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BMI and pregnant.

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Marzipanface Wed 21-Nov-12 16:01:47

I am being an idiot I know. my BMI is 33 and I am currently 17 weeks pregnant. I've put on about 8 pounds. The midwives have been giving me a hard time about my weight since the beginning. I have to go to a special clinic and do a food diary which I am pretty annoyed about. Of course I will do it along with the GDD test but it still upsets me.

Prior to pregnancy I was on Prednisolone (steroid) which does make me put on weight and retain a huge amount of water.I was also on a diet to manage/stall weight gain. I have actually lost a bit of weight initially as am no longer taking meds whilst pregnant. I had a scan the other day which seemed uncomplicated and straightforward yet have noticed on my scan the sonographer has said on my notes that it was technically v diff due to my high BMI.

It has really made me feel low. I assume I can't diet whilst pregnant can I?

LookBehindYou Wed 21-Nov-12 16:07:16

Don't feel low. You're pregnant! Congratulations!
The notes on the scans are to cover their own arses. Not pleasant but not much you can do about that.
It's not a good idea to diet but you can certainly watch what you eat. Keep it fresh and healthy and you'll probably lose some weight anyway. Stopping the steroids will help too. Good luck.

StaceymReadyForNumber3 Wed 21-Nov-12 16:14:37

No you can't diet while pregnant but you can make sensible choices about what you eat.

And the comment on your scan was also written on mine (well difficulty due to maternal weight) and my bmi was 24 when I got pregnant. So god knows how they worked that one out.

As for the risk of gestational diabetes, yes it is higher, but so was my risk as my dad is diabetic. I did get gd and am now on medication, but it's just them doing what's best for baby.

(ps I felt ridiculous during a group dietician session last week, it felt like the woman was talking to us all like children who didn't know how their body worked/what constituted a good diet, but them another woman asked if she could still have condensed milk in her coffee, so I assumed they have to explain it in a way everyone can understand <sigh>. I feel it's probably the same sort of need for your food diary tbh)

TinkyPeet Wed 21-Nov-12 16:45:29

If your midwife is making you feel uncomfortable or havi a go, maybe change midwives ? X

Marzipanface Wed 21-Nov-12 16:51:52

Thanks all. Just I know I am overweight and a lot of it is down to mobility probs and medication. I have an inflammatory disorder which is managed through drugs and physio. I find it hard to lose weight unless I am off the meds then it falls off me quite easily.

I think everyone assumes I stuff my face with junk all the time but I really don't. It gets me thoroughly down.

tamster83 Wed 21-Nov-12 17:03:18

hi I was on prednisolone for about 5/6 months along with other vein injected steroids and I also gained a lot of weight . bout 2 stone I reckon and then got pregnant in my last week of taking them so had no time to loose it and I still have a lot of extra water ! although the moon face went down bit my legs and ankles are terrible . I don't know my bmi as I don't want to I know I've Put more weight on since being pregnant and hate it feel crappy all the time wish I could stop thinking about it and just enjoy my pregnancy as it will be my last (this is my 4th) but I just can't
so basically I just wanted to say I k ow how u feel x

Marzipanface Wed 21-Nov-12 17:33:30

Thank you tamster. It is hard isn't it?

TinkyPeet Wed 21-Nov-12 18:10:22

Btw I also have a high bmi, 37, so I know how upsetting it is to have something your already uncomfortable about pointed out to you as a risk factor, I don't sit n stuff my face either I've always been big on my lower half, just my shape I suppose! X hope your ok x

StormyBrid Wed 21-Nov-12 18:21:23

I had mention of my BMI in the notes after my 20 week scan too. Was surprisingly unpleasant, flicking through my notes and spotting that, particularly as my BMI at booking in was 29.7 and so I was told my weight wasn't a worry. But they are indeed just covering their backs saying that, so try not to let it bother you. And don't diet! It's a lot harder to grow a healthy baby if you're not eating enough yourself. Right now healthy and nutritious eating habits are a lot more important than the numbers.

Pleasenomorepeppa Wed 21-Nov-12 19:28:05

My BMI is 35. It's gone down since being pregnant. I went to the overweight MW etc & had a lot of patronising how to eat conversations!
I was also told of all the risks & how my weight could negatively effect the pregnancy. I was given a blow by blow account of how I'd have to put DVT stockings on as soon as I got to the hospital, the constant monitoring I would need, the epidural line I might have to have put in, the fact that I can't go near the birthing centre or use water as a pain relief.
I was getting really stressed, then I chatted to a friend who's a MW & she put my mind at rest. I'm swapping to the Hospital she's based at now. Where they will assess me at 37 weeks for the Birthing Centre & allow me to labour naturally wherever I end up.
Enjoy being pregnant, it's brilliant!

Oodthunkit Wed 21-Nov-12 19:42:51

Mine is 33 and have had no comments at all. Was 34 last time and no comments then either. I've been told to have GTT this time but not last.

BionicEmu Wed 21-Nov-12 19:47:18

I'm feeling left out now! I'm now 30 weeks pregnant, my bmi at booking was 35. Nobody's spoken to me about diet or nutrition, nobody's spoken to me about any associated risks except that I had a GTT at 28 weeks which came back perfectly fine. I haven't even had any comments on my scans about my weight.

Does it just depend on area or individual midwives then? Mind you, I know the cut-off for GTT in my area is a bmi of 35 or over, and you only get referred to consultant-led care and an anaesthetic review if your bmi is over 40. I guess because there are that many women with higher bmi's in my area.

Maybe the whole bmi treatment is just another postcode lottery?

RooneyMara Wed 21-Nov-12 19:50:45

It sounds horrid, being treated like that. I'm sorry you're going through it.

Can I just say, if it helps at all, that only 8lb at nearly halfway - OMG. I had put on 2 stone by 20 weeks blush

so you're doing Ok xxx

itsmyfirsteek Wed 21-Nov-12 19:53:40

Ladies, my BMI is 30 so just on the cusp but I had lost 3 stone before I fell pregnant. I did it through slimming world and am still following the plan now, I got vouchers from my mw for 12 weeks saving 60 odd quid. I'm now 18+2 and haven't gained anything so far, me and baby are healthy and I can highly recommend sw. Its all about healthy eating and lots of fresh food, not in any way a diet. Xx

tamster83 Wed 21-Nov-12 21:05:59

it really is hard esp knowing your only going to get bigger and there nothing you can do about it. feels like I'm wishing away my pregnancy when I should be enjoying it.... my midwife hasn't mentioned anything to me tho so not had that extra pressure I just feel it myself

Rhubarb78 Wed 21-Nov-12 21:14:25

itsmyfirst can you do sw when pg then? i didnt think they would let you. mine is 32 and nothing was said by the midwife but i know i need to lose weight and it would be great if i could keep the gain to baby weight. In the throws of the 1st tri here though and need to eat crackers every couple of hours to be able to function! Anyone got a low cal substitute to recommend?

sundaesundae Wed 21-Nov-12 21:16:26

My BMI was 30 at booking, no mention of it, midwife laughed at me when I asked if it was going to make dopplers and scans difficult and has just ignored it. The only place it is referred to is on my fundal height chart, and I am pretty sure that is just the computer. I am 22+5 and put on about 6lbs. I can't say I am eating much differently to before, I put on weight when I started a new job and it had been coming down for a while. I will just ignore any nastiness, but will be aiming to get to a BMI below 25 post pregnancy for my health.

Funnily enough I wrote a dissertation on maternal obesity and obstetric ultrasound, there are some scary potential side-effects and it does make scanning much harder, but those are potentials, and only occur in a small percentage of very obese patients. The best advice is to try and stay active through pregnancy, try and keep weight gain to a minimum and be very honest about any potential issues and symptoms with your health care providers.

BillyBollyBallum Wed 21-Nov-12 21:19:09

You can definitely do SW when pregnant, the extra easy is just a good eating plan. I did it with dd1 until 16 weeks when the urge for chocolate became too much

I have a bmi nw of 34 after 2 very close babies and am now back on it to try and get the weight off

itsmyfirsteek Wed 21-Nov-12 21:27:16

Yep they let you do it OP in fact as far as I'm aware its the only plan (not diet, plan) that is recommended by GPs and MW's. I've had terrible ms and I just ate what I could cope with during that time. For me it was milk and breadsticks

JaquelineHyde Wed 21-Nov-12 21:35:44

Tell your midwife to bugger off!

I'm currently 19 weeks pg and my BMI is in the 40s.

I'm under consultant led care because of that but it is not being suggested as a problem at all. My consultant made it quite clear that he is perfectly happy with me and is happy for me to continue to lose weight whilst pg. So far I have lost 12lb since finding out I was pg.

Do not let this ruin your pregnancy. Enjoy every second because you will miss it when it is over.

birdofthenorth Wed 21-Nov-12 22:55:25

Wtf? I'm 19 weeks with a BMI of 31, have put on at least ten pounds, and not one midwife or doctor or sonographer has ever mentioned my weight or asked about my diet which is just as well as I just nailed a bag of Maltesers

It must be a postcode lottery in how they deal with it? It wold make me feel pretty shit too. I already feel guilt that my weight may have been responsible for two previous miscarriage -but then feeling low made me eat, so vicious circle! I also have one perfectly healthy child, my BMI was probably 29 at the beginning of that pregnancy, and it was smooth sailing, natural birth (she was 9lb6 though, suspect she will not be a waif herself! Although her favourite foods are carrot and cucumber so perhaps she will be fine).

I am waffling... I'm sorry you're being made to feel this way, and ao would second trying to change idwivesmif you possibly can. Of course eat sensibly but try to enjoy your pregnancy too with fewer Maltesers than I just ate

Pilgit Thu 22-Nov-12 08:36:02

Your mw sounds horrid. I'm 35+4. Had a bmi of 33 at start. My mw has never made an issue of it. They should be trying to help you manage your other conditions not guilt tripping you for the effects of them! Ask for a diff mw. And if you are worried about it ask about sw - but only if you want to. Fwiw i am heavier this pregnancy and my health problems have been lower as a result (i have v low natural bp. Drops whilst pregnant. Felt hideous for 9 mths as a result. This time the extra 2 stone has kept it borderline normal)

FlaminNoraImPregnantPanda Thu 22-Nov-12 10:37:26

My BMI is 43. I fully expected to be given a hard time when I saw the midwife and to need closer supervision. I was very apprehensive about it. She wasn't in the least bit concerned and put me down as low risk. She said other than weight I was perfectly healthy so the only consequences would be needed to check for diabetes and possibly a slower labour.

I think there is a lot of scare mongering and hysteria around being overweight and pregnant. The NHS website is terrible for this, spinning information to terrify women. EG it's states that 50% of women who die in child birth are overweight shock. That scared the shit out of me. Until a nurse friend pointed out that they don't say how 50% of women who fall pregnant are overweight, so in fact the risk is no higher than if you are a healthy weight. Pure scaremongering.

Petcat Thu 22-Nov-12 11:03:58

I agree the NHS page on weight in pregnancy seems to be deliberately written to terrify anyone with a BMI over 25. Certainly scared the shit out of me as well. I was so anxious before my weighing in, as my BMI varies between 28 and 32 due to PCOS, and I have already gained 7lbs by 12 weeks.

Fortunately my midwife was lovely and didn't make a fuss at all. Nonetheless I wish I didn't have to feel crap about my body when it is doing a brilliant job growing my much-longed-for baby.

I agree that health professionals should simply help you manage any conditions arising during your pregnancy and not pass judgement on what may or may not have contributed to them.

Hope you can ignore that cow, relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy x

CombustionEngine Thu 22-Nov-12 11:10:26

You don't have to go to a special clinic and do a food diary! You can decline to do so.

My bmi was 40s and it was talked about when medically necessary otherwise I was just another pregnant woman.

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