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Getting a bit stressed because I'm NOT sick...

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Snowflakepie Mon 03-Dec-12 21:54:00

I'm grateful, don't get me wrong. The people I know who have had HG have my complete sympathy, it sounds horrendous, and even those who have more conventional sickness go through the mill too. But all the comments about Kate M and HG being a sign of a strong pg are really bugging the hell out of me and also worrying me a bit.

With DD I had no sickness, just fainted a few times, and at the first scan I was convinced it would be bad news. Well, she's now almost 3 and perfect, but I'm 12 weeks pg and my scan is on weds, and the fears are back. I've felt nauseous and gone off food, but not sick. I know it's irrational and there are plenty of other symptoms to have, but all these sodding top consultants banging on about it all just makes me feel a) guilty I don't have the same issues and b) worried.

I don't want to be ill, I want to feel lucky and happy that I am so fortunate, but I dread the scan just in case. Tell me I'm not the only one feeling like this! Roll on weds...

TwitchyTail Mon 03-Dec-12 22:00:52

I believe that in about 25% of healthy pregnancies there is no or minimal sickness. Especially given that you've already had a healthy and successful pregnancy with no sickness, you're probably just not a "sicky" person. Relax and count yourself lucky wink

ScubaSarah Mon 03-Dec-12 22:06:28

100% with you on this one. I'm only 6 weeks so may regret saying this, but I have nausea and I'm picky about food, but no sickness and like you worry that it's a bad sign...

MintChocAddict Mon 03-Dec-12 22:06:34

Don't stress.
Had two pregnancies without any sickness or even a hint of nausea. Felt fab.
Just comes down to luck I think. smile

nulgirl Mon 03-Dec-12 22:07:20

I have had 2 children and didn't ever feel sick. Kept on expecting morning sickness to start but i wasn't even nauseous.I was also worried because I didn't get any symptoms except tiredness. If your first pregnancy was similar then it looks like you're just one of us lucky people who don't suffer. Saying that, pregnancy affected me in other ways - 4 years on I am still trying to get rid of the hideous stretchmarks and overhang.

looneytune Mon 03-Dec-12 22:15:53

You're not the only one, I'm 12 weeks today and got my scan on Friday and nervous as hell as my nausea just vanished at about 9 weeks. I have seen a heartbeat on a scan (at 8+4) so was feeling ok but of course I'm back to worrying again. And I will be after this scan until I can feel baby move knowing me (and this was an unplanned pg which I was very upset about when I found out!). Anyway, good luck with your scan and try not to worry about the sickness as some people just don't get sick. This is my 5th pregnancy and I've never actually been sick whilst pg apart from once which was a bug.

inadreamworld Mon 03-Dec-12 23:53:53

I had no sickness (not even mild nausea) last pregnancy or in this one (am due next month with baby 2). Agree with MintChoc - I think we are lucky.

forgetmenots Tue 04-Dec-12 00:26:07

I was exactly the same (I'm 13 weeks) - sonographer told me 50% of women never have it, and she reckons many mild cases are dealt with now as we know more about our bodies. I was stressed for weeks after hearing the whole strong symptoms, strong pregnancy stuff. It wasn't true - baby has a strong heartbeat, is right size and very active.

Kelerina Tue 04-Dec-12 08:07:30

I know how you feel, I am 27 weeks and only had very mild nausea (barely worth mentioning really) and I kind of flinch every time I hear someone say bad sickness is a good sign HOWEVER my pregnancy so far (fingers crossed) has been pretty textbook, I am feeling lots of movement and seem to be exactly on track for a healthy baby at the end.

Perhaps it makes people feel a bit better to think it's a good sign? Makes it worth it if you know what I mean? Obviously our hormones are doing their job too!

As others have said, we are just damn lucky (and will probably pay for that in other ways!!!)

Quodlibet Tue 04-Dec-12 08:17:36

A quick sample of the antenatal thread I'm on reveals that roughly 50% have got MS and the other 50% of us have got a related symptom, 'worrying about not having MS' (or WANHMS for short).

9 weeks here and I was convinced I would be struck down by MS as both mother and sister suffered quite badly, but I've got away with only the occasional mild quease. And despite having several friends with healthy children who didn't get any MS at all either, it is very hard not to suffer from WANHMS.

I am starting to think it's one of those totally average experiences that people have that isn't that remarkable - just like we only hear about people who get pregnant instantly and people who have to TTC for heartbreakingly long periods but we never really hear about the people who take 6/9/12 months to conceive.

Quodlibet Tue 04-Dec-12 08:18:49

Obvs fingers crossed/thus far/touch wood etc.

ShoeJunkie Tue 04-Dec-12 08:31:22

I had no sickness at all and had a healthy DS.

PurplePidjChickIsNotTheMessiah Tue 04-Dec-12 08:36:51

My mild queasiness and feeling-very-tired is currently two weeks old and wriggling away at my left breast having his second breakfast.

Every pregnancy is different, and pretty much everything Old Wives say is bollocks grin

helpyourself Tue 04-Dec-12 08:46:14

3 pregnancies and not so much as heartburn except when I went to the cinema alone one afternoon and had a big bucket of popcorn and a fizzy drink on an empty stomach when I was due

onyx72 Tue 04-Dec-12 08:49:27

Count your blessings and enjoy your pregnancy! smile

I had mild queasiness during my first pregnancy - DS is now 4.
Absolutely nothing for the second - DD is 2.

DeathMetalMum Tue 04-Dec-12 09:05:22

I'm 25 weeks in second pregnancy and also not been sick, slight nausea and gone off one random food each pregnancy. Though I did also suffer with dizziness with both pg in the beginning. Dd is nearly 2 and I am so glad I have not felt terrible.

Poledra Tue 04-Dec-12 09:12:32

3 pregnancies, all big babies born at term or later (all over 8 pounds), not sick even once. Did have mild nausea, was constantly hungry and raging heartburn from about 14 weeks (didn't stop me eating though - nothing could have stopped me eating grin). But sick? Not once.

Paradisefound Tue 04-Dec-12 10:18:41

Please don't worry. I am 21 weeks and had hyperemesis back in aug-oct. My mum had 4 healthy children and had no sickness at any point with any of her pregnancies.. She felt great! I agree, count your blessings.

emblosion Tue 04-Dec-12 12:42:05

I drove myself mad worrying about not being sick in my first pregnancy. DS was a healthy, bouncing 9lb.

I've only had queasiness this time too - I'm 9 weeks today. It's hard not to fret but try not to, chances are that everything will be fine!

feetheart Tue 04-Dec-12 12:49:04

Please stop worrying (easier said than done I know)

I had no MS with either of my pregnancies - only symptom I got with either was heartburn and a craving for Marmite crisps, possibly related! I had a perfectly healthy girl and boy who are now 9 and 7 respectively.
I tend to keep quiet about the lack of MS as most people are jealous.

Enjoy your pg smile

backwardpossom Tue 04-Dec-12 12:49:52

I had nothing with no 1, but was pretty ill with this one...

Twinklestarstwinklestars Tue 04-Dec-12 13:16:33

I'm 7 weeks with dc3, with both ds' I was sick every night but only been sick twice this time. I woke up feeling really hungry last night at 2am which was making me feel nauseous but felt ok after eating. I have ages til my scan on 3rd jan!

IslaValargeone Tue 04-Dec-12 13:20:39

Oh gosh yes, count your blessings. All my friends who had babies, never had any sickness and felt fabulous, looked fabulous and all did that pregnancy glow thing and had healthy babies.
Just me who was sick envy bitter? You bet your ass grin

LunaticFringe Tue 04-Dec-12 13:28:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NewToAllThis11 Tue 04-Dec-12 13:28:50

Am so glad to read this thread as I worried about exactly the same thing! Am 9 weeks' pg and haven't had any sickness at all (apart from feeling a little queasy in the evenings and retching when i clean my teeth -sorry if that's tmi!) All the stuff in the media about Kate and morning sickness being a really good sign made me feel so worried I even went out and bought another pregnancy test, just to make sure. I CAN'T WAIT for my 12 week scan. Good luck to everyone, pregnancy can make you feel so paranoid!

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