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Anyone else feel ENORMOUS with second pregnancy?!

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bean612 Sun 25-Nov-12 21:10:48

That's it really. Have just turned 30 weeks with DC2 and already feel - and look - as big as I was at nearly term with DC1 (we took photos every couple of weeks last time, so I have actual evidence to consult!). Am starting to feel really uncomfortable, having trouble tying shoelaces, etc, and am also quite worried about how big I'm actually going to get, since I still have 10 weeks (even 12 - gulp) to go. Will DC2 be gigantic? I am small (5'2'' and - once, in the distant mists of time - a size 8-10) and wonder about getting him out. Also, and I realise this is horribly vain and not the point at all about having a lovely baby, I worry that my stomach will be like an empty sack forevermore afterwards. Come moan with me, please!

DeathMetalMum Sun 25-Nov-12 21:31:48

Yes I feel huge, I am only 24 weeks already grown out of one pair of maternity jeans. Bending down is impossible have to do hands and knees to tidy dd's toys up. I am a similar size to you normally short and slim. Dd was 8lb8oz so not perticularly small, also had some head swelling (none of the hats we had for her in the hospital fit sad ) No major problems getting her out just a tear.
I was all bump but huge with dd hope I'm not bigger at least. I feel your worry!

Haggisfish Sun 25-Nov-12 22:15:43

Yes, me! I am now 36 weeks and bigger than I was when I gave birth last time. Feeling mahooosive and similarly dreading tummy sack that will be there afterwards. I am going for an ELCS, and baby is estimated to be about 9lb - last one was 7.5lb and I am normally quite small framed, too. I am finding OH less attentive this time, too, and am struggling to bend over etc. Sigh!

PlateSpinningAtAllTimes Sun 25-Nov-12 22:19:09

YES! And much more exhausted! Am 37 weeks now and really, really uncomfortable. Hmph. Plus DS keeps wanting me to get on the floor and make train tracks.

ConfusedKiwi Mon 26-Nov-12 07:08:42

I feel huge this time too... nearly 36 weeks and actually starting to feel a bit better but from about 22 weeks I seemed much larger than first pregnancy. However, fundal height measurements are exactly the same as last time and only slightly heavier (due to being a couple of kg heavier at the start).

Would agree much more uncomfortable, I think because stomach muscles are stretchier so baby can kick/move around more and keeps wedging up under my ribs while sitting at work.

rrreow Mon 26-Nov-12 14:42:44

Yes! I am 11 weeks and already look like I did at 20 weeks last time! Am worrying (and DH has been 'teasing') that it's twins. Won't know until my scan next week. Although feeling a little bit heartened by googling pictures of bumps and seeing that people in subsequent pregnancies tend to have bigger bumps earlier!

Shaiandbump Mon 26-Nov-12 14:47:21

I'm 15+2 and I look like I did when I was around 22 weeks in my first pregnancy. I have no idea if this is normal but it is very alarming .. I feel like my baby will be huge

Blending Mon 26-Nov-12 15:57:23

I'm also 11 weeks and the same size as 5 months last time, but its twins!

I know you show earlier in a second pregnancy but this is bizzarre!

bean612 Mon 26-Nov-12 20:03:28

Oh good, not just me then! It's alarming, isn't it? To make matters worse, I'm feeling really vain this time round, as in I just don't want to be fat (yes I know it's not really fat, but still), I want to wear nice clothes and feel good and not like a breathless lump of lard. I know I enjoyed being pregnant much more last time round - I felt the romantic, wow, I have a baby inside me, I'm glowing feeling. This time I just want to get on with things and get back to being me again (which I know makes me sound spoilt - I know I am v. lucky to be having a baby at all - but I can't help it).

chubbychipmonk Mon 26-Nov-12 23:34:18

Yep, 5'2 also, normally about a size 10 & currently feel like a beached whale! Am 24 weeks & can't seem to stand up, sit down, lie down or rollover without making huge puffs & grunts! Don't remember feeling this way the last time!! Nothing to do with the fact that I've been far too tired to do any sort of exercise this time at all. . Unless you count walking to cupboard to get another packet of crisps wink

maximusminimus Tue 27-Nov-12 01:09:08

Am 27wks (due late Feb) and someone asked me last week if I hoped the baby would arrive before New Year's Eve... Apparently I look ready to pop in the next six weeks hmm .

It's only my bump though - I'm slimmer all over than I was with #1 (still in pre-pregnancy jeans), but my bump is mahoosive and I'm really struggling to put on shoes, bend over etc: it hurts right across the bottom and I simply can't reach. My maternity tops already don't cover the bottom of my bump, which is bad in this weather.. Never had any of this with #1. I think baby was measuring a week big on a scan I had a few weeks ago, but even so...

reallifeisnotalwaysperfect Tue 27-Nov-12 09:50:57

Testify grin I hear and feel all you bigger second timers.

I'm 38 weeks pg with DC2 and have shown since around 8 weeks.

I'm not only feeling bigger, I'm sick of hearing how big I am. It's taking all the goodness out of the experience.

Even my midwife seems to enjoy telling me that I look 'ready to pop' (34 weeks pg)

At 37 weeks she told me DS already weighs 7lbs 12oz and if he doesn't weigh 9lbs PLUS on arrival, she'll resign.

I've got lots of friends who've recently given birth to lovely 'little' ones & you just assume yours will be too. One friend told me last night her baby is now 6 weeks old & 'a whooping' 9lbs.

It almost makes me feel that my DC will be born walking, talking & with a full set of gnashers & like we're going to miss out on the 'tiny person thing' iyswim?

Well, I've heard bigger babies sleep better & are more contented....I'll have that! grin

Good luck & enjoy your babies, whatever weight they arrive in the world at.

YouCanBe Tue 27-Nov-12 10:06:31

Me too! In fact, are you me?
I'm 5'2" and usually a size 8. This pregnancy I am so big, it is completely different to pregnancy number one.

Last time I had a neat bump on the front, this time my arse is giant, my tits are huge, my waist has gone, I am just enormous everywhere. What is happening to me? And what will happen to me afterwards?!

nananaps Tue 27-Nov-12 10:51:01

5ft 1 and 30 weeks with second here too.
I resemble a spacehopper.
HUGE absolutely huge. Far bigger this time at this stage.
Cant bend down, cant tie laces, cant sit up, sit down, lie, stand for any length of time. Cant breath, appitite is tiny and morning sickness is back.

And baby is very active today so feet in floos and head up in ribs, little fists thumping my ribcage, ooh busy baby indeed!

Despite all of this, i am SO excited grinsmile.
Ive got 9 weeks to go go (c section) so i will get to meet the little (BIG) beastie soon!

PlateSpinningAtAllTimes Tue 27-Nov-12 14:41:35

Yes, I showed really early this time and thought it might be twins! Nope, just have no abdominal muscles left to contain it all.

And why do people feel the need to tell you how huge you are? It really pisses me off that in a society where commenting negatively on a woman's weight is a major social faux pas, it's totally fine to do it when she's at her most emotionally vulnerable and likely to be feeling shit about her physical appearance angry

rrreow Tue 27-Nov-12 15:55:29

PlateSpinningAtAllTimes I totally hear you!! I hate how people think it's fine to go "OMG YOU'RE HUUUUUGE!!!" I'm quite slim naturally so I think people relish the opportunity to tell me I'm fat as socially it wouldn't be appropriate to do so any other time.

PlateSpinningAtAllTimes Tue 27-Nov-12 17:59:31

It does my head in! I had quite a lot of it the first time around and I just sucked it up politely. This time I've had no patience for it at all and told people that it's not the most helpful thing to say!

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