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am i in labour??help

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Shannon0113 Mon 03-Dec-12 18:42:45

I've been feeling very sicky for the last week or two and this evening i've got a mild on-going crampy feeling going around the bottom of my bump and around my lower back, i've had an increase in white discharge and watery discharge the last couple of days, i've had two sudden pains this evening in my lower bump and back, i feel like i need to poo but i dont and keep having sudden pains in my vagina and babys been fully engaged these last couple of weeks too.. Im only 35+3 xx

PurpleTinsel Mon 03-Dec-12 18:56:25

Have you called your midwife to talk about this? If you're worried about early labour, they're the best people to advise you and get you checked out if they think these might be labour symptoms.

I don't know enough to really say either way.

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