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Just feeling a bit fed up this week... advice or slaps in face with wet haddock needed

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emeraldgirl1 Tue 20-Nov-12 15:11:44

My bump has appeared out of nowhere and I suddenly feel hefty and huge. I've suffered eating disorders in the past and knew I would find this stage difficult but am really struggling with it even more than I thought.

I can't keep up a nice programme of exercise like I had planned (which has always helped me psychologically as well as physically) because I have PGP and can't do much. I used to walk everywhere (nice and briskly) and had hoped to do that throughout pregnancy but now walking sets the hip pain off and so I am having to follow physio's advice and gently walk VERY SLOWLY for short periods. Not exactly great exercise. Am signing up for some special exercise classes so it's not as if am just sitting around feeling fed up but I can only afford one class a week so will have to make do with that and whatever else I can manage ie not much!!

In addition my bump feels quite tight after my second or third meal of the day (ie lunch; I am starving in the mornings so have 2 breakfasts!!) and it's not very comfortable from midday onwards.

Sorry, having a real old whinge here which I know is unfair and unreasonable. I have a friend who is trying to get pg and she would give her eye teeth to be in my position. I know it's wrong of me. Just really feeling low about my sudden hugeness and discomfort. I don't think I 'suit' a pregnant shape, I think I look ridiculous and suddenly about ten weeks further on than I really am (currently 23 weeks).

It doesn't help that people keep telling me (nicely) - oh, wow, you've suddenly got so big!! Just what a former bulimic needs to hear (!) sad

Any advice or just a stern slap in face with virtual wet fish would really be helpful smile

VisualiseAHorse Tue 20-Nov-12 16:23:02

I felt the same too (former bulimic), when people kept on commenting on how MASSIVE I was. One woman, every time I saw her, would say "you just keep getting bigger!!" REALLY? I hadn't noticed!!

Have you tried swimming, or gentle pregnancy yoga? You are going to get a lot bigger, so you need to find something now that will take your mind off your size for a while.
Also, buy yourself something pretty. A nice pair of shoes, handbag, flowers, whatever. Always makes me feel better!

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