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31 weeks and painful baby kicks!

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MrsOs Mon 19-Nov-12 12:32:31

As the title says i'm 31 weeks today... for the last few weeks i've been experiencing some severe pains in the lower left hand side of my belly when baby moves. It's pretty constant and is really getting me down. It's just like he has got hold of my ovary and is twisting and tugging on it. The pain makes me screech every time and brings tears to my eyes. Couple this with the terrible hip pain i'm getting i'm feeling pretty fed up most of the time now.

Is anyone else feeling the same, any tips on how to relieve it. i've tried putting pressure on the area to get him to move but i'm not sure that is working.

Claire x

MrsOs Mon 19-Nov-12 14:01:39

I should have said I think the baby is laying in the transverse position...

Numbthumbs Mon 19-Nov-12 19:28:48

Snap im 31+1 and baby is breech. Im getting kicks to the cervix and my pelvis feels like its about to break in two. I never had this with DD. Oh well, only 9 weeks to go.
Ive found sleeping with a folded up pillow between my legs helps, seems to give the baby more room and it doesnt seem to wriggle so much, hope that helps.

Congrats and good luck x

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