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2weeks to go feeling v tiered 2 other children including toddler am I being lazy.?

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whatdoithinknow Sat 24-Nov-12 20:15:50

Thats about summed it up really dp has been v nasty and aggressive towards me as I am starting to ask for time to rest whilst he helps with our youngest wen he is not working. He works full time but not overly long hours I understand he is tiered too but I am literaly feelin like crying from tieredness and it resulted in huge row today in which he was vile to me....anyone else's dp not get the tieredness thing?

crunchingautumnleaves Sat 24-Nov-12 21:37:02

Could you show him something like this link to confirm that what you're feeling is very normal and that you should be getting more rest, especially as you'll need to be well rested for labour and birth which could arrive any moment. However, I'm concerned he responded aggressively to a request for more help shock. Is he usually like this? Have you got someone else as your birth partner? (such negativity in the birth room can have bad consequences) Here are some thanks for you & hopefully others with more experience will be along soon.

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