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Fever won't go away

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MissingDietCoke Tue 20-Nov-12 18:47:51

Am 24 weeks today and have been ill since Friday night. Aching joints, boiling hot then freezing cold (currently sat in underwear only!). Have no energy whatsoever, and although hungry don't actually want to eat anything. Obviously am trying to eat for the baby's sake and managing bran flakes with milk and some toast most days. Drinking a lot of fluids like a good girl.
Trouble is this is all quite new to me - I'm never ill, and I assumed it would be gone by Monday so to still be laid here heart racing and sweating buckets with not the energy to brush my teeth even is a bit of a shock.
I'm worried it's something serious.
I can feel the baby moving plenty so I think she's ok but has anybody any words of wisdom or reassurance for me??

goodbyekitty123 Tue 20-Nov-12 18:52:21

Babies are pretty hardy so don't worry too much- especially if the baby is moving lots but you should contact your GP and midwife ASAP. Pregnancy lowers your immune system and it sounds like you've got the flu. You should have been offered a flu jab but if you haven't had one then this is probably what you've got. You definitely need to get checked out. Hope you feel well soon.

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