January sales might be a good thing for you! Good luck.

GoldPlatedNineDoors Thu 06-Dec-12 21:29:40

No, you arent behind. We managed to walk in and buy and walk.out with on the same day all our big items.

What I would say is:
1- go and play - get to John Lewis/mothercare and play with the products - find out what type of pram you want, cot, moses basket
2- tread the boards - have a liok on past threads as to what peoples best and worst buys were
3- go easy on the clothes - three newborn vests three in 0-3 three newborn sleepsuits and three in 0-3. A cardie and a hat. You will be swamped with clothes as gifts (keep tags on til worn so you always have the option to swap if unworn)

Its very exciting once you start.

naturalbaby Thu 06-Dec-12 21:32:10

I did a proper shop when I was 6months. I spent a lot of time looking at catalogues/shops to work out what I wanted and making lists and lists and more lists.

milkyjo Thu 06-Dec-12 21:34:13

You would only be 'behind' if you bought stuff after your baby is born! Its not a competition. Buy stuff when you feel ready or when you've got enough money! We bought large items when there were sales on for first DC, but we waited until about 24/25 weeks. In fact all we bought was a travel system and car seat, a pack of white newborn vests and babygros, some muslins, nappies and sheets and everything else was lent to us such as crib and newborn sleeping bags or bought for us when baby had arrived - we didn't know the sex until he was born. This time round I have bought nothing and I am 26 weeks but know that I'm having a girl so I will need some things - although we've got lots of unisex newborn clothes. DS birthday next week and then Christmas so we might think about some stuff in the new year, I'll be 31+ weeks then.

2blessed Thu 06-Dec-12 21:52:23

OP, I agree with all of the posters. Probably the biggest thing is the pushchair/travel system there is so much to choosefrom. Think about your needs, read the threads on here, ask people -i would ask random people in the street how happy they were with their pram.
Make good use of the sales cos the costs can build up.

Good luck!

Dogsmom Thu 06-Dec-12 22:22:08

I started at 5 weeks because I was so excited! Just a baby grow though. We bought the pram at 11 weeks because it was too much of a bargain to miss then the rest we bought between 12 & 22 weeks.

I'm now 27 weeks and everything is ready for her including the nursery.

For me personally I wanted it all done before I got too big and achey so I could enjoy it.

Countmyblessings Thu 06-Dec-12 23:37:00

Currently 26 weeks and decided to buy nothing until next year as there will be sales on!
With everything else I would rather have the money and do most of it together in just under a few days!!!
It's def a personal choice but as in past have had bad news def ain't in a hurry!
Good luck and enjoy xx

WillYuleDoTheFandango Thu 06-Dec-12 23:45:09

I went and bought all the big stuff this Monday, at 37 weeks. DP and I were just completely relaxed about it and just kept on waiting. I did have a pram though second hand so didn't need to worry about order times for that.

You have plenty of time, if you want to get organised maybe buy little bits here and there over the next few months and as and when you spot a bargain to spread the cost.

mumbaisapphire Fri 07-Dec-12 02:08:19

I'm 19+2 and we've not bought one single thing. Someone has lent me some baby books, but that is it. Don't get me wrong, I have looked at babygro's but I can't bring myself to buy one yet - it's like I don't feel qualified to yet. We're not even contemplating heading to the shops until after Christmas by which time I will be 23/24 weeks, and even then it will only be to window shop and get a feel for what's out there. I think we'll start with the stroller -travel system thingy and then go from there. Every time I even start to look and research them online I get overwhelmed, so our plan is to visit a few specialist stores and have someone explain all the pros/cons etc and compile ourselves a short list from there.

Emsyboo Fri 07-Dec-12 03:33:40

With DC1 we started buying small stuff after the 20week scan and bigger stuff after about 26 weeks as I was scared something would go wrong and didn't want to tempt fate.
This time have very little but can re use a lot.
I agree with goldplated have a play in the shops better than impulse buying and have fun shopping around for deals there is Jo rush. As long as you have the essentials - somewhere to sleep, car seat to get home some form of transportation whether it is sling or travel system any bottles sterilisers and nappies and baby wipes etc then you will be fine. You will almost always end up buying more once baby arrives and people are more generous when there is an actual baby there.
January sales could be a great place to pick up bargains good luck x

monsterchild Fri 07-Dec-12 03:37:32

we didn't get anything until about 35 weeks, maybe? However, people began giving us things, and now we are being inundated with clothes, toys, and all sorts of lovely used stuff that we were dreading trying to budget for.

I agree there is no rush. I'm 38 weeks now, and probably still need some things but I suppose I'll figure that out as we go along.

plannedshock Fri 07-Dec-12 07:22:26

I'm 22weeks and not bought 1 thing!! Literally nothing! Figured I would get Xmas done then scour the sales!!!!

joby21 Fri 07-Dec-12 08:13:17

I am 38 weeks and we got our pram last week. I refused to buy anything or have anything in the house until after 24 weeks and got quite irrationally annoyed by my MIL who gave us baby grows at about 21 weeks!

We had no idea about prams etc and went to mothercare and kiddicare and had a play to decide what features we wanted and didn't want. We then went into kiddicare a couple of weeks later and spoke to someone with our list of requirements and she gave us 3 options, one of which we've gone for but have bought it on line.

Don't stress about buying loads of stuff! As long as it's got the basics, you'll be fine!

StuckOnTopOfTheChristmasTree Fri 07-Dec-12 09:46:27

I am resisting doing anything till after 20 week scan (although I have made a list of essentials and then 'nice to haves')

I suspect that once I am through that scan I will start looking in some shops, but will probably look online for best deals, and apart from the car seat am quite happy to get stuff second hand off ebay for the 'big stuff'.

I think I may get small stuff for christmas, and then will just slowly pick up the odd babygro's, muslins, nappies etc when doing regular shop so its not too much of a hit. From advice on here though I won't go over top as a) people will probably provide lots of gifts and b) no idea what size the baby will be, and what things will be most suitable till the baby is actually here.

LilllyLovesLife Fri 07-Dec-12 09:47:15

We started after 20 week scan and just bought a bit at a time, as and when we saw bargains. I am now 33 weeks and have most things for the first 3 months or so and have finished the nursery. x

appletiser Fri 07-Dec-12 10:57:21

I'm 36weeks and due for Elcs at 39 wks and still haven't bought anything for baby yet-this 2nd baby but still need mattress/pushchair and lots of other essentials- I did the same with 1st baby as we moved house when he was 2 day old .....

hopeful92 Fri 07-Dec-12 11:04:42

I'm only 15+3 and have already got the cot, but this is only because somebody I know was selling it for £40 and it's a really good "mamas n papas" one, other than that, not buying anything else til after 20 week scan, then will probably get stuff bit by bit so we're not having to buy everything all at once. It's up to you when you buy stuff!

FreeButtonChristmasTree Fri 07-Dec-12 11:12:26

I'm 30 weeks with twins and have just this week bought a load of stuff - although only clothes/blankets really! Eg I've bought a load of tiny baby size stuff as it's likely that we'll get newborn stuff as gifts that'll be too big. Also bought 2 snowsuits as likelihood of being able to buy them in Jan is slim.

I've started to get very nervous about them arriving early.

We are buying a new car so can't do car seat yet and also moving house so holding off on too much big stuff. So made a start but a long way to go really.

hopeful92 Fri 07-Dec-12 15:42:54


12ylnon Fri 07-Dec-12 16:01:24

We've bought a few things- mainly newborn and 0-3m clothes. Some sleeping bags and a few older clothes. Gap have really good sales on quite often, so i always pop in and get a babygro or something. I'm 15+4.
I've also started putting together a hospital bag. It probably sounds a bit nuts, but i know someone that went into labour at 25 weeks and she had nothing prepared. It's literally my worst pregnancy nightmare to not be prepared for when the baby comes and having to reel off a list of things DP needs to get, whilst sitting in hospital.
Like a few people have said- Christmas sales are your friend smile

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