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Section in two weeks. Having a nightmare.

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dogsagoodun Mon 26-Nov-12 20:37:51

Hi all. Looking for some advice and reassurance. My Placenta is low lying still st 36 weeks. I am booked in for a section in two weeks' time. After two normal deliveries I am terrified. Already spent a week in hospital with a bleed. I have been allowed home on strict instructions not to go anywhere alone or stray too far from home. I feel like a ticking time bomb!

However, my biggest anxiety at the moment is stemming from the hospital's string of errors. I will name a few. Was told in hospital by a consultant that two sections had been booked by two doctors and that the would cancel one. The midwife then checked and said that neither had actually been booked and that she had booked it. Had final scan today and then waited an hour to see the doctor who apologised fir keeping us so long but he had been trying to book my section! I had yo tell him What it Had already been booked

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