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Small bump

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Nurseynoo Mon 26-Nov-12 17:18:16

I'm hoping someone out there can help calm my fears. I'm 26 weeks pregnant,with my second child. My first was born at 32 weeks due to IUGR and preeclampsia-and is now a thriving teenager! I've been really well other than usual morning sickness, up until last week, when started having palpitations and faints. Saw GP who suggested vasovagal episodes and signed me off work for a week. I'm naturally worried about these episodes but have been reassured they won't harm the baby. My main concern at the minute is my bump- it's tiny! I have gained 2lb only in the whole pregnancy, (9st pre pregnancy).It's other people who are making me increasingly worried by constantly making comments like your tiny, are you really pregnant etc. I'm seeing the midwife later this week.
The baby is really active- any one else experienced this or know anyone who has? Advice would be really appreciated.

12ylnon Mon 26-Nov-12 17:23:45

I don't know anything about the palpitations and fainting, but my bump was absolutely wee with my first. I was still wearing my own clothes right up until DS was born. He weighed 6lb12 and was fine.
I presume the midwife has measured you and the baby- what did they say? I presume they would have mentioned something if there had been cause for concern.

babybythesea Mon 26-Nov-12 17:32:16

Sounds a bit like dd who was born at 41 weeks, 7 pounds 9, so perfectly healthy.

I bumped into a friend on my way into hospital for a check at 40 weeks - she didn't realise I was pregnant. It was January to be fair, and I was wearing a coat, but still - I was full term! I also couldn't wear some of the maternity clothes I was given - the over the bump ones (you know, the trousers with the massive waistbands?) kept falling down. I actually stayed in most of my normal clothes - I tended to favour trousers that did up low down anyway (like hipsters) so didn't really need mat stuff!!

I also had a very very active baby. Those charts where you check off 10 movements by 6.00pm? I was checking off 10 movements by 9.00 am. Apart from the last week or two when things didn't go entirely to plan, she fidgeted throughout the entire pregnancy. And it hasn't stopped since, just to warn you. Even as a tiny baby lying in her Moses basket, I might not be able to see her but I could see a pair of tiny fists punching the air almost constantly, or a foot waving around. We never co-slept because of her fidgeting at night. And even now, she wriggles all the time - even if she's sitting 'still' watching TV something will be moving - legs swinging, hands twisting round each other - it's when she does go very still you know she's about to sleep. Invest in those baby sleeping bags - it's the only way I could keep covers on dd at night!
The down side is that in the ballet class we now do, all the other little girls sit nicely in a row waiting to take their turn, or listening to instructions - dd is spinning round on her bottom, or shifting from her knees to her bottom to her knees... She loves going, but cannot sit still with any patience if there is any break in proceedings. She can sit - plane journeys aren't a problem, as long as she can jiggle her legs or fiddle with something!

Small bump, active baby - sounds normal to me!

Nurseynoo Mon 26-Nov-12 17:32:50

Not seen midwife since booking appointment- as second pregnancy. 20 week scan was reassuring. Am probably just being a stress head- and that won't be helping with the palpitations.

oceanblossom Mon 26-Nov-12 19:03:50

I wouldn't worry about what other people are saying about the size of your bump as everyone is different. I have a very small bump which everyone kept commenting on to the point i was very worried something was wrong. I went to a scan at around the 32 wk mark and they measured the baby and said she is the right size for the week. Every time i see the midwife and she measures me she says i am the right size and that my stomach muscles are doing a great job in keeping everything in.

My baby is VERY active as well so i haven't bothered to count kicks as i'd be done in about 30 sec's.

rogersmellyonthetelly Mon 26-Nov-12 19:13:27

I'll tell you honestly, bumps come in all shapes and sizes, and bump size is no indicator of growth! My bump is no bigger now at 29 weeks than it was at 20 weeks, I have photos to prove it, yet I know the baby is growing perfectly due to a recent scan.
That said, this is dc3 for me and I've seen the midwife at 8 weeks, 16 weeks and 24 weeks, and will see here again at 32 weeks, and have a consultant appt this week in lieu of the midwife at 28 weeks, despite having 2 normal full term pregnancies prior to this one.
Given that you are now only 6 weeks from when you delivered your first baby, and you had issues in your first pregnancy, I would be ringing the midwife and insisting on her seeing you, or at least go to a drop in where they can check your fundal height and bp/urine.

Nurseynoo Mon 26-Nov-12 19:47:26

I have an appointment with midwife later in week- but am going to ring her first thing and ask it to be brought forward.
Thank you for all the replies- have helped settle my worries.

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