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Anyone done/doing Slimming World while pregnant?

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JBrd Sun 25-Nov-12 20:18:08

I put on 3st when pregnant with DS, and since joining WeightWatchers back in July this year, have managed to loose 2.5st again, which I am very very pleased about.

I have just found out that I am pregnant again (4 weeks) - WW will not let me stay on the programme, not even for weight maintenance, but I know that Slimming World is happy to take on expectant mothers. Has anyone here done SW while pregnant? I'm wondering if you already have to be a member when falling pg, and they just adapt , or will they accept newcomers that already are pg? Will I have to discuss this with my MW before going there? I don't think I will have my booking in appointment for at least another 4-5 weeks.

I would really like to avoid the massive weight gain again. I don't want to lose more weight, just maintain where I am now as long as possible, and only really gain weight within the healthy range this time.
It might not be possible, I realise that - the reason I gained so much was that the only thing that helped my morning sickness was to load up on carbs - but I would at least like to try.

emblosion Sun 25-Nov-12 20:24:58

I'm in the same position - put on nearly 4 stone last time, have lost about half of it and am now pregnant again.
I was thinking of slimming world too, haven't got myself into gear yet but I really don't want to have another huge weight gain.

I've done slimming world in the past and found it really good - don't think the plan is a million miles from ww anyway these days.

How many weeks are you? I'm 8 weeks and the carb cravings have already started!

emblosion Sun 25-Nov-12 20:26:07

Oops just seen you're 4 weeks. Congrats!
8 weeks here smile

imtheonlyone Sun 25-Nov-12 20:28:05

I used to be a sw consultant! And yes, it is perfectly fine to follow whilst pg. you can join at any time. There is a special booklet for ladies who are pg as you will have more allowances than a 'normal' member. No real need to discuss with your midwife but I would mention it to her. They won't watch your weight too carefully as obviously it's difficult to do - but following a sensible eating plan (which sw is) whilst pg is the best way to do it as it will ensure you and your baby get everything you need.

JBrd Sun 25-Nov-12 20:46:42

imtheonlyone - thank you, that is very useful! I will definitively get in touch with SW then, hopefully I can do an easy switch. My issue is not that I'm eating unhealthily, for me, it's portion control and my sweet tooth that are my downfall...
I'll talk to my WW leader at the next meeting, to see what advice she has, too. But even if she would be happy to let me stay on and adjust my plan, WW won't - so as soon as I tell them, I'm out. I guess I have a few weeks' grace period to sort it all out.

emblosion - let me know how you get on. If I wasn't so happy to be pg, I'd be almost sad I have to stop with WW, it worked so well with me. But I weigh less now than when I fell pg with my first, so I know it's possible! I'm quite envious of the people who don't look pregnant from behind, and who are back in their jeans 2 weeks after giving birth envy I let myself believe that losing the babyweight would be quick and easy, and is has been anything but!

Rhubarb78 Sun 25-Nov-12 20:56:45

I am planning on going to my 1st sw meeting on Tuesday, am 8 weeks pg too. I know I have weight to lose but I really want to minimise pg weight gain so I don't have an even bigger mountain to climb after I have the baby. Not sure how successful I will be, I need to eat crackers regularly to fend off the nausea but am hoping that will settle down in the next month or so

imtheonlyone Sun 25-Nov-12 21:02:42

I have known people be incredibly successful on the sw plan whilst pg. One member who sticks out actually weighed less at the end of her pregnancy (and I do mean before the baby was born wink) than she did at the start.

Good luck - it is a great great plan x

carrielou2007 Sun 25-Nov-12 21:52:54

I have stopped going to SW and am embracing all that us cake grin. My midwife was happy if I wanted to carry on as was my consultant but there is a form you gacs to sign/get your midwife to sign csn't remember which after every appt.

I did it after ds, weight fell off after dd but not ds. Thing about SW which I think is the diff to WW is that it is not a 'diet' it is simply a healthy eating programme. It's how I eat/live so I am enjoying eating naughty things for the next four months. Ds was exc bf and a huge hungry boy and I still lost the weight easily. Mind you, when he had chicken pix he didn't eat any solids for a week and just bf - I lost 7 pounds that week!!

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