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How to tell people the news? What did you say?

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shelley72 Mon 19-Nov-12 13:55:49

Just that really, I am almost 7 weeks and so far only dh and my mum know that I am pg with dc 3. Have been dreading telling others in family and friends as I worry that they will be so judge-y about having more than two children. I am also particularly worried about what to say to a friend from playgroup who has been struggling ttc dc2 and has had unsuccessful ivf cycles and recently a v early mc. I just don't know how to tell her. Finally, what do I say to our children? I know they will be beyond excited, but what do I say when my 5 year old wants to know how the baby got there - which he will, he asks endless questions. I think he is too young to know about sex just yet!

I will probably not get a scan until xmas time so need to make sure everything is ok first, but its been worrying me a lot. At the moment I'm having to say 'we'll see' when people ask about another baby!

mameulah Mon 19-Nov-12 15:31:00

I think it is so sweet that you are so concerned about how other people cope with your news. Regarding your family and their opinions about you having three children rather than the stereotypical 2, I would forget about worrying about that. That really is their problem and it would be rude for them to say anything other than something lovely.

About your friend who is ttc. I would say something like 'I feel a bit awkward about this but, well.......(then tell her you are pregnant and cope with whatever she says)......then, as you leave her say something nice and also let her know that it was important to you that she found out from you and not as second hand information.

As for your wee boy. You can always just say 'how do you think the baby got there?' And build on what he tells you, rather than flaggergast him with the truth!

I am sure it will be fine and really do think it is very thoughtful for you to recognise that everyone out there is coping with different things and being delighted for someone else's pregnancy is not always easy.

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