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30 weeks in agonising pain and am thoroughly fed up :(

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MJP1 Sun 02-Dec-12 12:53:55

I am so uncomfortable and fed up, I feel so helpless and so pathetic. I am 30 weeks pregnant with a very much wanted little girl, we are so happy but so far this pregnancy has been horrendous, I was sick and nausueous for the first 4 months, staggered at how your mind and body changes with each day, then came the terrible pelvic /back ache which has been confirmed as SPD, and now I have agonising rib pain under my left breast (This has been checked out and its my very active baby who is breech ramming her head into my ribs) It is so painful and takes my breath away when I move, (it doesnt help that I have a slight cough.) all I can do is use a heat pad and take paraceotmol which barely touches it.

I am fed up I cannot walk the dog, or even face the 5 minute walk into town, I cant do any jobs at home and am being so lazy. My work are great but Im scared that if I cannot work anymore and they will ask my to stop coming in, and am only 30 weeks we are going to be in dire straights financially. I am beginning to get really down and regret even getting pregnant which scares the hell out of me. I have suffered from depression in the past but it is the physical pain that is killing me, I cant bare it and am so upset I can barely function.

I know this is just a pathetic moan but I just wanted to get some feedback to reassure me that its not just me and if anyone has any tips or advice.

kiwigirl42 Sun 02-Dec-12 12:59:09

Its not pathetic. Its very hard to be positive when experiencing pain. Its sounds like you have done really well so far.

You will get there. Take one day at a time. Accept ANY help offered. Don't waste energy feeling guilty about what does not get done.

It will be worth every second of pain once you have your baby in your arms.
I had chronic, daily horrendous migraine for months of pregnancy and would do it again for DS (I don't say that lightly either. It was fucking hideous)


MJP1 Sun 02-Dec-12 13:02:32

thank you kiwigirl42 think I just need some virtual hugs xxx

RooneyMara Sun 02-Dec-12 13:11:11

It sounds horrible, I'm sorry you're going through this let alone trying to work through it.

I find pregnancy very very difficult too - like you I was feeling very ill for the first, well, beyond 20 weeks - I'm now 35 weeks and the SPD is crippling sometimes, I can't do any walking, can barely move around the house much of the time - I'm terrified I won't have it ready when the baby is born.

Physical pain is not to be underestimated, it's hideous and very disabling. I've had friends round who are commenting on how bad the house is and I feel so stupid sitting there saying 'but everything hurts' because when someone's here, of course I ignore the pain and push myself to be as normal as possible - make them tea, sort out their kids etc.

It's very hard to admit that it's tearing you apart.

Much sympathy and I hope that things don't get any worse - if it's your first youshould get some relief once she engages, which could be any time from about 34ish? weeks I think - you'll be able to breathe again smile

Lau1973 Sun 02-Dec-12 23:41:25

Hi MJP!!

You are not alone! My first SPD started when i was 18 weeks pregnant (now I'm 30), i cried for days in absolutely horrendous pain. What really helped me it was to rest 24 hours for 3 or 4 days, plus co-dydramol (safe for the baby but you need the prescription), the only painkiller that really helped me, but i only took it at night to have a nice sleep. I started yoga classes from week 16 and my teacher told me how to move my pelvis and what to do and not to do as you need to keep bones parallel all the time. I am also using the nexcare belt from mothercare:,default,pd.html#avtc=f01b9f4e5e2c86e9f4de05a32649f63d&q=maternity%20support

and it is great for support, basically when i have to walk a lot.

I know what you feel, i have lived a nightmare of pain! but you will be better soon! smile

AitchTwoOhOneTwo Sun 02-Dec-12 23:43:22

HUGE SYMPATHY. it sounds awful, you poor thing.

kiwigirl42 Mon 03-Dec-12 08:07:29

How are you doing this morning OP? not dusting I hope? <grin>

Pochemuchka Mon 03-Dec-12 08:21:35

Hi, just offering sympathy and a hug!

I'm 35 weeks with DC3 and compared to my last pregnancy where I was really, really ill throughout I thought I'd got off lightly. However, baby has decided to engage early (around 31 weeks) and since then I've had terrible SPD and after stopping eating gluten to get rid of the severe acid reflux, the support tubi grip thing I have for my SPD actually causes even worse reflux which isn't touched by any medication sad

I also fell down the stairs the other day and literally couldn't sit/lie/stand without being in agony and if I don't keep mobile it makes my SPD worse so I had to grin and bear it!

It really is worth it when baby's here otherwise I'd have never had another one after DS.

Hope you're feeling better today x

nananaps Mon 03-Dec-12 09:19:13

Im with you op, i could have written your post myself except my babies head is shoved up against my right side of my ribs. Cant sit forward at all, or even up right as it hurts so much.

Been up most of the night in pain with my back and hips. Luckily i am not in work til Friday so i can rest. But ive got stuff i need to do.

Must confess to doing the school run this morning with my coat over my pj's and hair stuck up all over the place. Just a drive n drop..poor ds sad

Work is a worry, i agree. Ive still got 6 weeks left to work (i am 31 weeks) but i have a midwife appointment tomorrow, going to ask them to refer me to the maternity physio for a support as the excersizes they gave me at 18 weeks when the pain started are no longer helping.
Im worried about how long it takes to get the physio appointment through.

Feel sick and have permanant taste of vom in my mouth, dry lips and i am shattered.
Not long now though, on count down!

hugs & sympathies my lovely x

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