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Getting impatient

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StrawberriesTasteLikeLipsDo Sat 24-Nov-12 17:37:38

Am 34 weeks with DC2 who is being delivered at 37+6 (medical reasons), I can honestly say im feeling a bit impatient but nowhere near as impatient as with DS. It sounds contrite but enjoy your bump you'll miss the feelings after smile

Kafri Sat 24-Nov-12 15:39:36

OMG, I've waited YEARS for this little one. I'm now 36 weeks and getting desperate to meet him/her. Having waited soooooo long and been through soooo much to get pg, how can these last 4 weeks be taking a lifetime???

Don't get me wrong, I want him/her here healthily so full term ideally but my word, I'm ready to meet little one.

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