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SPD help please...

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jacksmumto1 Thu 08-Jan-04 21:32:34

I am almost 5 weeks pregnant and the spd pains have started already (had them last time from 7 weeks but didn't get help till 28 weeks).

The start of the day is not too bad but it gets worse as the day goes on... Last time I had tubigrip support (from physio) which I found very uncomfortable epecially under clothes (I'm a trouser person!!).

I know there are different belts available - can someone suggest a good type to get and where can I get one from??

Also ds is 22 months and still wants to be picked up quite a bit - any suggestions on the best way of carrying him etc.. to minimise any damage?! I do encourage him to walk as much as I can but there are times when he does 'need' to be carried. Also I need to lift the buggy in/out of the car - any thoughts on making life easier for myself? I want to minimise the change to ds at such an early stage without doing myself damage!


pupuce Thu 08-Jan-04 21:39:26

I would suggest vising an osteopath BEFORE a physio. They are much more efficient at treating it but catch it early!!!

jacksmumto1 Thu 08-Jan-04 21:49:32

Physio was what the GP offered me - I had no other help - barr sicknotes for work - off GP or Midwife...

pupuce Thu 08-Jan-04 22:09:13

Well look for an osteopath (who is experienced in pregnancy).... well worth EVERY penny - but if you go too late they can't help!

Lisa78 Thu 08-Jan-04 22:11:12

My physio gave me a fembrace which I found very helpful for walking around, but you have to wear it over your clothes. Also, cos of the size and rigidity of it, you can't sit in it, so you keep taking it on and off - but I had some painfree mobility with it, so I was happy with that

pie Thu 08-Jan-04 22:23:06

Agree with pupuce, find an osteopath...and NHS one if you can as you may need to go often so it would be cheaper for you. But as you probably know its only going to get worse and to be honest lifting is going to make it worse a lot more quickly. I don't think that there is a best way to carry your DS I'm afraid, or carry anything else. It maybe be best to start adapting on that front sooner rather than later. Does your DS have anyone else that can take him out so that the burden of going out with him is entirely on your shoulders? (or pelvis!) Trying to minimise his disruption now could cause more disruption later down the line if you have pushed yourself too hard to achieve this.

If you want a belt your physio should be able to give you one, if not there is a pretty standard type from or a different kind from

How severe did you get last time round? Did you need crutches at all?

Where are you...there maybe a local contact from The Pelvic Partnership I could put you in touch with, for advice and support. You may also want to find out if there is a Pain Management Clinic in your area as you still have a long way to go and they can offer you some support as well. Ask for and accept help from anyone you can. Do as much shopping etc as you can online to minimise time on your feet, carrying etc.

HTH, and anytime you need a moan let it out!

pie (aka the SPD poster girl)

jacksmumto1 Fri 09-Jan-04 11:46:09

Hi again,

GP has referred me to physio and I had to push for that, he really wasn't keen on the idea. So I will look around for an osteopath - I do have private medical cover so may be able to sort it through that.

Last time I was signed off work for 3 months prior to the birth and was told not to drive. I could barely walk 3-4 steps and found sitting/lying just as uncomfortable - no position seemed to help. I wasn't offered crutches. To be honest the midwife and GP didn't seem interested in helping me and kept telling me it was normal...

I am in Bristol so if there is any local support I would be grateful of their help.

Today is very painful and walking is difficult. I'm trying to encourage ds to walk as much as possible - how would you explain to a 22mth old why you can't pick him up?

pupuce Fri 09-Jan-04 13:17:05

GP clearly has no clue about SPD - some MW don't either

What about planning your outings differently, i.e. go places where you don't have to walk or where you can have a pushchair? My son was 26 months when SPD struck with me and he just had to make due... he got loads of cuddles on sofas and chair but there was no way to lift him!

jacksmumto1 Sat 10-Jan-04 19:50:30

Been doing a lot of thinking about how to help myself... ds is starting to walk more rather than ask to be carried - in fact he took himself downstairs quite happily after his bath which is unheard of!!

I only work 2 days a week and day 1 is not too much of a problem walking-wise. Day 2 involves walking between 2 hospitals - about 5 minute walk - and to and from the car. Both hospitals are on a hill and generally I go uphill twice and downhill once! Would I be eligible for some sort of disabled parking pass so that I could park outside the hospitals rather than at the only carpark available? I don't think I am but I'm wondering what I can do.. I am working towards an important exam (hopefully this summer) and have to do this to make sure I have all the training I need... any thoughts??!

thanks in advance

dot1 Mon 12-Jan-04 12:31:22

Hello - I'm an SPD novice so excuse the silly questions - I'm nearly 30 weeks pregnant and have been getting pelvic bone/area pain for the last week or so - sometimes v. bad - I think I can't take another step, but mostly just uncomfortable/irritating. I suppose I want to know how docs/midwives check whether it is SPD or not, and if at this stage it's likely to get much worse? It's not stopping me from going into work/driving/walking at the moment but I'm worried I've got 10 weeks to go yet...

motherinferior Mon 12-Jan-04 12:38:10

Nobody checked me first time round - in fact I specifically mentioned my pain to a midwife who didn't really register it - till an antenatal yoga teacher flagged it up. Second time round I made a fuss, got a doc's appointment, sympathy but nothing else till another midwife (the one who ended up delivering me, the star!) made a big fuss and got me some physio which was marginally helpful. Moral: fuss fuss fuss...sorry, honey...

pie Mon 12-Jan-04 13:09:28

Hi dot1, a lot of m/w and doctors aren't that clued up about SPED, you can read many tales here on MN about it simply being laughed off. If you do come across this then you really need to go with Mi's plan and nag nag nag, demand to be seen by the very least a phys and if your are offers osteopathy then that too. If you can afford it, you would probably benefit considerable from an osteopath anyway. Diagnosis is usually made by listening to the patients symptoms, some may feel the pelvic region to see where you are having the pain, or ask you how far aprat you can more your legs, or observe you walking. Obviously there can't be any X-rays during your pregnancy.

It is likely to get worse as the baby gets bigger. How many weeks have you been getting the pains?


pie Mon 12-Jan-04 13:09:51

Errr, not sure what happened there, SPD of course!

dot1 Mon 12-Jan-04 14:30:32

just the last week/2 weeks really, so I'm lucky - but still have 10 to go....

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