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Anyone else planning a VBAC?

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abigboydidit Sat 24-Nov-12 21:58:05

Hi -

I started a thread in childbirth about my wavering confidence re VBAC & wondered if there was anyone else out there going through this? Thought it might be nice to share experiences and offer support. I would love to hear from others in a similar position smile

Askja Sun 03-Feb-13 16:01:52

Another positive VBAC story. Had DD2 yesterday at 2.17am. Never got to use the pool as she only took 2 hrs to arrive and i was fully dilated when we got to hospital! She was 9lb2 as well (I'm only 5'3") so was very pleased to have managed it.

chloeb2002 Tue 08-Jan-13 02:27:44

I will offer my support.. 31 child was a vb.. # 2 was a nasty emergency lscs.. #3 i desperately wanted a vba. all guns blazing till 37 weeks when she was till breech.. no ecv as id had a previous placental abruption with dc#1 and baby was 83rd centile.. so I had another cs ( elective) little monkey turned as the put the spinal in... it was obvious from looking what she had done! I was offered a scan to check where she was... but by that point i just said no. just get her out now I'm here! She was head down and i really wish id been brave enough to say.. yes a scan.. and we will wait! I have looked at a vBA2C as #4 is due in 10 weeks.. my obs is great but eels it may not be strongly supported :0( and to add this one is also breech still!

Askja Mon 07-Jan-13 18:43:17

Congrats Bunty that's great news!

Pandasandmonkeys Mon 07-Jan-13 16:42:55

Really pleased I found this thread! I'm just about recovered from an ELCS due to a transverse baby 11 weeks ago. To say I was devastated is and understatement. I was booked for a home birth and found out that baby had turned at week 39 grin( I didn't get to experience anything of labour as they were so concerned that I'd have cord prolapse. Anyhow..... My hospital has a reputation for lots of c sections and thinking ahead to next time I know I will have a fight on my hands - I'm desperate for a water birth. From what I read on mn about vbac and wbac from the success stories the best thing to do is be really well informed and stick to your guns. I'm dreading the battle already!!!

BuntyCollocks Sun 06-Jan-13 21:39:25

When it actually got going (I had a horrendously long latent phase this time - 27 hours of contractions and only 2 1/2 cm dilated!), it was really quick. From admission to baby in my arms, 2 hours - admitted at 5cm, 8cm within half an hour, fully dilated not long after! Was not aware of any scar pain whatsoever, it was completely normal.

Meant to be a waterbirth, but pool wasn't cleaned, and when it was, I was already pushing and couldn't have moved for all the tea in china. Still on a total high at our accomplishment - never even had any stitches. 2 small grazes and that was it!

She is a complete little doll. So in love, as are DH and DS.

Good luck everyone planning for a vbac. It was absolutely the right choice for me, and I hope it is for you, too.

abigboydidit Sun 06-Jan-13 21:27:44

Wow! Great news Bunty! Was it quick? Were you aware of your scar? Am paranoid I will feel it pulling and go straight into panic mode!

Lovely news - enjoy your DD!

BuntyCollocks Sun 06-Jan-13 06:38:59

Just to let everyone know, and provide a positive, first hand story - I had my dd via vbac after all, with only gas and air, last Saturday smile feel AMAZING.

Beaditsback Sat 05-Jan-13 20:08:44

Thanks..... Me being dim, I hadn't seen your op blush

abigboydidit Sat 05-Jan-13 17:06:13

Can't seem to manage on my phone am afraid. Do they not work for you if you go to the original thread (link in my OP)? Failing that the one I found best was on facebook - just search for VBAC support group UK. Hope that works!

Beaditsback Fri 04-Jan-13 14:11:30

Any chance you could paste the links on this thread. Having trouble finding them?? Thank you ever so smile

abigboydidit Wed 02-Jan-13 22:10:05

Thought I would do a cheeky bump in case anyone else wanted to join?

abigboydidit Sun 16-Dec-12 22:02:24

Oh - welcome! I have found the facebook group (links in other thread) really supportive and some inspiring stories too!

Beaditsback Sun 16-Dec-12 21:45:46

Just found this thread and am so pleased. I am only 10weeks with dc2 and had an horrendous ecs with Ds. I just can't go through the labour or recovery I had again. I got to 9cms with no pain relief at all as was totally neglected when in labour so, so far my me says nobody will talk me out of vbac. Watching this thread with huge interest. I'm sure that experience is the reason I am already so, so anxious about this pregnancy. I'm toying with the idea of an early, private scan.
Will check out the links on here to find some good material to hopefully keep me sane.

abigboydidit Sun 16-Dec-12 20:54:43

Oh! That's so kind thedicewoman. And wonderful to hear about your home water birth. Congratulations!

thedicewoman Sat 15-Dec-12 05:21:36

I had vbac at home 9 weeks ago! baby born in pool and alll went really well. abigboy, I have the hypnobirthing book and CD which I can send you if you pm me your address, I won't be needing them again!

abigboydidit Sat 15-Dec-12 04:37:40

Just bumping in case any more prospective VBAC-ers want to join!

abigboydidit Thu 29-Nov-12 15:02:43

Try not to stress Askja (easier said than done I know!). With DS he was soooo late to turn and I was wearing this crazy support brace thingy which totally didn't help. In the end I felt him turn as I was walking one day and it was the most hideous sensation! I actually reached out to grab my bump as it felt like the baby was about to fall out. Wishful thinking it seems..

Askja Thu 29-Nov-12 12:22:53

Thanks abigboy - I have had a look and started doing my daily inversion! I am only 31 weeks so there's lots of time yet for baby to get in the right place. I just worry as I'm fairly small she'll run out of room to turn quite soon.

HairyButtMonkey good for you on planning a HBVAC (HBAC?). DD1 would have been at home if things hadn't got complicated and I'm still very tempted this time, but not quite brave enough atm.

HairyButtMonkey Thu 29-Nov-12 10:46:17

I'm 10 weeks but planning a HBVAC (not sure if that,s right - home birth) Have told my midwife and waiting for them to try and talk me out of it smile
I got to 9.5cm last time after days of labour with a back to back baby so think I would do better at home. They took me in theatre for forceps, saw I wasn't fully dilated and decided, whilst we're here... I was too fed up to argue by this point.

abigboydidit Wed 28-Nov-12 22:21:28

Askja do try the spinning babies website. It worked for DS! And my cousin swears that reflexology got her baby to turn so that might be an option too?

Hadn't realised re drip Bunty. I know the pessaries were blummin agony so you're not mising out! My sister had the drip with her 2nd baby when things started to slow down and had a fairly normal birth experience. She did have an epidural just before they rigged her up though! Am like you and have ELCS as my plan B at several points during my birth plan. Guess you just have to be pragmatic about it and take things as they come. My consultant said that as long as it's carried out while you're less than 7cm dilated, the CS should still be fairly straightforward. Am clutching that straw!!

BuntyCollocks Wed 28-Nov-12 14:23:22

Thanks, askja - me, too!

abigboy the drip is the only way (and apparently the only 'safe' way) to induce labour - the pessary is too violent. Hence my leaning toward a section if we get to that stage. sad The MW unit and consultant unit are literally doors away from each other at my hospital, so I'm covered in case I do need intervention <fingers crossed this won't happen!>

georgee GOOD LUCK! Hope you get the birth you want. This is probably our last baby as well, so I'm hopeful all goes well for us all on this thread smile

Askja Wed 28-Nov-12 11:30:25

Sounds awful bunty. Hope things go better for you this time.
Feeling down today after seeing MW as baby's still not head-down (I know it's early yet...) and my bp is up a bit (I got pre-e at 39 weeks with the last one). Probably worrying about nothing...

abigboydidit Mon 26-Nov-12 19:38:59

Wow - really close then georgee. Good luck! It sounds like you have the right frame of mind which seems to be half the battle. I got a hand-me-down CD for natal hypnotherapy from a very kind MN-er so have been listening to that this afternoon with a bit more focus! Not sure if I should splurge on a the VBAC one too?

Oh - and my MW is lovely but can talk mince so hopefully the 60% bit was one of her more lucid moments (she did say it in front of the consultant and she didn't correct her so...)

georgee Mon 26-Nov-12 15:36:56

Ah that's really useful info about the 60/70% rates abigboydidit, I hadn't come across that one. They've said my likelihood of doing it is more than 70% because I got to 9cm last time but that will be if it kicks off naturally I should think. A bit like Bunting I'm sure the lack of ability to be mobile during labour because of monitoring put DD in a terrible position to be born in, and then I got stuck at that 9cm point for hours.

Like you support for childcare is dicey - PILs 2+ hours away once they get themselves together. There are friends that can help but it really depends on the time of day and whether they themselves have help. I can see why people want the assurance of knowing exactly when it will happen.

However. This is the last time I will give birth (I am 41 and we don't have room in our house for more!). I feel positive despite my last experience that my body is designed to do this. I feel that it's got the idea much more than last time - more tightenings, more niggling pains - so I'm hopeful. I know that I responded to contractions last time with panic, basically. This time I feel much more prepared to go 'with' the whole experience rather than against it. Those VBAC CDs have really contributed to this attitude. I'll keep you posted as to how it all goes. Last date I can give birth is 7 December, so not all that much time to wait!

abigboydidit Mon 26-Nov-12 14:56:55

Thanks for the links georgee. My MW told me success rate for VB after induction in 60% but is 70% for VBAC so I can understand your reluctance to be induced. I think we will all be supporting each other to try to jiggle our little one's out as our dates approach!

Askja DS was breech for a while and I used a lot of the techniques on the spinning babies (I think its called?) website which worked partly - though he was still OP hmm.

That sounds awful Bunty. Is there any way you could refuse the drip? My consultant was so helpful today and wrote a stage by stage plan with/for me so there could be no ambiguity if there was a staff handover. In my mind I am happy to try for VBAC (also live in the middle of nowhere with no family support) but not for it to drag out (especially as apparently the risks of CS are higher once you're beyond 7co dilated? check me! One consultation and am a bloody expert! ). I just don't think it would be fair on my DH or DS for that matter. As for the WBAC it is a no go and to be honest, the facilities are so limited that even if I got into the MW suite there's no guarantee it would be available for me to use. Plus, if am honest I am more nervous than last time so would find close proximity of medical staff quite reassuring blush

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