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Lightheadedness at 34 weeks

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happygonicky Tue 20-Nov-12 12:21:06

Have been feeling fairly constant low-level dizziness for 24 hours. Am not hungry, have been fairly busy and am a bit knackered, iron levels OK when checked at 28 weeks - no need to worry, is there? Will just eat some spinach (veggie) and rest up a bit? Would go to the doctor, but no appointments until next month and would have to wait all morning for 'emergency' appointment. Which I could do, but just seem to have had so many appointments, am a bit worried about manager getting stroppy. Baby moving as usual. Thank you!

lorisparkle Tue 20-Nov-12 17:45:33

I can not believe you can't get an appointment - how about a nurse appointment for a blood pressure check?

I would up your fluid intake as that always helped me with dizziness as mine was caused by low blood pressure but I would try and get an appointment of some description.

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