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Anyone else acting like a complete bitch?

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lookingfoxy Mon 26-Nov-12 07:46:19

The last 2 days I have been on total bitch hyperdrive to dp. If It was me I would have walked out the door and you wouldn't have seen me for dust!

Last night I have 'come back to normal' and totally mortified by my behaviour, dp laughs it off as im a 'hormonal pregnant woman' and tends to just stay out my way when im like this.

I hate being like this, is it justs me, is it the hormones? Im usually pretty laid back and i've been pretty evil and not for the first time since i've been preggy, im only around 12 weeks and this pregnancy has floored me (been off work for 5 weeks), please tell me its the hormones and i'll return to my usual chilled out self!!

ps I suspected I was pregnant long before I done a test because of dramatic mood swings!! Was never like this in 1st pregnancy with the sickness or moods!

Mrsbirchall Tue 27-Nov-12 11:46:23

I am too - although despite my DH being a normally understanding person, he doesn't seem to buy into any of my defense that it's down to pregnancy hormones and just calls me moody - which does NOT help!

I'm 27 weeks and seem to have got particularly tetchy and impatient this past fortnight or so. I feel bad as people assume you should be top of the world all the time because we're having our first baby and I am very excited but also tend to wake up feeling glum for no reason (the dreary grey rainy days don't help) and everything seems to irritate me - 99% of people in London, anything DH says or does - he says all I do is criticise him and he's right but I just can't seem to control myself from being an utterly moany grumpy cow at the mo! I feel better that I'm not alone, starting to worry I'll be this hideous forever and have no friends or husband left!

purrpurr Tue 27-Nov-12 11:54:40

Mrsbirchall - I think your DH could be making more of an effort to understand what you're going through. Even incubators have feelings. My DH is a very black and white sorta guy and doesn't normally buy into grey area things like Feeeeeelings and he's been absolutely marvellous. I think he didn't believe me first off, though, so asked his brother (his brother's wife has been pregnant twice) and his brother confirmed it's hormones.

Has your DH got a man he can ask? (I am inwardly outraged at this, but what can ya do?)

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