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Possible pre-eclampsia?

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Mandymoo Fri 07-Apr-06 18:39:47

Hi - i am 36 wks pregnant with no 2 and yesterday had a routine checkup with mw. BP had risen, had protein in wee, swelling in hands and feet, headache, nausea and pains in upper stomach. Went to day assessment unit and have to see mw again tomorrow for bp again. They're saying its either a urine infection or the beginning of pre-eclampsia. At this stage in pregnancy, if it was pre-ec, would baby be ok to be born if necessary? I am now worrying myself silly. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. X

Mandymoo Fri 07-Apr-06 18:43:53


tortoiseshell Fri 07-Apr-06 18:45:18

Sounds like it could be - best to get it checked - I think baby would be fine - 37 weeks is classed as 'full term' anyway, and in our area you can have a homebirth from 37 weeks, so I really don't think it would be a problem.

Hope you're ok!

Mandymoo Fri 07-Apr-06 18:48:06

thanks - get urine test results on Monday so should know more then. Blood tests were fine but seem to have all the other symtoms. Thanks again X

Hazellnut Fri 07-Apr-06 18:50:23

Mandymoo - I probably had pre-eclampsia but as my dd had stopped growing she had to born so it was never really decided if I did or not. Anyway, as tortoiseshell said, 37 weeks is classed as term - dd was born at 37 weeks and was absolutely fine. Didn't need special care at all despite being only 4 lbs 9. I would imagine they would try and keep an eye on you to get you to 37 weeks (or later) but you shouldn't have any problems if they decide to induce.

The fact that you weren't whisked in today is promising that it isn't too bad. When they found out that dd had stopped growig and my bp was up/protein etc I wasn't allowed to leave the hospital.

On a practical note, I would be prepared to be kept in tomorrow just in case. My bags weren't packed so dh had to dash around which added more stress to a fairly stressful situation.

Good luck - hope you're back here posting tomorrow telling us you're ok !

Hazellnut Fri 07-Apr-06 18:51:04

If blood tests were fine I think there is no immediate panic. If these had started to show problems they would have had you in by now.

Hazellnut Fri 07-Apr-06 18:51:51

Also meant to say, I have just had a friend have twins at 35 weeks and they are home and fine.

Mandymoo Fri 07-Apr-06 18:56:31

thanks hazelnut - hopefully all will be well. Have obviously convinved myself i have it now!

PutAPeachyInYourSimnelCake Fri 07-Apr-06 19:36:24

Hi, i had pre eclampsia as did my sister, I got it later fortunately but sis got it at your stage (well before but they kept her going) and baby was OK. A bit ill for a while it's true, but he's OK and I think that had more to do with them prolonging tbh.

I am a support person for a charity called PETS (pre eclampsia and toxaemia society) and I would recommend their website for support, and the wonderful APEC for advice.

TBH, it does sound like Pre-eclampsia (if UTI ruled out) but that doesn't mean your baby will need to born immediately as bed rest / meds can help; and 38 weeks is considered full term where I delivered, so not long.

I've spoken to lots of PET survivors and it is definitely a lot safer for your baby to be born at 36 weeks than kept in utero with a decaying placenta, which can happen with PET. That happened to us- they kept misdiagnosing me and let the PG go on too long, and DS1 was born after losing weight in utero (a lb they guessed, he was about 5 lbs) and he has health issues now which may or may not be related. It sounds like your medical staff are on the ball, which is excellent news for you both.

rest lots, eat well, take care and feel free to CAT if you ever feel worried X

Mandymoo Fri 07-Apr-06 20:22:47

thanks peachy - i'm obviously concerned atm so thanks for your reply. Will see what my BP is like tomorrow and take it from there i guess. Would it be possible to have all these symptoms and for it not to be pre-ecl?

pupuce Fri 07-Apr-06 20:27:03

How high was your BP and your protein ? You need constant protein in your urine.
36 weeks is fine and even if it is PE you may still be able to control it until 37 or 38 weeks....
Panicking of course only increases your BP.

PE is usually a disease of 1st pregnancies and usually if it is your 2nd and a different partner than it counts as a 1st pregnancy.... having said that one of my clients did have PE with her 2nd and it was the same partner.

brimfull Fri 07-Apr-06 20:35:46

I had PE in my 2nd pregnancy,but I was full term.Ds was born by Emergency c-section and was fine.I had to take anti-hypertensives for a few weeks after the birth,but was fine after.

I'm sure everything will be fine.

Mandymoo Fri 07-Apr-06 20:46:34

Pupuce - my bp was 140/90 which isnt that high but compared to my booking in bp of 110/60 they were a bit concerned about it. I havent had any other results back yet so dont know how much protein there was.

Mandymoo Fri 07-Apr-06 20:46:58

btw this is my 2nd pregnancy with same partner and i didnt have it last time.

pupuce Fri 07-Apr-06 20:51:17

I think the MW is right to cehck you more throughly - your BP is getting aty a level that needs to be more closely monitored.
View it positively - it is being picked up!!! OE is dangerous and it is good that they are assessing you.
Your baby would be safer out thena in at 36 weeeks if you do have PE. PE is completly manageable if they know you have it.

As for you having same partner... just so that you know that is what OB say to women in front of husband "Oh so this must be a different father to your 1st child "

popsycalindisguise Fri 07-Apr-06 20:56:51

I was induced at 37 ish weeks with ds1 due to pre-eclampsia. Your BP sounds on the high border of normal right now so it is good that they are monitoring you. FWIW, when I was pregnant with ds2, I had raised bp around your level, plus protein in urine at certain points and oedema at others but it did not turn into pre-eclampsia and I carried him full term.

btw ds1 at 37 weeks was 7lb 10oz!

Good luck

popsycalindisguise Fri 07-Apr-06 20:57:48

on the partner thing....same partner for both

brimfull Fri 07-Apr-06 21:01:52

My BP rocketed to 230/170 before ds was yanked out so you sound like you're being monitered well and it won't get to that stage.

pupuce Fri 07-Apr-06 21:02:09

Pospy but you had a higher risk of PE as you had it with your 1st.

SnowBoo Fri 07-Apr-06 21:02:12

My sil had pre-eclampsia from 28 weeks. Niece was born at 31 weeks weighing 2lb 10oz. She is now 14months old and the only noticable thing is she is soo tiny. Looks like a 7month old! Very cute thou....

If they haven't whisked you in i wouldn't worry too much.

popsycalindisguise Fri 07-Apr-06 21:02:48

ah right pupuce (brain not in gear tonight )

pupuce Fri 07-Apr-06 21:03:41

Re-tyoing without typo
I think the MW is right to check you more thoroughly - your BP is getting at a level that needs to be more closely monitored.
View it positively - it is being picked up!!! PE is dangerous and it is good that they are assessing you.
Your baby would be safer out then in at 36 weeks if you do have PE. PE is completly manageable if they know you have it.

Mandymoo Fri 07-Apr-06 21:23:33

thanks guys - i'm not feeling quite so panicky now!!!

PutAPeachyInYourSimnelCake Sat 08-Apr-06 18:04:47

Pupuce, a friend of mine nearly had a new baby in scbu and a divorce after the Comsultant told her Dh that it couldn't be his baby when it emphatically WAS for a second pg PET. Why do they do it?

Yes it could be something else, maybe a UTI or a kidney infection. And worry won't help at all, that's for sure. Which of course is easier said than done.

thirtysomething Sat 08-Apr-06 18:29:55

sounds like they're doing the right thing monitoring you closely - if you get any headaches or generally feel you're getting worse go and see a midwife immediately. Also if your wee starts to look like coca cola it's time to go in! I had pre-eclampsia at around 35 weeks and delivered my ds at barely 36 weeks. There was no panic involved, they just decided he'd be better off outside than in and so told me they would induce me the following morning. As it was he started his exit anyway and I just needed a drip to speed things up. He got an apgar of 10 and didn't need any special care. The midwife said my body must have just reacted to the impending problems and he abandoned ship! Please don't worry as you can have all those symptoms and it not progress any further. Trust your instincts and listen to your body!

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