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Blood pressure, is it the increase or the number?

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ghoulelocks Tue 04-Dec-12 20:39:41

Sorry can't find an explanation online.

Is an increase worrying if still within normal, e.g. 90/60 increasing to 135/85 or only if the numbers are high?


MincePiesAddict Tue 04-Dec-12 20:47:43

Depends what you mean by 'worrying'. I had a sudden increase around 36 weeks last time, and even though it was 'borderline' (around 140/90, sometimes a bit below), it was significantly higher than it had been previously.

I had to have it checked most days over the last few weeks, but it didn't go any further than that. The blood pressure stayed borderline/high but didn't really get any higher during that time (gave birth at 40+6).

How many weeks are you?

ghoulelocks Tue 04-Dec-12 20:48:54

I'm 34 weeks, I'm not concerned so much but wondering after a phone chat with a friend. My previous highest ever was once 100/65 after running in late

nananaps Tue 04-Dec-12 20:54:21

its the number.

Cut off 140/90 and another symptom (protein in wee/ swelling/headaches/hullucinations) will cause concern.


ghoulelocks Tue 04-Dec-12 20:57:18

Thanks! We were speculating. Her bp at booking was 140/80, mine was 90/60 and we were discussing if having low bp to start with gave more wiggle room for increase during pregnancy.

MincePiesAddict Wed 05-Dec-12 07:45:09

In that case yes, I think it helps if you start lower. But if there is a sudden increase, as opposed to a creep, then in my experience they will look closely at it even if it isn't quite 140/90.

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