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Babies, waistbands and position

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AnIndependentClaws Sat 24-Nov-12 20:47:29

Does anyone else have little fingers inside that seem to pick and pluck any waistband they wear no matter if it's loose or not? I have constant flutterings there which turn into poking it a waistband is there, all along the front. The upper kicks are far more prominent that last time too.

The midwives keep recording the baby as 'ROA', ie facing back, but logic tells me babies don't play with they hands behind their backs....

StormyBrid Sun 25-Nov-12 13:30:03

Yep, I get that too. Just bought some really big pants in the hope that they won't dig in so I won't feel that constant wiggling and poking when I'm sitting down. Total fail - they're not digging in but she's still poking me!

Surely babies can spin round in there? Maybe yours is facing back whenever the midwives are around, then twisting round as soon as they're gone?

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