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Anti sickness medication, is it safe?

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Jenjen85 Mon 19-Nov-12 17:08:35

Hi ladies, Iv been prescribed Avomine for morning sickness today and signed off work for 2wks too. Just wondering are they safe? I know the doctors probably wouldn't prescribe them if they weren't but I'm still slightly worried. Any help would be appreciated

PeachTown Mon 19-Nov-12 17:33:08

Yes. As you say they wouldn't prescribe it otherwise. Don't suffer more than you have to if medication helps.

bumpitybumpbump Tue 20-Nov-12 15:01:20

I took avomine for a bit - it's an antihistamine and is widely used to treat morning sickness and has been for many years. I didn't take for long because it made me sooooo sleepy that I couldn't get through a day at work. If you find this then go back to your doctor and ask for somehting else. I was originally prescribed Ondansetron which I decided not to take becuase it's quite a new drug, but the ones that have been used for years and years are fine. They never say safe in pregnancy on the leaflets though because you can't carry out medical trials on pregnant women for obvious ethical reasons - but doctors all over the UK have been prescribing this for years with no increase in birth defects. So I would give it a go.

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