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Help! 40+4 and struggling with virus thing

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battherat Wed 21-Nov-12 10:00:36

Hello all. I'm not sure if it's advice or reassurance I am after. As above, I am 40+4 with DS2. I want to have a VBAC so am letting nature take its course but I am full of cold with a razor-sore throat and a mild cough.

I have had whooping and flu jabs so know that it's not serious, but I am concerned that being under the weather will impact upon my ability to deliver naturally. I was with the midwife yesterday who didn't really say much about it.

Does anyone have any experiences like this or any advice? Thank you!

Drladybird Wed 21-Nov-12 10:20:30

I had a cold about exactly the same time as you with my first (and only child). I am convinced that baby didn't want to come out until the cold was gone so I just tried to take it easy and then waited it out. I recovered from my cold (which seemed to last a good few days) and then baby made an entrance (naturally) at 40+10. I suggest that you just take it easy and recover and then let nature work it's magic. Good luck!

battherat Wed 21-Nov-12 10:22:37

That sounds like good advice Dr. Going to put feet up now.

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