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Gestational Diabetes

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sleepneeded Tue 27-Nov-12 22:24:41

OK I have to go for a GTT in a few days days time. I rang up about my bloods results but it turns out I have borderline glucose levels so am just below guidelines? Whatever that means. Is there anything I can do to reduce my risk factor between now and the GTT test?

I am big but was big my last pregnancy (lost around 4 to 4,5 stone last time around after having baby). However, I notice I am bigger than many other women at the same dates. I am tall too as well as fat and my dh is very tall.

I also have not looked after myself as well this pregnancy, full on stressful job, no proper breaks which means I eat compressed times and very quickly - so might go from breakfast to next grabbing something to eat at 3pm for 10 minutes and working through late.

My diet has completely changed. Not much support at all, not much sleep and been eating very poorly in that I have been eating too much - loads of carbs, cakes, fruit juices and have not been able to exercise due to overtime. I'm now freaking out about csections and all the complications.

Until this pregnancy and my super stressful job I did always exercise but could eat pretty much what I wanted. I have really eaten loads of sugar this pregnancy because I have also had loads of vomiting.

I am 30 weeks pg. My last baby was 9 pounds but born naturally and all good. I weigh what I weighed at 40 weeks but with 10 weeks to go!!!

Any tips - can I reverse Gestational Diabetes (if I have it)?

Feeling like such an idiot for running after other people and not putting myself first. Also had trace of protein in urine, now have swollen hands and feet, still being sick but will plan now to give up work with a month to go.

Any tips greatly appreciated and I will try relax and put myself first from tomorrow instead of my full on boss and will change my diet immediately.

MrsWooster Tue 27-Nov-12 22:32:38

what you said - change your diet immendiately! Low GI foods, little and often, and remember that fruit juice is poison... I've got it and the pills and diet are shit, tbh, with every prospect of having to move up onto insulin... If you can hit the low GI stuff now and avoid going over the borderline diagnosis, the next 10 weeks will be much easier and hopefully will avoid the baby getting too much sugar and being v big, with attendant risks of early induction /c-section etc. Make sure s/he's monitored closely, tho without a diagnosis I expect you'll be lucky to get another scan, just in case. Good luck - welcome to the bizarro world of half-arsed-atkins-diet plus wholegrain Brown Food!

sleepneeded Tue 27-Nov-12 22:36:56

Thank you I do have a scan too - in about 2 weeks anyhow?

I love carbs and sugar and (used) to drink fruit juice by the carton!!!

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