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6 weeks, worse morning sickness and a toddler

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milktraylady Sat 24-Nov-12 22:48:15

My advice is try all the tricks for 1 week. If they don't work then go to your gp and ask for drugs. They do work & they are safe.

And if you don't get on with the one you are prescribed go back & ask to try different one. And keep going until something works.

I had 10 full weeks of vomiting & nausea & 2 overnights in hospital. Wish I'd been to doc sooner & asked for different drugs.

Good luck smile

Emsyboo Fri 23-Nov-12 14:08:56

Congratulations on your pregnancy.
I am 23 weeks and have a toddler, I felt like you at first was exhausted dizzy and sick felt terrible I also felt I was letting my toddler down as plonked him in front of tv so I could lie in the sofa.
This eased off really quickly though by 12 weeks was much easier. I know everyone is different but listen to your body and get help from your partner if possible with toddler.
I kept crackers on me and eat dried fruit to keep energy up I hope it eases up quickly for you and other people have some better tips x x

Jojoba1986 Fri 23-Nov-12 14:08:34

Have you been to the doctor? There are drugs that might be able to help! I had to start taking them because the nausea, dizziness & exhaustion was preventing me caring for DS1.

For non-drug help try: motion sickness wristbands, pretzels, hot water & lemon, lucozade, crackers... I'm sure there'll be lots of others along soon enough to suggest all the things that worked for them! Seems like everyone has a different list!

RoxyLady Fri 23-Nov-12 13:50:13

I dont know how im going to get through this. I am so sick all day and all night.
Any helpful hjnts on how to get rid of it sooner??
I feel so miserable

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