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Cervical stich on Friday - Really scared!

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monkey2010 Tue 27-Nov-12 10:38:20

I'm 20 weeks and had DS1 at 30 weeks, waters broke at 29 weeks, very traumatic, DS in hospital for 9 weeks & developmental delay.

Has anyone else had this procedure? I was fine and thought it all made sense until they told me one of the risks was my waters breaking and contractions starting. I wish I'd had this done earlier in the pregnancy but I really had to push for an internal ultrasound which has shown my cervix is too short (20cm).

Any thoughts would be very welcome xxx

zoeymlucas Tue 27-Nov-12 11:23:07

Well I am baby number 3 and stitch number 3 and all of mine have worked in a way!! the 1st was placed at 23 weeks but I was 6cm dilated already so it was a holidng measure and was never going to be 'long term', the second was placed at 22 weeks when my cervix was 14cm and held till I had him at 33 weeks by c section due to other complications (however was 3cm through it) and I had this one placed at 14 weeks and and am currently 24+5 and due to a host of things am looking for the 28 week mark and thats about all.

They have to tell you ALL the risks however alarming they seem by I have had 3 and all 3 have done the job even the one when my waters were buldging and I was 6cm - try not to focus on the risks as they are small they have to just legally point them out to you.

Also remember every baby is different and even though you had DS1 at 30 weeks and he was very poorly thats not always the case my DS1 was born at 28 weeks and was in 6 weeks and DS2 was 33 weeks and he was in 4 days and had no medical help at all.

I tend to go by milestones with it - get to 24 weeks then aim for 28, then 30 and anything more is a bonus! If you get hung up on you due date it can get a bit much x

Good luck x

zoeymlucas Tue 27-Nov-12 11:23:40

thats 14mm not cm, lol!!

rrreow Tue 27-Nov-12 13:59:43

Not personal experience but I have a friend who lost her DD1 post 20 weeks pg (I don't remember exactly when) because she went into labour. It threatened to happen again with her next pregnancy so she had a stitch and carried to term, she now has a very beautiful 2 year old DS!

Personally if it is something that your consultant thinks is likely to happen again due to your personal circumstances (e.g. short cervix), then I would go for the stitch despite the risk. Also perhaps verify with them the actual percentage of risk for waters breaking and the percentage of risk if you don't do anything. There are many risks of many things but it's hard to make an informed decision when you don't know the percentages involved.

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