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All Stages of Pregnancy - Share your symptoms, concerns and impatience here!

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MyLittleAprilSunshine Tue 04-Dec-12 16:09:20

Feel free to post anything from 4 weeks to 42 weeks or whenever the cut off point really HAS to be. This is my first child and am 22 weeks at the moment. Just interested to hear everyone elses experiences, how they are feeling, what weird and not so weird symptoms they are having etc.

She is due April 8th and everything is going great as far as I am concerned. I have an anterior placenta, but they think it's likely to move, so there should be no problems.

sits back and waits for company.

?Oh and have you settled on a name yet? I can't even BEGIN to think...

MyLittleAprilSunshine Tue 04-Dec-12 16:29:18

Plus I have a nasty cold at the moment. smile
Nobody else around?


Paradisefound Tue 04-Dec-12 18:11:38

I am 21 weeks, first baby, found out last week it's a boy. Due 15th April. Anterior placenta, but can feel some movements.
Little energy and lightheaded somedays. Low blood pressure not helping. Had Hg in the beginning, but it's much improved.. Have the odd day when I'm not sick at all... Hooray!
Sleep really messed up cant get comfy in any position so keep waking up. Hips ache somedays. No weird cravings yet.

Kelerina Tue 04-Dec-12 18:26:58

I also have a nasty cold! Am 27 weeks. This is the second cold i've had since becoming pregnant, I never got ill before!!!Baby is clearly thieving all my nutrients.

Having said that, if that's my biggest problem then i'm not doing too bad!

I have an anterior placenta too but feel loads of movements now so maybe it's moved??'s a boy so have a couple in the pipeline but waiting to see what baby looks like really!

ScubaSarah Tue 04-Dec-12 18:35:18

I'm about 6 weeks with 1st and I'm 39 so I'm crapping it!
Symptoms are sore boobs, crampy tummy, tired and tearful. No MS to speak of but picky with my food!
Fairly settled on names but I bet we change a few times yet
Boy: Joshua Paul
Girl: Abigail or Caitlin not sure on middle name yet. I like Rose, DH doesn't
One question for you ladies further along, how ON EARTH did you get to 12 weeks scan without going insane with worry?

MyLittleAprilSunshine Tue 04-Dec-12 18:36:41

Congratulations Paradise on your little boy! Mine is a girl and I have no weird craving but I do feel her kicking. I have a bit of an issue with my bladder as I keep feeling I'm going to wet myself. Getting to sleep is sometimes uncomfortable too. I am sorry about your HG I have had nausea all the way through but only actually been sick 3 times.

Sorry to hear about your cold too, Kelerina. It's the second cold I have had too, had my other one at around 15/16 weeks.

Quite possible that it's moved as your baby is growing bigger. Also, now s(he) is bigger, the smaller the placenta is so they'll be kicking beneath, above and beside the placenta, so still giving you a good old kick'in.

Ooh lovely I agree, sometimes you just have to see what they look like/what characteristics they seem to possess (quiet, needy etc) before you decide on something. Hopefully we will have 3 or 4 names and then we can see what she is like and decide after she is born. smile

MyLittleAprilSunshine Tue 04-Dec-12 18:42:31

Scuba, congratulations on your pregnancy! I am sure it's a big change but I am sure you'll do fine. smile

Oh the breast pain is terrible at the moment. Sometimes, I just want to cry. The cold makes it 100% worse. You may not get morning sickness at all, or you might get it any minute now. I had it from 5 weeks til now, fingers crossed it's ebbing away now.

In answer to your question, I didn't. I worried and I worried. I think my Mum was even worse. I was always worried I couldn't carry a baby, so that gave me the frights even more. It's a big worry too from the 12 week to the 20 week, as it's such a long time without seeing/hearing them. Then from 20 weeks onwards they don't tend to get you in for another scan unless they expect a problem or feel the baby isn't putting on enough weight etc, which is going to be really worrying for me. A possible 20 weeks without seeing her? sad But you do get more regular midwife support then, so at least they can listen to the heartbeat every time you visit them. Are you going to find out whether it's a boy or a girl when you go to your 20 week scan?

nananaps Tue 04-Dec-12 18:44:50

Hi all!

31 weeks here. Looks like pre eclampsia is setting in for me as my BP is raised today. sad

Morning sickness is back.
Constant pain in my hips and back, i can no longer walk around a supermarket.
Not sleeping and anxious.

Still got 6 weeks to work.

SO excited about this little miracle that i am carrying. Still pinch myllef that it is all real and actually happening. Im having a real, a real baby gringrin
Its just so amazing to me!

MyLittleAprilSunshine Tue 04-Dec-12 18:49:17

Nananaps congratulations! Wow, 37 weeks is quite late to carry on working til. Most I know stopped at 30-34 weeks, but I guess beggers can't be choosers.

I know the thought of having a little baby is so shocking and exciting! I hope it all goes good for you. Sorry your sickness is coming back and you can't barely walk anywhere. Great chance to get family/dp to help with the shopping though. I imagine bedtime is a time you dread. sad

nananaps Tue 04-Dec-12 18:55:32

LOVE bedtime, i got myself one of them there V pillows from Ikea..its heavenly!

DH pretty much doing everything, bless him. His day ends with running me a big bubble bath.

Gutted about the 37 week finish BUT there is absolutley nothing i can do about it. As i say, pre eclampsia looks to be rearing its head so i will have to finish if my BP doesnt settle down. (will be forced to i suppose)

MyLittleAprilSunshine Tue 04-Dec-12 19:03:21

I am glad sleeping is alright, sometimes with the pain I imagine it could be difficult. I am only at the uncomfortable stage now, so I am naive of the ways of bedtime in the 30+ weeks.

Glad you have such a supportive DH anyway - bubble bath would be heavenly! smile

ScubaSarah Tue 04-Dec-12 19:06:01

AprilSunshine. Yes we will find out at 20 weeks, not overly concerned either way but nice to know and plan :-)
DH is deep in nesting mode already (!!) and wants to know colours. I want mint green an be done with the sexist colour claptrap shock

nananaps Tue 04-Dec-12 19:09:08

sleep in a perfectly straight line, thats the secret.

All bones of the spine and hips in a perfect line....unfortunately struggle to breath when laying on my back, but thats a small price to pay for a painfree few hours sleep.

Just do lots of deep breathing and air gulping..not attractive!

LaurenCaddy Tue 04-Dec-12 19:35:00

25 Weeks with little pink bump, due March 18th.
Her names Isabelle.

Suffered with terrible sickness, dehydration ect and was put in hospital for 4 days with Hydronephrosis. Basically baby was leaning on my kidney causing a back flow! Not nice, terrible agony. But all good since i was on many drugs lol.

Also have an anterior placenta, although i'm not to sure of how it will affect me/baby/birth. Partly because i saw my midwife at 8 weeks, and i haven't seen her since and she fucked up my bloods and had to have them all redone! :@ Went in and got a new one, so first appointment with new lady Friday. Fingers crossed.

Had a consultant appointment for low BMI but been signed off as its normal for me.

No cravings as of yet!

Suffering with back ache but i'm only of a slim petite figure so its to be expected.

Hoping for a water birth & to breastfeed smile


MyLittleAprilSunshine Wed 05-Dec-12 13:21:30

Will definately try sleeping real straight, nana - thanks for the advice! smile

Congratulations on your little girl, Lauren. I'm sorry you suffered with the pregnancy for a while, but glad things are better now. Your old midwife sounds dreadful, thank goodness you are getting a new one!

I'd love a water birth too, to be honest. I have been told it's the most relaxed you'll be whilst giving birth - not that you are relaxed, but ykwim.

I'm planning to breastfeed too, as long as there are no complications/major pains.

Isabelle is a lovely name smile

BahSaidPaschaHumbug Wed 05-Dec-12 13:25:01

36 weeks here. Bump has dropped and everything feels very draggy-down now. Had enough, am knackered and I want this baby out before christmas please. No names to be revealed until we see what it is.

Ideal birth: in water at home, quickly. DS was 7 hours so 3 or 4 hours is likely this time thank goodness.

MyLittleAprilSunshine Wed 05-Dec-12 13:34:19

I wish you good luck with your before Christmas, home waterbirth Bah. smile

BahSaidPaschaHumbug Wed 05-Dec-12 13:39:32

Sods law it'll be mid january induction though.

mrsdaisaku Wed 05-Dec-12 14:47:23

36+1 weeks with Identical twin girls. Extremely heavy bump. Hyperemesis until 18weeks. Then spd & restless legs caused by lack of iron, heart burn, sciatica etc etc lol

Have settled on names Violet and Poppy smile Bright flowers for winter babies.

Lost my plug yesterday and just waiting for things to happen asap, I WANT THEM OUT NOW!! lol!

TinkyPeet Wed 05-Dec-12 15:07:00

Hi all, been waiting for a thread like this since migrating from the conception boards. I'm 7+5, looooong way to go and am the most impatient person in the world!! Sickness is just starting to set in, which is yack, but at least I feel sort of pregnant now lol x

femmeaufoyer Wed 05-Dec-12 15:17:02

39 weeks here, so my symptoms are that I'm bloody massive, can't sleep, bend, constant peeing, piles and thrush! I'm very impatient now and so ready not to be pregnant. It's my second and has been much harder than my first...having a 3 year old doesn't allow for much rest. The good news is that I've seen the midwife today, I'm having lots of contractions (though not painful) the baby's head is well down, my cervix is short and 2cm dilated so I'm hoping that it won't be much longer! My bag is packed......

wanderingalbatross Wed 05-Dec-12 15:46:47

11 weeks here with number 2, and I have a horrid cold too sad Just want to spend a week asleep! But, on the plus side, the first trimester symptoms are easing. I don't feel sick and hungry anymore, and am starting to be able to eat properly again (went off most food except cheese for a couple of weeks!).

First pregnancy I drove myself mad with anxiety waiting for the first scan. This time round I'm surprisingly relaxed smile And don't worry about no scan from 20 weeks on, you'll feel the baby move all the time smile

Names, I love Noah and Charlotte, but DH is yet to be convinced by Noah.

Southerngal32 Wed 05-Dec-12 15:48:36

Hi all,

I am 16 weeks and at that stage where i dont feel pregnant at all! Have been incredibly lucky to have had very few symptoms at all, had my 12 week scan which showed all was progressing nicely.

Just wish i had a bump to show or felt some movement to make it all feel real!

BraveLilBear Wed 05-Dec-12 17:56:46


Like ScubaSarah I'm 6+3 today. Sore boobs, lots of nausea which comes and goes at the moment, mercifully without voming yet. Also had lots of cramping last few days which I found stressful. In hindsight, I think a lot of this was down to wind blush but a lot down to stretching-implanting as well.

Also finding it really hard to not worry - especially as may not see mw til 12 weeks due to Xmas and New Year (though hoping for sooner), god knows when I'll have to wait for scan sad

LaurenCaddy Wed 05-Dec-12 18:27:13

Thanks MyLittleApril

WanderingAlbetross I love the name Noah!! I wanted Elia before Isabelle but my OH didn't like it , so ended up picking names out of a hat.

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