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just out of hospital with hyperemesis gravidarum feeling anxiety over first birth/baby HELP

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Nexus6 Fri 23-Nov-12 11:16:04

I'm six/seven weeks pregnant and all of last week I was non stop vomiting, I was in hospital a couple of nights ago as I had to go on a drip.

I'm starting to think that a lot of the sickness may be due to anxiety over my first birth and how I'll cope with being a mother as I am 22.

I have been told that the hyperemesis gravidarum I experienced my be down to being pregnant with twins, which has really freaked me out.

I've had counselling before as I used to get anxiety a lot and it really helped, I stopped when I got a busy London based job (I've now had to quit due to sickness)

I'm just writing to see if any of you were starting to doubt the decision you have made is a right one, everyone I have spoken to seems to take it all in their stride and seem really happy and relaxed whilst I'm freaking out and feeling awful!

Dolallytats Fri 23-Nov-12 11:30:01

I don't have HG, but I am around 6 weeks pregnant. I also have anxiety and am agoraphobic. I had just started CBT (just had 1 session) when I found out I was expecting and my anxiety levels have shot through the roof. I have my second session next week (had to cancel it 2 weeks ago because the anxiety was so bad).
Would getting a referral for CBT be an option for you? You can also get some great books around coping with anxiety.

You might find a talk to your midwife about your fears may be useful too. Everyone has those fears, you are not alone. This is baby No3 for me and I am also scared!!

Good luck.

nannyl Fri 23-Nov-12 11:32:25


I had HG last pregnancy too, and this time (im 10 weeks and HG with a 14m old is impossible, she is now in nursery)

I felt the same, and was also told it could be twins (For me it wasnt either, phew)
lots of people who have HG are told it might be twins (beause you get extra hormones with twins so are more likely to be extra sick, but the 2 people i know who have had twins havent had HG!!!!!!!! and none of the HG people i know have had twins!)

I remember last time saying i was sooo poorly i would never put myself through it again...... but i have...... but this time i will not have another baby for a very long time. wink

I was horrendously poorly for the 1st 16 weeks last time, but had slight improvement after that (wasnt bed bound all day any more)
I was sick every day for the whole time, but by the end it just became part of my daily routine

the first trimester is the worst, but hopefully you will feel better soon

get youself over to the HG support thread where you will have loads of support from those of us who hve been there and know just how incredibly awful you feel.

Nexus6 Fri 23-Nov-12 11:45:30

thanks guys its great to hear I'm not alone smile

rrreow Fri 23-Nov-12 13:27:12

HG is an actual condition. Perhaps your anxiety is making it worse, but I don't think it would be causing it in the first place. Please don't worry about being to blame for the HG, as you're definitely not, and get the help you need.

The first trimester can definitely be awful and I think a lot of people hide their true feelings about pregnancy because there is this common view that it's supposed to be all rosy and wonderful to be pregnant. Sometimes it just really sucks and it's fine to admit that!

Hope you feel better soon. I had very bad sickness from 6-10w, am 11w tomorrow and although still very tired and a bit nauseous I am feeling HEAPS better than a few weeks ago.

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