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BMI and pregnant.

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Marzipanface Wed 21-Nov-12 16:01:47

I am being an idiot I know. my BMI is 33 and I am currently 17 weeks pregnant. I've put on about 8 pounds. The midwives have been giving me a hard time about my weight since the beginning. I have to go to a special clinic and do a food diary which I am pretty annoyed about. Of course I will do it along with the GDD test but it still upsets me.

Prior to pregnancy I was on Prednisolone (steroid) which does make me put on weight and retain a huge amount of water.I was also on a diet to manage/stall weight gain. I have actually lost a bit of weight initially as am no longer taking meds whilst pregnant. I had a scan the other day which seemed uncomplicated and straightforward yet have noticed on my scan the sonographer has said on my notes that it was technically v diff due to my high BMI.

It has really made me feel low. I assume I can't diet whilst pregnant can I?

carrielou2007 Thu 22-Nov-12 11:29:46

You can do slimming world whilst pregnant and defo whilst breast feeding as it is not a 'diet'.

I was prob s stone overweight with dd, put on 4 stone, went on holiday when she was 10 weeks 5 stone lighter and had to buy size 10 bikini as my 12'd were too big.

After ds I had only shifted a stone by thd time he was 12 weeks, had put on 3 abd z half stone so I joined SW. By thd time he was 6 months it had all gone plus another stone.

When I finished bf him in feb when he was 2 I turned to wine and put on z stone and a half blush by may so rejoined SW. Lost it and then fell pregnant. I relish cakes/chock/everything bad ANC unhealthy for me so at 20 weeks that stone and z half is back on grin.

It will come off again after though, combined with walking school/preschool with the pram every day and bf I am just enjoying it grin

Marzipanface Thu 22-Nov-12 14:15:10

Thank you for all the messages. You have made me feel better. My scan is organised at the same time as the healthy eating clinic to 'force' me to attend.

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